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Teaching Multiplication Skills with Flash Cards

Updated on May 3, 2013


Flashcards can be a great learning tool
Flashcards can be a great learning tool | Source

Teaching through Flashcards

Using flash cards to teach multiplication facts can be a great way to use a repetition in learning. This interactive learning tool can be a way for student to challenge one another to learn their facts and work to improve recall.

Flashcards can be used in various ways in the classroom, at home, or in tutoring to help a student learn.

Using Flashcard in the Classroom

How to Use Flashcards
Individual Repitition
Partner Practice
Small Group Centers
Whole Group Activites
Online Practice
Fast Finisher Activities

Types of Flashcards

  • Commercially made flashcards can be purchased.
  • Do it yourself flashcards can be made from a variety of materials, my favorite being the index card that has a nice weight and shape to it.
  • Online Flashcards, great for individual practice and can allow students to work at individual paces or skill sets.

Match the Answer

This is a great one for a set of numbers, say all the 6 facts. Create flashcards with the problems on them and a set with the answers on them. This can be played similar to memory or it can turn into a speed round where all the cards are placed face up and the goal is to match the cards with their answers as fast as possible.

This is also a great center activity that any teacher can use. Math centers that foster the students prior knowledge and expand on it in an activity have positive outcomes.

Around the World

The old fall back to flashcard games is used in many classrooms. The students battle each other and travel from one desk to the next to see who can make it “around the world” or around the classroom. The object is quick recall. This may not be a good game for kids just starting to learn their facts.

Partner Pair

Working with a partner take turns practicing the facts. Even hearing someone else say the facts will help you learn, especially if you are an auditory learner.

Apps as Tools - Multiplication Flashcards

Find An App for That!
Find An App for That! | Source

Independent Practice

Using online flashcards are a great way to implement independent practice.

There are many great site for online flashcards that are as close as a google search away.

If you have access to mobile device that downloads apps from itune or Google Play see what is available for free. There are so many great apps that kids can use. these are great tools to have when waiting in lines, at the Dr, or out to eat. If you use small segments of time to practice it doesn't seem like a huge chore.

Practice Those Facts

Don't spend hours a day learning facts, instead spend 5 to 10 minutes everday practicing and learning the,. You or your child will become a master in no time. Check out learning multiplication facts ideas here. Work hard to learn those facts, use flashcards and become a master multiplier.


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    • CarlySullens profile image

      CarlySullens 4 years ago from St. Louis, Missouri

      Flash cards do help kids and adults learn multiplication. I have an app for my son to learn, and it really does work.

    • NornsMercy profile image

      Chace 4 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      Great hub! :) Flash cards are the only way I can learn anything... especially math...

    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 4 years ago

      Interesting hub. Flash cards are a good way to learn multiplication and many other things. The flash card app looks useful too. Studying independently online and practicing should help in easier learning of these facts and numbers.