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Ten Tips for Taming Toddler Tantrums

Updated on April 10, 2018
  • For the first few, be patient and wait them out. Afterwards, talk them through what they’ve done wrong and why it’s a negative action. Patience is very important. When discussing, make it clear of the choice they made and how next time they can make a better one. Sometimes just talking and giving reason can eliminate the amount of tantrums your child has. Getting them to think about it is also a very important lesson that can help them a whole lot later in life.

  • When the tantrum is over, praise the positives and talk them through the negatives. When your toddler has a tantrum, afterwards it can be beneficial to show them the build up. Point out what they did wrong, like talking back or screaming/crying, etc. But it’s also ideal to point out the positives. Finding the light in the situation andand letting them know that there’s a better way to handle their emotions is a good way to t. Teach them how to cope with stress or not getting what they want.

  • Give them space. Some say that ignoring the tantrum is the best way to handle it. Once your child realizes that they won’t get attention for their negative behaviours, they’re more likely to stop. If this happens repeatedly, they’ll come to realize that the tantrum method just won’t work.

  • Direct attention elsewhere. If you’re out and about, it’s kind of hard to ignore your screaming child. The best thing to do in this situation is to distract them. It’s easy to draw their attention away from what they’re throwing a fit about and direct it somewhere else. You can start a game of I Spy or ask them some questions that make them think. This way their mind is off of what’s upsetting them.

  • Make sure you remain calm. The worst mistake you can make is losing your cool. Sometimes it’s hard to be patient and calm, but if you can it’ll help a great deal. Reacting to negativity with negativity does nothing but build upon the tension.

  • Give big hugs. Sometimes reacting with a positive action, such as a hug, can stop a tantrum. Some parents recommend this because there will be times when your child is acting up when they just don’t feel good, or are tired. Sometimes instead of scolding, the just need a little love.

  • Get down to their level. When addressing a toddler, it’s a good idea to crouch down to their level that way they can see you. Making eye contact and talking gently directly towards them, rather than down to them, can help them feel less overwhelmed and help them to listen better.

  • Remind them of other things that you have planned, that can’t happen if they keep acting up. If you have a planned trip or a play date that your child is looking forward to, remind them of it. However, remember to talk about it in a positive light. Rather than saying “If you don’t stop, we won’t go” try “If you stop, we get to go”. Kids react better subconsciously to the positive words like “can”, and more negatively to words like “can’t” and “don’t”.

  • Keep them busy. If you know when your child acts up the most (when they’re hungry, tired, etc.) the best thing you can do is attempt to prevent the tantrum. Active minds are less likely to become bored or frustrated and turn to be grumpy to cope. While in the store, or in the car, keep your toddler entertained with games or questions.

  • Minimize junk foods. Studies show that toddlers with healthier diets are more likely to be happy than those with more junk foods in their diets. Just like you crash if you eat a bunch of unhealthy foods, they do the same. Try to incorporate lots of fruits and veggies rather than chips and cookies.



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