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Tantrums In Children - How To Handle Bad Behavior

Updated on October 14, 2013

Tantrums in children can be alarming, especially if you aren’t prepared for motherhood. You may have had your first child and as of today, they are two years old. Those dreaded 2 yr old tantrums seem like they will never go away, but honestly - it is just a phase they are going through.

Dealing with 18 month old temper tantrums

Not many 18 month olds can talk and this is why you’ll experience 18 month old temper tantrums. These are disturbing at best but there are ways you can calm your child during temper tantrums. Scolding the child is the worst idea and many parents make the mistake of this. Whenever an 18 month old has a temper tantrum, they are often trying to tell you something. They may be screaming because they are cold, want attention, or even hungry. Let’s look at a few reasons why temper tantrums occur so that this way you can help them:

  • If it is chilly in the home and your child is crying, you might want to put an extra sweater on them or at least cover your little one with a blanket.

  • Suppose your baby is hurt or has some sort of medical condition. They may be allergic to the baby food you have been feeding them. They break out in a sweat and do not look very well after. This is a sign they need to go to the clinic pronto.

  • If you are a mom who has other kids and you aren’t giving your little one enough attention, they may need some love from you. Be sure to come to their crib every now and then or at least hold them.

  • Some parents will give milk to their child every night just before bed. However, there are times where they wake up thirsty again. You can give them more milk if they are having a tantrum. This way they’ll fall fast asleep again.

2 yr old tantrums

While some 18 month olds might be a bit demanding, the 2 yr old tantrums are the worst. Tantrums in childrens tend to get worse until the age of about three. During the age of 4, they learn how to cool down. They also aren’t as likely to throw a tantrum since they can communicate effectively. Here are a few reasons why a two year old might have a tantrum.

  • Your grocery shopping and your two year old reaches out to a piece of candy. It is about 7pm and you don’t want them eating sugar past this time so you gently move their hand away so they don’t reach the candy. Automatically, they start having a crying fit. Simply walk out of the store to give them a time out.

  • A 2 yr old may have a tantrum at the Dr. She or he does not want to be there. Instead of scolding or bickering, you should hold them close and let them know everything will be ok. Your little one needs to feel safe and this isn’t the time to discipline them. They are just scared of the Dr.

  • A week ago you gave birth to an adorable boy who constantly needs your attention. Your two year old never used to have fits before but now she is acting up ever since her brother came. She feels left out and wants to know if you still will be there for her. Every now and then, play with her as much as possible.

  • Temper tantrums in children can be scary, especially if you think they are going to hurt themselves from screaming so much. The child may be attached either to the mother or father. In another case, they won’t let a certain person pick them up because they feel uncomfortable being around them. This person should try to bond with the child in order to win their trust.

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Correcting kids tantrums

How about kids tantrums when they are about 4-6 years old? This is possible although it might not happen as often as two year olds. Usually they act out when they don’t get something they want. For example:

  • The child will not allow other kids to play with their toys. They act out in a selfish way, screaming and crying. They may even try to pull their toy away in an aggressive manner. This type of behavior means that you should discipline them whenever they do this. They need to learn how to socialize at school with other kids or this could be a big problem.

  • Your child may become upset when you decide that you won’t be getting them anything in the store. Because of this, they begin to scream. If you don’t want them screaming in the store, simply buy the item and then take it back. It may sound mean, but it’s the best way if you don’t want to be embarrassed.

  • Whenever you try to teach your child anything when it comes to puzzles, math, or words - they seem to ignore you. They become very angry and do not want to do anything because it doesn’t seem like fun to them. Instead of arguing, get them a game that involves learning.

How to stop temper tantrums in children

Temper tantrums in children happen every day. You are eating a nice restaurant and hear a child screaming across the room. The mother scurries out as not to cause anymore noise and tries to calm her kid outside. In another situation, a kid has a temper tantrum because he does not want his father to bring him home. He is having too much fun at the neighbor’s house and going home means that he cannot play with his friend anymore. You see, this sort of thing happens all the time.

I suggest reading a few books on temper tantrums in children. There are a few psychology books on children that will help you in dealing with these situations.

Dealing with temper tantrums in public


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