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Causes of Teenage Sex

Updated on July 8, 2016

Going by the manner in which majority of parents handle teenage sexuality, it would be nonexistent if they had their way.

Only a few actually discuss it with teens at home and when they do, approach it in a manner suiting only them.

They fail to conceptualize the emotional confusion that run riot in the minds of the teens, while others choose to disregard it!

Rihanna is very influential in the lives of teenagers today, many who desire to do everything she does
Rihanna is very influential in the lives of teenagers today, many who desire to do everything she does | Source

In many parts of the world, teenage sexuality is seldom discussed, except in schools or between teens themselves. Parents tend to stress the disadvantages of early sex and expect to be heard.

These boys and girls are only constantly reminded about the consequences of early sex i.e. teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

What Actually Leads to Teenage Sex?

The causes of teenage sexuality listed below should be part of the most involving discussions in society.

  • complexities of adolescent years
  • lost values in society today
  • the evolution of television
  • the evolution of sex itself
  • tradition
  • social media

1: The Effects of Adolescence!

Because of cultural and other social reasons, the age bracket for teenage youth usually ranges between thirteen and nineteen.

Around this time in life, hormonal changes start spiking. This leaves the teens wondering what actually is taking place. The teenage children become curious about everything and sexuality does not escape them.

Matters are not made easy by suspicion of bedroom antics by parents.

This is the same period that children are in high school and are probably residents in school. It is also the time when they get new friends who easily become influential in their lives.

Given the diversity in their backgrounds, information and misinformation on sexuality start here.

A cold war of sorts with parents starts from here. Yes, this little war between parents and teenagers has always become a problem during school years and has become even more interesting in the 21st century.

Teens like hanging out and learning about sexuality on their own
Teens like hanging out and learning about sexuality on their own

2: Lack of Values and Morals

The desire to entrench values and conscience in the teens is with no doubt very important. If children come to accept religious and other values and embrace them wholeheartedly, then parents have won a big battle.

Good values and morals include the ability to know what is right and what is wrong. It is much like a conscience which warns you silently that theft is bad just before you thrust your fingers in the store cash box that does not belong to you.

In the same way, teens with established moral values will know that sex before marriage is improper.

Good values transcend through families and generations and in close-knit religious settings. A teenage child without a set of rules is a time bomb waiting to happen.

Assuming that parents themselves have values and morals in them, their ability to entrench these in the children will help a lot.

Lack of morals in parents is disastrous for growing teenage children.

3: The Evolution of Television and Pornography

Remember the days when sex and f* words were taboo? They were only mentioned in the confines of bedroom curtains.

Remember when playboy magazines were tucked under the mattress? When families could watch television with peace of mind and never worry about sleazy sexy scenes?

As a matter of fact, age restrictions rating used to work.

Fast forward to the present day and sex and f* words are everywhere. It is amazing how these words are used even at home!

Playboy magazines have become old school because of prevalent porn sites and explicit material, and most disk drives at home now store porn.

Do you think the prevalence of teenage sex is a problem?

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4: The Evolution of Sex

Right up to the years of the Second World War (WWII), most of the world was beautiful, characterized with cultural and predefined communal tenets.

Cherished family and religious values were passed on to the young ones and family values mattered a lot. The father/mother-child relationship was admirable.

WWII was instrumental in quietly cutting through the family fabric. Married couples were separated for months for the sake of war, and young boys were recruited into the armies.

This resulted in a mixture of cultural beliefs and lifestyle. The married men in harms were denied conjugal rights and the effects were obvious. After experiencing and loving sex with their wives and having to go without for months on end, they were left condemned to understandable temptations.

Different fighters, coming from different backgrounds responded differently.

The cultural mix softened hearts and many resorted to sex with locals of all ages, teens included. Most of the relationships were forced, hence creating another ill in society. The power of the uniform ruled, and continues to rule even today.

When these men in uniform traveled back home they carried with them the new 'culture'. Over time,the family bond was broken as extramarital affairs became common place.

Like the famed writer WB Yeats wrote in his poem, The Second Coming, ‘Things fall (fell) apart; the center cannot hold’, all forms of conscience started dying and the world has never recovered.

The matter of sex continues to divide sections of the men in uniform until today. The controversial sexual exploits by Barack Obama's bodyguards is a case in point.

5: Tradition and Teenage Sex

In traditional African societies, a girl child was ripe for marriage as soon as she developed breasts.

Given the stress-free communal settings then and good livelihood, the health of the people was excellent. Children grew up fast and it was common for twelve to fourteen-year-old girls to develop breasts quite early in life.

These were aptly married off.

This, coupled with the fact that girls in some communities walked bare-chested , men were always tempted to ask for their hands in marriage.

Early marriage was also widespread because African societies encouraged polygamy.

Families also traded their teenage daughters for property and there was nothing wrong with that.

Sexuality is understood differently in some monarchies: Un-married girls dance for King Mswati III in Swaziland
Sexuality is understood differently in some monarchies: Un-married girls dance for King Mswati III in Swaziland | Source

Some monarchies in southern Africa still practice early marriage.

Even today, young girls, walking bare-chested are still paraded before King Mswati of Swaziland, who chooses whoever he wants, irrespective of age.

As a matter of fact, age was never an issue in African traditional setting. Age got factored into people's lives when European education was introduced in the continent.

6: Social Media and Sexuality

Only a few years ago we worshiped the power of the computer and everyone was crazy about the mouse and keyboard.

Fast forward to the current decade and it is apparent that information has evolved positively and negatively.

Social networking media is with us and the impact is for all to see.Teens have embraced information that is embedded within Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Tumblr, Pinterest etc with absolute madness.

According to Yahoo Shine observation, more and more teens are posting ever more explicit photos on their walls in order to attract more Likes and comments from friends. Many teens worship and have crushes on some of their newly acquired friends or celebrities on social sites and will do 'anything' to make them real friends.

The forum has provided the ultimate meeting point. This is no sex but is appropriately SEXY! and anything sexy is a precursor to sex. It is something parents do not condone but can do nothing about.

Save for the developed countries where a handful of parents use Internet and social network sites, parents in third world countries, in their 40s and upwards, haven't the slightest idea what these are!

The Last Word

Parents and family need to guide their precious daughters and sons with insight if they are to conquer early sex, pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

When we all accept that early sex may breed its own ills, maybe then shall we learn to hold high family and religious values and save ourselves from the resultant headache and pain.

And yes, teen pregnancy and STIs are real. But parent and family responsibility in the life of a teenager is to offer complete guidance and support in the event of a sexual experiment gone wrong!


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    • profile image

      James Pawhrathlei 

      5 years ago

      it is a fact that every teenage experiences sex urge once in their lifetime going through stages of development; physical, social, emotion, and environmental change, and the most important thing the government or institution, family missing out is that teaching sex without giving moral value. it will be tragedy for their future. A person might he highly educated and well-built in some sort of areas, but if there is no value, everything become nothing. Therefore, it is our obligation to teach teenagers about sex with value system.

    • amuno profile imageAUTHOR

      Alfred Amuno 

      7 years ago from Kampala

      Thanks for your opinion teenager. There is absolutely nothing dumb about what you have expressed. It is what you feel and most definitely what every teen out there feels.

      Like I hinted in the article, parents almost have no absolute control save for giving appropriate advice. What scares parents is the adverse effects that may happen in-case something went wrong in the course of teenage sex.

      This is understandable for parents. Like for your case, most parents will be happy that you are holding back, and would hope that you practiced oral sex carefully and responsibly.

    • profile image

      A teenager 

      7 years ago

      Look, I know it might sound dumb, But teenagers are going through a phase where the body is full of horemones. So you can't blame them for experiencing sex. They're exploring their bodies.

      As a teenager (15) I haven't had actual sex, Oral only.

      I can't see a big problem with sex as long as the couple (gay/straight doesn't matter) are knowing what are they doing.

      I can't say you're old fashioned, cause even in the 60-80's they had teenage sex.

      Sorry for the bad english, its not my native language and im from my iphone so there probably have some typo

    • amuno profile imageAUTHOR

      Alfred Amuno 

      7 years ago from Kampala

      Thank you Angela for that.

    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 

      7 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      Really great article. You approach all the hard topics very gracefully.

    • amuno profile imageAUTHOR

      Alfred Amuno 

      7 years ago from Kampala

      The bond between parents and children during early years of life is so enviable. It is what drives new parents to get their own kids. Reality kicks in during teenage years and every thing seems to fall apart. Raising a kid is one hell of a job. Thanks Jide.

    • JideAlexander profile image


      7 years ago from IL

      You wrote a very insightful article. I'll make sure to incorporate what you've said when I raise my future children one day.

    • amuno profile imageAUTHOR

      Alfred Amuno 

      7 years ago from Kampala

      Good observation up there Brian. Never really thought seriously about the origin of the word Teenager. But I believe the theory was the work of some well intending scientists.

      The growing interest in teenage sexuality must have become more of an issue after humanity began looking differently at the little fellows. Parents realized they needed to have few children and the kids became 'seen' in the family. Christianity also demanded that parents became an example to their children. This somehow made these little fellows important.

      Finally, parents become responsible for anything their kids did and were financially responsible for any misdemeanor.

    • BrianMI6 profile image


      7 years ago from Michigan

      As you touched on, I have always found it interesting that people get all hyped up about "teenage" sex when, for the majority of human history people have been getting married in their teens and having sex. It was unusual in most cultures until recent time (last 300 years) for a young woman to NOT be married and have a child by age 20!

      Much of this conundrum is in regards to the concept of "teenager" itself. Before the 1950s this word didn't even exist. It was created by a magazine in a successful attempt at pairing off a new demographic. The result is that we don't have a concept anymore that people are children, and then they are adults and that we need to plan our parenting to get them ready to be adults. Instead, we have this long interm period where people are not expected anymore to act like adults though they were required to behave as adults in times gone past. This pattern is not being extended so that young men are often crippled where assuming the adult role is concerned until they're 30. This doesn't measure up with their biological clock though so they want to have sex but not have any of the responsibilities that come along with marriage.

      In my opinion, this is leading to all the chaos we see in today's broken homes.


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