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Teenagers of Today: Lack in Respect in Teens

Updated on September 14, 2011

What is respect?

Respect is a courteous consideration for another person. One can not demand respect, you must earn it. How do you earn it? Have you ever heard the expression 'lead by example'? This is one way to teach respect to your teen. Whoa! I'm getting ahead of myself. We can't teach this to them as a teen, it starts when they are small children. Yes, that's right. It has had to be a constant in a child's life. Even then, sometimes you have to reinforce with your teen the true meaning of respect. I seem to fight this battle daily with my teenager.

Influences of Today

It is more difficult today to teach core values because of the influences of music, media, and the Internet in your teens life. For example, sitcoms teach them put downs are cool and funny. Then, the commercials between the shows. These commercials fuel their appetite of being self-centered. It draws them into the what they want. In a sense you are dealing with a society which teaches cruel behavior and selfishness. If you ever listen to the conversations of children today, you will find they are very cruel compared to the times in which we grew up. Whether you are at the mall, the movies, a school, a game or some other function, in which they interact, you will hear just how cruel some of them can be. Let me give you another example of cruel behavior and lack of respect. I was picking my son up from high school. We were waiting on the road beside the school for traffic coming out of the parking lot. I looked up and saw an SUV coming faster than it should, considering it was in a school zone. At the same time, a young man was crossing the road at an angle. He was still approximately 3 or 4 feet from the sidewalk. The driver of the vehicle, a high school student, laid on the horn and swerved left of center into my lane. This is a true example of the lack of respect, and consideration of others some teens are exhibiting today..

Foundation For A Better Relationship

One can only hope the core values you have taught your child will shine through. Values are desirable principles in one's character in which society considers worthwhile. Values include such essentials as friendliness, courage, and morals. Morals are the judgement of values. Values lead to good moral fiber and with good moral fiber comes successful relationships. Successful relationships come from learning how to treat people with respect and earning respect. This allows them to contribute positively, take responsibility for their actions, and makes for generally happier teens and adults. Respect is the key to successful relationships. Just remember, when interacting with your teen, you have to give respect in order to get respect.


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  • proudmamma profile image

    proudmamma 5 years ago

    Helloimadrian thanks for taking time to read my hub. With you being a teen, you definitely show a huge level of maturity by not being offended by my hub. Your positive words about my views is greatly appreciated... I try to encourage my youngest son to always exercise respect in any situation.... I think in most situations he listens... However, I wonder if he utilizes the same respect and maturity in all situations. I would hope my words would ring in his ears. :) Thanks again.

  • profile image

    Helloimadrian 5 years ago

    Dear Proudmamma,

    I agree with what you have said in this article. I am a teen myself and I see not all teens, but many of them not showing the respect they should be; which in turn does portray a bad image about them. 

    When your a teen, the image you want to portray can mean everything and your actions against others as well as yourself can make your image good or bad. Image is what a lot of people use to make up their thoughts on a person and I think that a person is boosted on their positive views if they have respect. 

    I think respect has a lot to do with the level of maturity and self discipline one has. I myself have always been on a higher maturity level than others in my community and I am proud of that. I portray a positive image that I am proud to and that is that I have respect for not only others, but myself as well.

    Thanks for viewing my comment, Helloimadrian

  • profile image

    Exmoor 6 years ago

    If you're going to talk about disrespect, don't just blanket all teens with it. A lot of teens are quite respectful. Some adults aren't. Besides, who do you think the disrespectful teens learn it from? Surely not from their younger siblings...

    Please don't make generalizations. They hurt when they're directed at you. In fact, by blanketing all teens with one 'fit-all' label, you are doing what you are lecturing to avoid.

  • ProFXBlog profile image

    ProFXBlog 7 years ago from london

    Apologies, i know you personally was not blaming anyone and you did mention some of the external influences, My comment was more generalised and was not meant to attack your hub. its just too often i see similar titles in newspapers,etc highlighting how disrespectful and anti-social the youth of today are yet in comparison to adults they are in fact no worse, for instance the amount of teen stabbings in london last year was highly publicised yet the statistics for adults being convicted for murder, GBH or a smiliar charge in london last was in fact much higher but received a lot less publicity.

    In all honesty it ruffled a few feathers but im glad i read it, Great hub.


  • proudmamma profile image

    proudmamma 7 years ago

    I wasn't blaming anyone. I explained there are influences which lead to the lack of respect. In my first paragraph, I noted it has to start with the parents teaching them at a very young age. I did not elaborate on all of the potential influences which can result in disrespect. I thank you for your insight, but I was not trying to attack or blame anyone.

  • ProFXBlog profile image

    ProFXBlog 7 years ago from london

    If you dig a little deeper you will in most cases realise there a huge range of contributing factors to why some teenages may seem disrespectful or anti-social, From my experience a LOT of people i knew brought up in east london had abusive and controlling childhoods not to mention a whole load of other negative influences caused by adults in positions of authority abusing their power, so before people start blaming the youths of today, take a serious look at what some of the adult community are doing!