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That's What Momma's Do!

Updated on August 11, 2012

my girls favorite

For my girl

My daughter is 14 years old and she loves this underground hip hop artist. Underground hip hop artist is basically someone who raps and is not well known and doesn't have his or her music played on the radio yet! However, I took her to one of his performances about a month or two ago and I also took her last night!

After taking her to the first one I was really iffy about taking her again, because at the first show there was a lot of young people (minors) and while waiting in line for a long while outside someone starting smoking some marijuana. Also, the guy she went to go see was the last performer therefore we had to see and listen to about 7-10 other performances before actually seeing the person she went to go see. Last but not least it wasn't over till who knows when but, I finally had to get out of there and it was already 1:30 A.M.

Since this time the place where he was perfoming at was a lot more closer to home I agreed to take her {she really loves this guy} when we got there this time and were waiting in line I didn't smell any herb in the air so that was good. Probably because this time there was the local sheriff's cruising through the parking lot! Once again the artist she went to see was the last one to perform but the performers before him were pretty good. I enjoyed one of the young female rappers because she rapped about positive things in her life and the positive outcomes. Further more because we actually stayed till the very end my daughter got to take pictures with her favorite artist and she was so happy!

Overall it turned out good and I didn't feel so bad being there with her because I came across other moms and one felt just like I did, old and out of place! On the other hand I was there for my daughter so it didn't really matter what any one else thought!


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