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The Best Clothes for Breastfeeding

Updated on April 30, 2009

In the past, women were forced wear those oh-so-attractive maternity jeans with the giant panel in front and nurse their babies only in private, out of desperation to not reveal anything inappropriate. Today, we have a virtual world of choices when it comes to maternity and nursing wear. At home, of course, we’re not so concerned with what we wear when nursing, but as nursing in public continues to be socially acceptable, we still feel the need to cover up a bit, if only out of modesty.

Choosing a Nursing Bra

First off, of course, we must choose our nursing bra. Compared to those of then years ago, nursing bras of today are quite attractive and comfortable. They come in all colors and styles, like pink and lacy, and you can probably find one that makes you feel like you’re not even wearing a nursing bra at all! Try or


Nursing Tops and Dresses

For nursing tops and dresses, there are tons of styles to choose from, all of which can be found online, and some in your local maternity shops. Depending on what your purpose is, as to where, when and how often you plan to nurse, you can decide what nursing wear is best for you.


There are various options: horizontal overlays that are for when you choose to nurse discreetly, vertical overlays that are not quite as discreet, cross-over tops which are not discreet at all, and invisible zippers used in princess seams, which help disguise nursing tops as regular clothes.


Nursing With Regular Clothing

There’s always the more affordable option of using regular clothing, which can work, especially during summer, when a simple tank top can be pulled down for nursing. There is also the option of using a shawl, blanket or a relatively new product called nursing covers. You can even pick the fabric designs for your covers here: There are trendy and totally cute choices of fabrics to complement your wardrobe. I nursed all over town with nothing more than a flannel receiving blanket to cover us up!


Obviously, your choices aren’t limited these days in the way of nursing clothes. Whether you’re a stay-home mom or working mother, whether you tend to nurse in public a lot or at home, you have choices. Basically, just as with maternity, nursing wear these days can be just as stylish, comfortable and wearable as your normal wardrobe.


Here are some more sites to help you find the best nursing clothes for your needs:



Image Credit: shoothead, Flickr


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    Jennypan 5 years ago

    I found a really good maternity and nursing dress in one at They have a small collection of dresses that look really nice.

  • profile image

    Ruth 7 years ago

    For an alternative breastfeeding top that helps nursing with confidence check out

  • profile image

    Nicole 8 years ago

    I think the site which you shared is really good, there is another from where I have leaned many things about fit and sizes of nursing bras it's