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The Boy Teacher and the Father Student #84 “The Long Way Home”

Updated on April 22, 2020
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Eric started working with children when he was still one himself. He taught first aid through Scouting. All the way to preaching to youth.

Just Along the Way Home

Not so easy.
Not so easy. | Source

Separate Paths, Same Destination

“Hey we are not in a hurry let’s take the long way home.” “Dad we always take the long way home. Let’s take the short way home and we can mess around more.” “But if we take the long way home we can spend more time walking and still mess around.” “OK dad you take the long way home and I will take the short way home.”

And so the two lives have the first significant chosen separation. Fair enough. We were speaking of about a half mile difference going it alone. A big deal for a ten year old. And a big deal for his father. Was this the beginning of the long way home for the boy in life, or as was his choice, the short way home. Time will tell but we can be assured they will not take the same trail home.

Yes that is a parable about a father and son. A true one. But it gives one time to ponder as that mile is covered. What is the “long”, what is the “way” and where or what is “home”. Perhaps we say “life is short”. Dad’s want it longer and boys are in a hurry no matter what.

So we have this deal with a scary virus and staying at home. We do not do morose here so the alternatives are basically happy. Sometimes “just flat” might be a reasonable description but not for long.

B: Dad this seems like a dream.

F: I think you are right sometimes.

B: What do you mean “sometimes”?

F: Oh, sorry, I mean sometimes it does seem like a dream these days. What day is it anyway?

B: I know it is Thursday because of my remote learning classes. Tomorrow is Friday because we have that remote classroom stuff.

F: Hey you know I stay out of homework as your mom is boss of that, but how is it going? I reviewed some of your stuff and it looks like important stuff to learn and you are on your game there.

B: I don’t really like it. Especially Monday, Wednesday and Friday when the whole class meets on line. It is pretty boring.

F: Maybe that is because you normally just play games on those things of yours.

B: It is an IPad dad. And a tablet. No it is just like school with no friends. It’s weird. And besides that it is too easy. Did you know that no matter how I do I get the same grade as last report card, how lame is that.

F: I thought that was just for adults to know. And good luck not improving with your mom as the teacher.

B: So? What is your point?

What is Going On?

One Path to Nowhere

Will it take us home?
Will it take us home? | Source


They say there will never be a normal like it was before. I hope that is wrong. We have spent countless lives and dollars and time since 1492 to get this gig down that we call normal. And we keep tweaking it and making it better. I don’t keep a progressive and conservative score card, the tug of war has worked just fine for over 240 years. It works just fine.

But the new normal will have pitfalls and yet much good will be incorporated. I have this tome of a book on the constitution. Text book for law schools on constitutional law. Over 100 cases analyzed and commentary by the big wigs in the area. I am a freak for the Amendments. We are now violating about 10 provisions therein. Assembly, religion and travel are in there and those are gone now. Seriously gone. But that gives us a learning area, dreadfully missing in most young boys’ lives.

F: So what do you think about not getting to?

B: Not getting to what?

F: That is part of the point.

B: Oh you mean like all of us going to the grocery store or going to the park or playing with friends or going to church and eating and playing with friends. Oh now I get it. Ya it sucks.

F: I still think that “sucks” is a bad word. Oh well I have to change with the times and get over it.

B: Dad we talked about that about 20 times, or are you so old you forgot?

F: OK but what do you think of it?

B: I like it better than being sick. Besides what am I going to do, play games 6ft away from someone? Soccer and kickball and basketball are out. Hey will we ever play sports on teams again?

F: Yep just “when?” is the only issue.

B: When?

F: You know when I say depends and you say depends on what. And I have to explain and you have solutions for everything.

B: Please no lecture. I get it, it depends on a lot of things, like how many are still sick. Hey what is it called when you spend money on something you know everyone will need and then you get rich?

F: Speculative investing.

Another Path

On the way.
On the way. | Source

Find Me

Memories in the Future

So buy shares in safety glasses. These are not mandated yet but soon they will be a mandatory suggestion. The virus can get you through your eyes. Nasty! I wear them now for just cruising around. But I have worn them for doing stuff for years, so not a biggie there, for me. My wife ordered some “polarized” glasses for me that change when going inside or into the glare.

Remember when they thought facemasks would make people think they were safe so they were not recommended. Then they determined they protected others. Now mandatory – good. We bought many from little old church ladies as a charity for food. The patterns and designs are a blast. They are a great equalizer in the area of best looking. Now you have to judge based on other things!

B: Hey dad you like your masks because you can mouth out bad language at people who don’t wear them. That is sick, I like it too.

F: I know it is wrong but…. Why not protect others by wearing a mask? And it does not rise to the elevation of being sick and twisted like those that do not wear masks.

B: Dad you are really out of it. Not sick like puking sick, like cool to the rule dude. I think that is how you talk.

F: So now I have to live with sucks and sick as normal words. I am not digging this at all.

B: So now you are going to throw dirt on it? hihihi

Words are a trip. We have these brand new phrases like social distancing. Part of our paradigm and lexicon. Isolation seems to be becoming into social norms and it used to be just for us wanna be composing artists or recluses. Now everyone is in on the act. I hear some do not like it.

F: What is your favorite part about staying home?

B: I don’t know. Maybe more time with mommy, she really is much nicer. I know that is not so good to say but she is not so ridged and she laughs a whole lot more. I caught her trying to do work though, even though they kicked her out of work. She is like me and gaming, she just can’t help it.

F: I reckon we will look back on this time with fondness. Hard to see it now but I can see the long game.

B: Ya, I am with you and I understand, like the hike in the Grand Canyon was really hard but I won’t forget how much fun it was.


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