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Take advantage of Health, Wealth, Time and Life – Part2

Updated on August 14, 2013
Take advantage of Health, Wealth, Time and Life
Take advantage of Health, Wealth, Time and Life

Following on from part 1, in this hub we shall discuss four of the remaining important things in life which we all have to learn to take full advantage off. Starting with the first of the forth:

No one knows better how important health and wellbeing is than that one who has fallen ill, it is therefore very important to make the most of your health, before ill-health. Falling sick is a normal part of life. Sometimes the sicknesses will be more severe, and for certain people it could even become life changing. This is why we are advised that we do not know when we will have full possession of our faculties and for how long, the strength in our body or our mental powers before we fall sick. Therefore, take advantage of being healthy and able before that time comes when your health deteriorates.

Taking Advantage of Your Wealth before Poverty strikes. The third is, "your wealth, before poverty." Given the current financial market which threatens to destabilise the World, we are all experiencing this horrible situation due to very greedy unethical bankers and the corrupt Banking System. We also see that there are many Billionaires and Millionaires who are simply hoarding wealth whereas on the other side of that spectrum are people who are dying without proper food and medication.

There are many millions across the globe who cannot afford basic necessities while those filthy rich elites can afford to throw away money on luxury cars and yachts one after another, yet they lose no sleep over people dying. What they don’t realise is that one day they might not have any of that wealth. In life one day a person might have the best of jobs and abundant wealth yet, the next day, something happens and he does not have that job anymore and loses his source of income or wealth. It is due to that reason the wise person uses his wealth before he becomes poor. The wise person will use his money and time to invest for the future and take an active part in improving the society they belong to.

Acts of Ibadah (an act of worship) dose not have to be when you pray to God it can also be the simplest thing like feeding your family is an act of worship if it is done for the sake of Allah.

Whatever good action you take, if it is done with the intention to please God (Allah), you will be rewarded for that action. There is a Hadith from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in which he teaches us that:

Feeding someone is an act of worship
Feeding someone is an act of worship

The question arises; will everybody be rewarded for that? No. Because only the one who does it remembering Allah (SWT), thinking about Allah, and doing it for the sake of Allah will be rewarded.

The next one is “Take Advantage of Your Free Time before You Become Busy” yet another great gem that every single one of us enjoys. We must use our free time before we become busy. Just think for a moment on the amount of free time we have and what we waste it on?

Spending your time intelligently does not necessarily mean doing purely religious acts. But it also refers to spending your time wisely try to achieve a status in this world. Learn a trade, become a Doctor, Engineer whatever profession takes your fancy – just don’t waste your time in being lazy. Learn a trade or something that can benefit you in this world and that can benefit other people as well for example if you become a Doctor of medicine, it benefits you by giving you specific medical knowledge which can help improve your life as well as others in society that you will treat.

Being a Doctor also will earn you good money. Islam is not something that you do once a week or when you need help, it is full plan for life, from the moment you wake up to the point of going to sleep everything you do is and can be encompassed in Islam and therefore be an act of worship.

Thing to remember is that all the acts a person does – eating, sleeping, working, studying and so on, can be transformed into acts of worship if, and only if, he does them for the sake of Allah (SWT).

When you get some time that is not occupied with work or other chores make sure you use it thoughtfully. If you plan your activities then you will find that the free time you have can be utilised in acts that can be a form of worship. Even studying to improve yourself is a form of worship which not only benefits you in this life but also in the hereafter.

This is an important one “Take Advantage of Your Life Before Your Death“, the only way to realise how important this statement is, go find yourself a person that has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and has been told that they only have a matter of weeks before they’ll die.

The Lives of the Human Being

This one phrase summarizes it all, the thoughts that will go through your mind if you were in that position (May Allah save us all from such a state and May He provide support to those who are already suffering this unfortunate situation. May Allah change their condition for which is better for them.) "Take advantage of your life before your death."

I want to finish this hub with the following - on the Day of Judgment, he who has wasted his time in doing things which add no value and are against the commands Allah, will beg Allah to send him back to this life in the World. Allah describes this in the Quran:

“Oh my Lord! Allow me to go back so that I may do good in the time that I had left.”

The wise among us is a person who strives to achieve the pleasure of Allah (SWT) and then anticipates the best from Allah. The wise one is the one who tries to arrive at the goal and then has Tawakul in Allah. Having Tawakul in Allah (SWT) does not imply to sit back and say, "Oh, this will happen to me because its Allah’s Will." Rather, you must strive for what you desire. The foolish one follows his desires and then presumes that Allah will reward him.

For every good you do you will be rewarded, and for every evil you do you will be punished. So to end the hub I rephrase the hadith that I started with - Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) advised:

Life is but a short journey!
Life is but a short journey!


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      Zubair Ahmed 4 years ago




      Both thank you so much for the kind comments. It really helps when fellow Hubbers appreciate and take the time to comment.

      Thank you so much

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      passionate77 4 years ago

      very great and thoroughly informative article on this topic, nice and well written, voted up, useful and awesome, thanks for sharing dear, my pleasure to follow you. i bookmarked these both hubs as both are so informative based on true facts. stay blessed!

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      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Life is precious and should treated with care a gift we have without the bow