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The Beautiful Piano

Updated on October 31, 2014
Mom's Piano
Mom's Piano

The Sadness of Silence

The only thing that sits on the piano bench, since mom passed away, is dust. No music is heard anymore, no sounds of scales being practiced, or those unforgettable trills; nothing! How sad to think that the music died along with the old piano teacher, but it did.

I remember how she would sit every night playing from her repertoire of songs that she had written down to practice. She didn’t need any music books, because she knew all the songs by heart. I remember one night our next door neighbor heard mom playing some old songs, and he came to the door and asked if he could sit for a while and sing as she played. They had a big time for at least a couple of hours. That’s what she enjoyed, she loved to bring happiness through playing her music on the piano; it was her gift.

I can’t imagine what mom’s piano thinks about sitting dormant for two years now, after being busy playing for so many years. But how can the music continue on when there’s no one else in the house that could sit and do justice to the memory of the songs mom so lovingly played?

Maybe the piano needs to go to another place where it will once again be played and enjoyed; a place where it can do the one thing that it was created to do, and that is to make music for the listening pleasure of others.

A piano was meant to be played, not sit like a museum piece. To think of all the budding artists who would love to have a piano to be able to practice their gift upon, only makes seeing it sit in silence that much worse.

It’s sad for the old piano teacher to have passed away and leave behind her musical companion to just sit quietly; in hope that someone will take an interest in playing it again someday soon.

For mom, playing the piano was her life, and it was something that she did her whole life, from a tiny girl up until four months before she died. How broken her heart would be to know that the life has gone out of her beautiful piano as well.

The Melancholy Man

There once was a very melancholy man. He was sad and alone, and all he did was work as a bookkeeper and go home to an empty meager apartment. One day he received an unexpected visitor at the door. It was a lawyer representing his father’s estate. The lawyer informed the man that his father had passed away and had left a package to be hand delivered to his only son. The lawyer handed the package to the man and asked that he would open it in his presence so that he could verify receipt and answer any questions that the man may have concerning his father’s will.

The man opened the package, of which his father had left him, and much to his surprise inside there was a beautiful antique diamond engagement ring; it was breathtakingly beautiful, and certainly worth a great deal of money. There was a handwritten letter accompanying the ring, it was written by the man’s father, it read; “Dear Son, I’m leaving you your Great-Grandmother’s engagement ring. It would be worth a great deal of money if you ever needed to sell it.

I know that I never treated you as a father should treat his son, and I’ll never be able to make up for all the things that I said and did which caused you to go away, but I want you to know something, for what ever it will be worth to you; I have always loved you and have missed you sorely. There was never a day in all these years that I haven’t thought about you son. I never told you how proud I was of you, because I was jealous of the fact that you were a better man than me. I had to tell you how thankful I am, and have always been, that I was given the gift of having such a son as you. All my love, Your Father”

The man fought back tears as he folded the letter and placed it back in the box beside the ring. The lawyer was in awe of the gift the father had given to his son, and he told the man that he could sell the ring and live a much better life than the one he is living. The man replied, “The ring is beautiful, and its sentimental value is priceless, but the true gift that my father gave to me this day, was the love by which he wrote the letter with.”

Mom's Obituary plaque sits on her piano
Mom's Obituary plaque sits on her piano

The Happiness of Memories

So too, mom’s piano is beautiful, and its sentimental value is priceless, but the true gift is the love by which she played the music with, and the life is in the memories that will live forever.


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