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The Best Teething Remedy I've Ever Used

Updated on May 27, 2013

What's in Gentle Naturals Homeopathic Teething Drops

Active Ingredients
Helps with pain and sensitivity, calms baby
Calcarea Phosphorica (calcium phosphate)
Helps with pain and sensitivity of teething
Kali Phosphoricum (Potassium phosphate)
Helps with pain in the mouth and gums
Magnesia Phosphorica (magnesium phosphate)
Heps with pain and sensitivity of teething
Staphysagria (Delphinium Staphisagria)
Helps with pain and sensitivity of teething

Gentle Naturals Homeopathic Teething Drops

I previously wrote about different ways to teeth a soothing baby........or sooth a teething baby, and I mentioned the teething tablets from Hylands. I have 3 older boys, and a toddler and when my boys were babies, I always used the Hylands teething tablets and swore by them. I still will refer those to parents with teething babies, however, when I couldn't find those tablets ANYWHERE when my little girl started teething, I found another product that easily topped my list of Baby Must Haves.

I found the Gentle Naturals Homepathic Teething Drops in my local grocery store and decided to try them out. I've never really liked using teething gels because my son's doctor told me once that the teething gels, although they numb the gums, have a tendency to make the gums tougher, thus making the teeth meet more resistance when they try to come out. I'm not telling you not to use them, every parent has different results with different products.

The Gentle Naturals Homeopathic Drops are so much easier to administer than the tablets. Tablets are supposed to be inserted under the tongue and then dissolve. It's not always easy to do that with an infant. However, with the drops, you simply draw up the amount you need into the marked dropper, and drop them into your child's mouth. The instruction also state to place them under the tongue, but I found that just putting them in the inner lip/gum area worked fine.

My daughter had a tough time with teething. She would drool a lot, and was so fussy. When I would give her the drops, within a matter of minutes it seemed like she was so much calmer and she seemed comfortable. Another big difference I noticed between these and tablets, is that the tablets would seem to knock my baby out, where as the drops didn't. I was instantly sold!

Want More?

If you want to read all the information on these drops, you can read all about them on Gentle Naturals' website. You can also see some of the testimonials from other parents who tried these on the testimonial page. If you like saving money, you can find a $1.00 coupon to use on any Gentle Naturals product.

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