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ADHD Children:The benefits of a Great Routine

Updated on April 26, 2016
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William Ziegler, Author of "Perfume Homemade Ecstasy," Guide to making perfume at home. He published articles, websites, and blogs.

Everyone needs a good morning routine as everyone get ready and leave the home on time. For ADHD kids, many things can go wrong. May forget to take something with them or may be late from school e.c.t. There are more things and this is an endless list. Which can actually lower down the self-confidence and also produce negative self-talk or mumbling like "I'm not good" or "I'm always late" or "I always forget to take things with me" or” why it happens to me " e.c.t. It is a normal routine's saying that ADHD children should have a proper routine to leave the bed and ready for school on time. Homework on the same time daily and have same fun activity before sleep time.

These rules or routine seems very basic in words or on a paper, rather it difficult to maintain a routine and discipline in real life and also can be a source of disappointment, but with a little hope and effort we can implement on the daily routine of ADHD children.

Parents of many ADHD children with high intentions settle a routine according to the needs of their ADHD children, but many of them leave it, as their routines are not working accordingly. Sometimes routine fails to give results as consistency is required to build a routine of children but many parents give up in the early stages, which results in failure of routine.

To make a proper structure, routine should not take, as a strategy, but it should use as a way of life.

Proper routines prove beneficial for ADHD children as well as family. It is helpful on two levels:

FIRSTLY, it improves the behavior of the ADHD kids and children effectively do their routine works. ADHD kids can efficiently work when they are having some routines according to their needs. It will help to build an effective structure for their life too. In addition, activities also become manageable and kids can easily focus on the work they were having at that time according to their routine work.


SECONDLY, the whole family feels relaxed and has a proper structure of their life, which makes them feel relief mentally. As there is a proper, time for dinner and for homework of the ADHD children. A proper structure gives rise to a strong family relationship and makes an identical family, which plays a supportive role for family members as they eats together, their works together, and shares responsibilities together which creates a strong bond between them.

As we can say that every day there is a battle, and we be all worn out. Or is there anything else we can try?"

It looks quite difficult or sometimes impossible to have such an effective and proper life structure. There is juggling schedule of everyone, school, work, sports, and music class’s e.c.t but only a structure can manage all of these effects, which can build by making daily routines of kids. Which also results in better health of ADHD children and increases the productivity of ADHD children.

A child suffering from ADHD needs a little extra attention because they can be easily distracted from their way; create some rules or a routine to help your children grow up efficiently. It can maintain as below:

1: Instruct your children about specific rules that what to do or what not to do. In addition, tell the reasons for not acting like that or vice versa. It will help them to understand their routine. Children need to know what you expect from them as to understand you as well.

2: Make your child independent in doing some tasks assigned by you. It will enhance productivity of the child and builds confidence if the child succeeds in the given task. It also makes child capable of doing on his own and make him efficient.

3: Discuss the rules and routines with your child to let him know about them and also to understand what he has to do or what not to do. Also, tell him the reasons about the things, which he should not do as per routine, and tell him the benefits regarding it as to make him responsible and sensible child. It will also help him to understand and accept the responsibilities with growing age. Discussion about rules and routines will improve his learning skill as well and make him sensible too. ADHD children should give some specific tasks to instill a sense being a responsible child.

4: List down the routines on a paper as a sequence of tasks and paste it where it can be seen easily or every time by you and also your child. It can be posted on the refrigerator or on a mirror or any door which is in the mid of home e.c.t. It will act as a reminder for you as well as for your child. Review the list daily with your child as to make him know whether he is working accordingly or not, and what he has to do next.

The list should not sophisticate with so and so things. Only three to five things should enlist which are easy to remember and not to make your child bore and worried to see too many things over it.

5: Time is very essence in it. The morning task begins with trying to rouse your child on time, who do not want to get up and nothing from you more else to be left alone in its bed. The morning school routine is one of the most difficult and hectic things for ADHD children. The morning routine involves many steps and is time-pressured. In addition, this hectic and stressful situation does not bring out anything good and best in many ADHD kids.

Make sure that you have set aside enough time for your child to complete or review his homework, finish his breakfast and leave in time for school in the morning.

Be realistic about the time, which you are having. If you left with only five minutes left with, you then add five more minutes in your period as to do everything calmly and efficiently. It also makes your child tension free and he starts his day happily without having any burden. Which plays a vital role to enhance the performance and makes him confident.

6: Patience is required by the parents here. ADHD children take the time to leave the old habits and gradually and slowly adopts the new ones. It will take some time to understand the routine. If parents become rigid towards rules or routines it affects negatively, which gives bad results and made children stubborn and he cannot work accordingly. Ultimately, the structure fails.

ADHD Poll for Kids

What does your child have the hardest time with?

See results

7: Efforts made by ADHD children should be praised by their parents and not only the best results. It encourages the child and makes them active and efficient. Good behavior should be praised more than the bad one as to let him know that your cares and appreciates his each effort which he makes for his success whether he succeeded or not. It also raises the confidence of a child.

8: Focus on long-term objectives that be consistent with your rules and potentially wait for results.

9: Make your child punctual to mark the every activity done by him.

10: Your child needs evening routine also enough for the 10 hours as to wake up physically and mentally refreshed.

A psychological research shows 50 years of review, published in the journal of family psychology, shows kids with daily routines in their lives having good health and shows disciplined behavior.

A routine needs commitment and consistency as earlier discussed. All the family members should strictly to it. Routines should be maintained when ADHD children are young and can consistently adopt them with their growing age. It should not be too late to make a routine of a kid.

Here are some sample routines or suggestions to start which can be amended or altered according to the need ,age, and requirement of ADHD children. It will take the time to build a routine for which calm behavior is required of family members as to help the child to build a routine. Try these ideas for starting the day on a better note.

Settle your child according to his regular routine on homework spot; be sure all necessary things are available (pencils, paper, calculator, reference books, etc.).

Choose clothes for school the night before. In addition, sets the menu of breakfast and lunch according to the desire of ADHD children as to avoid the tension creates due to the discussion in the morning.

  • Invest in a good alarm clock.
  • Got all the homework ready
  • Setting the alarm.
  • Any protein-rich snack or meal about 30 minutes before the child goes to bed.
  • Go to bed early at night
  • Talk a little discussion about the day with your child and praise your child for the things he did well,
  • Politely say your ritual Goodnight
  • Gently wake them in morning e.c.t.
  • Whisper a morning greeting with love
  • Turn up the light on dark mornings gradually
  • What you are offering for breakfast

As many kids with ADHD are highly impulsive and can leave to work according to the routine. I hope that it will be beneficial to make a proper and effective structure of ADHD kids. If your child is not adopting the routine after making all possible, efforts than seek help from a counselor who specialized in ADHD to get back your child on track. Consistent ADHD treatment can improve the ability of the person with ADHD to work better in school, at work, and in social activities.

Morning Routine Chart


As you read the article, there is a growing concern for parents with ADHD. I recently published a picture book to help all children come up with a routine for school.

JB Gets Ready For School

It was JB’s first day of Kindergarten. Will he be ready to meet his friends on time? Does JB have good habits to get ready in time for school? What will JB do?

With most children on school days, having them get ready on time is very challenging from having their clothes out the night before, brushing teeth, having a good breakfast and let us not forget the backpacks or lunches.

JB Gets Ready For School shows that having a great routine for school is very positive. It helps the children feel less stressful, confident and improves self-image.

© 2014 William Ziegler


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