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The 18-year-old: Transition to Adulthood

Updated on October 25, 2012

What?? How can anyone cover this topic in any kind of detail with a 500 word article and no credentials?

Good question. Yet, I was 18 once and so were a lot of people. Despite its dangers, most of us are going to get through it. It is a time of great excitement and stress. Possibilities and fear. Questions. Maybe nobody ever told you that you have to be in charge of your own life when you are an adult. Maybe they told you that much but they didn't tell you how to do such a thing. Whatever your situation is, you can be sure that someone else has been through it. So talk to people, ask for advice if you want. Open your eyes and look around at what others have done with themselves. Ask yourself if that looks like a good place to be.

Things are changing so rapidly for today's 18 year old. They are considered a legal adult oftentimes before they are ready to be. Although, it is true that some of us are considered 35 before we are ready to be! So here are three healthy ways to deal with this phenomenon of becoming an "adult":

1. College. This is a favorite of many of us. College is a smooth way to transition from living under your parent's wing to living on your own. A student has four years to get their shit together. It works well for anyone who can swing it financially, unless you have a burning hatred for school. It's okay if you find school tedious and boring because college should be an improvement. But if you routinely think that it would be more tolerable to be sick in bed with the flu, you may want to rule out the college option.

2. Get a job. Then get an apartment. Buy some food for the cupboard. Repeat. I don't recommend this option. But this is a reality for many of us. Okay, enough said, moving on....

3. All out balls out! Let me explain what I mean. This choice is only for those individuals who know exactly what they want and they know how to get it. They have a passion driving them from the inside and have managed to focus on their particular goal. The path may or may not include college. It may include an apprenticeship or dance school. It may, in fact, include undesirable option number 2 while you are learning your skill. This choice is a wonderful place to be. You have a destination. You are working toward something. You are bringing meaning into your world. You appreciate your life and you are doing it for yourself.

Okay, all you 17 and a half-ers.... figure out what you want and go for it! What are you waiting for?


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