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Teenage Life

Updated on February 5, 2013

At times when we recall our adolescence, we remember it as a mixture of amusement and nostalgia. Life was a piece of cake then. We remember it as the time when we used to stay up till late at night, hanging out with pals, enjoying parties without any sort of worries in our lives. As adults declare it as “the best time of the life”, so we have an excuse to live life to its fullest. Teenage span in one’s life is tension free time when we have no responsibility at all and we are the masters of our own will. Teenage also has some ups and downs.

At one end, we enjoy this part of life in every possible way. We are in that phase of life where “worries mean hilarious jokes” where we tease our chums, create our memories having roars of laughter, by cracking jokes and all and where we get cherished by comical howlers. It is a time when we have the right to explore the world around us.

But there are downsides as well. We came to know the bitter realities of the life. We are in that transition phase where we are old enough to lose our faith in everything because when we figure this out that ‘good not always triumph over the evil’. As we are not adults then to know that such fairytales in which love always conquers are not always true. But when we realize it later, we come to know our mistakes.

Teenage in my opinion is not as fascinating as it seems but it is the most difficult phase of our lives. It is the time when we either make our life or wreck it by our own hands. Many people fall victim of crimes, drugs, narcotics etc.

At the end of our teenage we come to know that sometimes people want to knock us down, when we are often betrayed by most loved ones and loved by the most unexpected ones that is the time we realize the reality. May be we will learn that real life is not a fairytale but it is much more complicated, much more sweet and much more bitter.

Then some get success in correcting themselves and making them able enough to live in this real world but not in that fantasy world where most of us are mesmerized by worldly love but others still remain in that fantasy world, where sooner or later they are awakened by a knock given by the harsh realities of life. That is the time when they get to know their actual worth in this world. Life is not meant to waste but to recognize our mistakes and correct them, because it is about being happy. Anyhow it can be summed up in three words, it goes on!


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    • profile image

      Rabi 4 years ago

      Very true This is also A time When we Comes to know that Allah is graet He is the reality of life We should spend our Lives in Love of His Beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and all other things are Meaningless !

    • profile image

      Sohaib Abbasi 4 years ago

      Very true...... :'(