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The Bedwetter - How to Help a Teen Stop Wetting the Bed

Updated on February 5, 2018

Your Teen Can Learn to Stop Wetting the Bed

"I just want it to STOP!" is the cry of every teenager still struggling with nightly bedwetting. You and your child have waited and waited and waited for the day when wetting the bed will magically end. With each passing birthday, you hope that this will be the year the bedwetting finally ends. Well read on, because this CAN be the year bedwetting becomes a distant memory.

Good news! Scientific studies have proven that a teen can learn to stop wetting the bed forever in about 12 weeks. Just only twelve weeks or often less, your teen can learn to stay dry all night!

Scientists have learned that bedwetting, also called Enuresis, occurs because the child's brain does not recognize the full bladder signal while sleeping. There are other factors that may also attribute to bedwetting such as heredity or sleep apnea. However, once a child or teen learns to recognize the full bladder signal when asleep, wetting the bed is forever resolved. Use of a bedwetting alarm for approximately twelve weeks will train your teen's brain to react to the full bladder signal thus ultimately teaching the teen to stay dry all night.

Bed Wetting Alarm Therapy - How to Motivate Your Teen

A teenager who has spent the last 13 or more years of life struggling with bedwetting probably deserves a reward for stopping bedwetting by using an alarm. Talk with your teen before beginning the bed wetting alarm therapy and decide on a mutually agreeable reward. One reward suggestion many teens are thrilled to earn is a new memory foam mattress, since the old mattress is associated with bedwetting. If you have had the same mattress since your child was young, it is important for proper sleep and back support to purchase a new bed or mattress anyway. You will find most teens LOVE the idea of a memory foam mattress or mattress topper to give them the motivation to stick with the bedwetting alarm program. A written contract stating that once your teen stops wetting the bed for one month, he will receive the agreed upon reward is another good tool to motivate a teen. Tape a picture of the reward to the bathroom mirror!

Best Bedwetting Alarm for Teens

Recordable Bedwetting Alarm Great for Teens

Teens love their music!  That's why the Malem Recordable Bedwetting Alarm is a great choice for use by a teen.  They can record their own music to play when the alarm sounds, making the process just a bit more teen friendly. 


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    • Gail A Gross profile image

      Gail A Gross 3 years ago from Wexford Pennsylvania

      Dear 15,

      I hear your cry for help, trust me you are not the only teen struggling with the frustration and stigma associated with wetting the bed. It is just awful how hard it is on teens, cause you feel soooo isolated and out of control of your own body. And it is so relentless as well...night after night. No wonder you feel like you are drowning with the weight of it all.

      Siblings can be tough, they know just how to hit the sensitive spots. But if you didn't struggle with enuresis, they would find something else to tease you about.

      And I hear you about your parents...but I think its probably that they just don't know what else to do to help you. I know I felt very helpless when it came to helping my son. You might try writing them a note or copy and paste your comment above and email it to them. Parents often get so caught up in day to day stuff... that they don't know how much you are suffering. If you are feeling depressed, you really need to reach out to someone and let them know.

      It is possible that lack of sleep or improper sleep for 15 years is a major contributor to your feeling depressed as well.

      I am assuming you have been thoroughly checked by a pediatric urologist?

      So if the doctors have checked and find no abnormalities, then the key to ending bedwetting is to get your brain and your bladder communicating while you are asleep. The fact that you were dry for five months is a positive. You know it can happen. Now how do you get control... well there are several lifestyle changes you can try to help yourself. Please contact me through my website, and I will try to help you.

      Try not to be so hard on yourself. You are absolutely not a failure, you are a very brave young man!

    • profile image

      Anonymous 3 years ago

      I am 15 years old and I have been struggling with bed wetting ever since I was born. None of my younger siblings have this problem. Neither did either of my parent or their parents. My siblings make fun of me for this problem. And even worse I feel like I'm just a huge disappointment to my parents and I feel like I let them down every single day with this problem. It makes me depressed and it's a horrible way to start the day. I have used alarms and behavior modification and nothing works. I was dry for a 5month period when I was 12 but it came back and ever since then I feel like my parents and the rest of my family have given up on me. I am a very depressed person and I feel like the bed wetting is the biggest contributor to this feeling of depression... I just want it to go away so I can stop lying to my friends and sneaking around hiding the problem... Please please please help me...

    • Gail A Gross profile image

      Gail A Gross 3 years ago from Wexford Pennsylvania

      Dear 14 year old, I hear your anger and frustration... the total lack of control when you are asleep is unbelievably frustrating. First and foremost, please know that it is not your fault, YOU ARE NOT LAZY! Its just that your brain does not get the full bladder signal while you are asleep. The fact that you were dry for four months is a positive. You know it can happen. Now how do you get control... well there are several lifestyle changes you can do to help yourself. Please contact me through my website, and I will try to help you. Take a deep breath, keep praying, and lets see if we can figure out the right changes to get you to dry. Hugs and prayers are headed your way right now.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 3 years ago

      I know im Really late, but i just have a question. I am 14 years old and i've been struggling with bed wetting for 7 years. 7 YEARS. My younger siblings never pee as much as i do, They can drink all day and night and still wake up dry. As in when i take a sip before bed and use the bathroom i wake up at like 3am in urine. My parents are no help, they swear, "All you have to do is take your lazy ass up and use the bathroom" but i do and i try and its never good enough. Before i turned 14, i was dry for like 4 months and i finally thought it was over. Then out of nowhere i peed and i tried to stop but its all messed up. I've had atleast 3 different bedwetting alarms and even waking up with regular alarms. they do not work. i am a very deep sleeper and i always miss the signal for me to go use the bathroom and its not fair. ive cried and cried and i pray that it would be over but it keeps coming back. none of my friends pee in the bed, my siblings, nobody. i cant even go to sleep overs or when i go to other family house they always say harsh stuff about me peeing. PLEASE help me ASAP, i wanna end it before the year ends.

    • Gail A Gross profile image

      Gail A Gross 6 years ago from Wexford Pennsylvania

      The alarms really do work! You and your daughter are so lucky that it worked in such a short time! Hopefully your success will encourage others to stop bedwetting by using an alarm.

    • nybride710 profile image

      Lisa Kroulik 6 years ago from Minnesota

      I used a vibration alarm when my now 14 year old daughter was 8. It worked. She stopped wetting the bed after a night or two and she hadn't had a dry night until then.