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The Dangers of Teen Drinking

Updated on February 28, 2008

Is teenage drinking a problem?

A lot of parents think it is a normal part of growing up for teenagers to drink. Some parents even allow their teenagers to drink once in a while as long as they do it at home. When we think about alcoholism, we tend to think about adults binging, not kids experimenting. Even television shows and movies show how normal it is for teenagers to drink—at parties, with friends, or just hanging out.

The truth is that teenagers are still developing physically, and are highly susceptible to developing alcohol dependence problems. We know that drinking alcohol impairs everyone’s judgment. But teenagers who drink are hit especially hard because the last part of the adolescent brain to develop involves areas of judgment and restraint. As well, alcohol can permanently affect a teen’s developing brain.

Video - Underage Drinking: Not a Minor Problem

"Choices" Underage Drinking

What’s the harm of a beer or two?

Teens aren’t just drinking a beer every once in awhile—in fact, of those who are drinking, many are binge drinking. According to a study release in 2007 by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, teenagers prefer hard alcohol to other kinds of alcoholic beverages.

Liquor is easier to disguise because you can pour it into another drink, as opposed to drinking beer. It is easier for teenagers to sneak hard alcohol from their parents because it is harder to spot some missing vodka out of a bottle than it is to notice that entire bottles of beer have disappeared. As well, younger drinkers might prefer the taste of mixed drinks to beer. There is also the idea of “feeling it faster” when you drink hard alcohol. Teenagers drink to get drunk.

Your Teen’s Impaired Judgment

Allowing your children, and their friends, to drink in your home might make you feel as though you are limiting and controlling your teen’s experimentation, but the same physical harm is occurring as if the drinking happened without your knowledge. Since you are supervising the situation, you can stop anyone from driving or making other poor judgment choices at the time. But what happens when your teen is drinking outside of the home?

First of all, you aren’t there to make sure bad decisions aren’t made. The list of things that could happen is endless, but here are a few:

Drinking and Driving: Even if your kid knows that it isn’t safe to drink and drive, impaired judgment could enable your teen to get behind the wheel after “a few drinks.” Most people, teens included, know when they are ridiculously drunk, but not everyone realizes when they’ve passed into the buzzed feeling. But buzzed driving is drunk driving.

Riding with Drunk Drivers: Maybe your teen isn’t the one getting behind the wheel, but a drinking teenager doesn’t have the capacity to judge whether a friend can safely drive or not. Your kid has just as much risk of being in a serious, even fatal, accident from riding in the car with someone who has been drinking as if they were behind the wheel themselves.

Sex: Alcohol impaired teenagers give into peer pressure a lot easier than those who haven’t been drinking. As well, people who are drinking tend to do a lot of things they wouldn’t usually do. Not only might your teen end up having sex, but the chances of correctly practicing safe sex when alcohol is involved plummets.

Smoking & Drugs: Along the same lines of teens doing things they wouldn’t normally do if they weren’t drinking, is the fact that your kid might decide to try something new while under the influence of alcohol. From starting to smoke, which is very addictive, to trying illegal drugs, like marijuana or even Meth, drinking can be a portal to trying out other things.

Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving - Commercial

Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl

Drinking is Cool

Teenagers, and even children, see drinking portrayed as a normal thing that cool people do. Popular television shows, like the current hit Gossip Girl, show teenagers drinking alcohol and engaging in sexual activities on almost every episode. Movies like American Pie. Dazed and Confused, Sixteen Candles, Crazy/Beautiful, and Eurotrip (just to name a few) show teens drinking, and often getting out of control.

These movies tend to have happy endings, or are even funny, but imagine your teens actually out in the world doing these things.

What Do You Do?

Communicating with your teen is very important—talk to your kids about the effects of alcohol. Sure, you don’t want to be the stodgy, uncool parent, but you aren’t trying to tell your kids they can’t or shouldn’t drink ever. You simply need to make it clear that it is not safe for a teenager to drink alcohol because no matter how grown up teenagers feel, their bodies and minds are still developing.

Be aware of what your kids are doing, where they are, and who they are with. Strict parents get a bad rep, but the strict parents are the ones who know what is going on in the lives of their kids.


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    • profile image

      Alicia 16 5 years ago

      I had my first drink when I was 12 and it was under peer pressure and I smoked too. I hung out with older people and I regret it alot because with that I made a lot more mistakes leading on and my friends did the same things and they kind of lead me too. And then I met a boy who was okay with smoking, sex and drinking and we had a lot in common. I ended up losing my virginity when I was 14. I had a good home life, and my parents are the best. But I wish they told me the effects of drinking and how it socially impacts a person. But I haven't drinked or smoked since I lost my virginity.

      Also if my parents let me drink at home I think I'd do it more often really because since my parents were okay with it, then it's an okay thing to do. But it isn't.

      Drinking changed my life and I do regret it. We all think we're mature and at our best but we all still need to learn.

    • profile image

      Nope. 6 years ago

      It really depends on a lot of factors. Mainly what kind of person the teen is and what kind of household they live in.

      My first drink was the result of peer pressure. I don't regret it. I kept control of myself easily because I knew not to go past the point where I couldn't make my own choices.

      They say people who live with alcoholics are likely to become alcoholics after trying drinking.

      My dad is an alcoholic and I haven't become one.

      It's been around 4-5 months since I last drank. When I did drink, it was a glass of vodka & soda. Average drink. Enough for me to feel it, but not to the point where I ever thought I'd lose control.

      This is where the type of person comes in. If you're the type that can LISTEN to your conscience when it tells you to stop, you're fine. If you're the type that wants to defy it at all costs, you're obviously going to have some issues.

      It's not just teens either. Look at the rolemodels. Teens follow their rolemodels which are adults.

      Adults are the ones who lost the control first. Teens followed the set example. Now I'm not saying all teens follow what they see, it's just a psychology thing. They see their rolemodel partake in something that turns out okay, and then they think the same will go for them. This is where consequences are usually overlooked. 'It went well for them, so it will probably go well for me.'

      Alcohol leading to drugs?

      Absolutely not. I would never do drugs. I can't even count how many times I've been offered drugs and refused. People wonder why I don't just accept and do it.

      Well, that's simple. I don't want to. I don't care what affect it has, I simply don't care to try it.

      Stereotypes are based on one set of things. This one is based on teens, drinking, drugs, and irresponsiblity.

      It shouldn't be that way. Everyone is different. If you want an accurate article, either change the title to 'The POTENTIAL Dangers of Teen Drinking', or add in all factors that belong to such stereotypes.

      One word can make a world of difference.

      If you don't know what I mean by 'all the factors', then here:

      Drinking dangers can vary from person to person based on...

      Personality, age, willingness, maturity (mental), home environment, parental figures, parental personality, method of how they were raised, what is allowed and what is not allowed to a teen, who they hang out with, how easily they give in, what mood they are in, past traumas, acceptance (form of peer pressure), mental state at the time (depressed, manic, normal, etc.), what drinks are available, amount of stress teen is experiencing (presently or repeatedly thinking about something they are worried about), etc., etc., etc.

      There are just too many factors for a person to write a quick and accurate article on this topic.

      Had you not gone by average standard when the article is going for all, the article would have been considered as correct.

      [Excuse any typos or errors. I'm using a mobile device to type this. It probably seems a bit biased too, but that's only because I'm a teen myself. 16.

      Though it's a little biased, there are some definite facts there that really cannot be overlooked.]

    • profile image

      chris 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Hayley. 6 years ago

      Your dumb. If you think just because you live "once" you need to drink, that's just sad. Yeah, it is your choice if you want to mess up your life!

    • profile image

      Zxzxz 6 years ago

      I think it's our chose because we only ever live once and if you want to drink when your a teen then do it it's your life and after all 'now' only ever comes once!

    • profile image

      teenagerpartier 6 years ago

      I decided not to have a sweet 16 party in 5 years because if my dad sees any if my friends drinking beer or drunk he will never let me hang out with or see him or her ever again

    • profile image

      Slickstandler 6 years ago

      I say that 1 or 2 beers is ok for a teen to have but to get drunk is unacceptable. I am 19 years old and I started drinking when I was 14 years old. I started smoking cigerettes and marajuna when I was 15. I dropped out of high school (9th) grade because I wanted to drink instead. I have been clean since I was 18 years old. Alcohol or beer is not good for the average teen, I should know I also have a son who is 2 years old because once again I was drinking. It messes with the teens head and makes them not think straight. This matter weather drinking should be for teens or not shouldn't be allowed until there brains are fully developed. A beer or 2 every now and than wont hurt but getting buzzed or drunk will effect a teenager. If you feel pure pressure there is only one thing to do tell them you don't want to do it and WALK AWAY. I cannot stress how badly alcohol will hurt a teen when getting buzzed or drunk. It's effected my life majorly and I now wish I never started until 21.

    • profile image

      amylouise 6 years ago

      i cant actully remember the 1st time i got drunk but my mother tells me i was 3years old. she was making christmas dinner and i was sat on the side watching her but every time she turned her back i had a drink of her wine she never realised until id drank half of bottle and fell asleep face first in my lovely dinner...

    • profile image

      hard drinker 6 years ago

      fatboy i totally agree i love to drink and get drunk and i think there is nothing wrong with it

    • profile image

      fatboy 6 years ago

      look every one under aged drinking is completely fine i do it all the time so what its not good for you all teens know that and they all know to say no but they all so know not to do it but we do not care its good for u

    • profile image

      isa 6 years ago

      Not true. I am 18 and have been drinking since 15 and nothing has happened to me (legal drinking age in my country is 18). I am a straight A+ student, just got accepted into Cornell University, I have never done drugs, never had premarital sex, never been in a car accident, never even smoked a cigarette. i don't think alcohol is the problem, i think your kids are the problem. Raise them well and even under the influence of alcohol they will make good decisions. Believe me.

    • profile image

      tequila loesch 6 years ago

      I think the talk about drinking is very important. My mom says that I can have my first taste of wine when I turn 16. but i know that she would want me to do it at home and im okay with that.but kids should not drink at all!.:)

    • profile image

      ashley 6 years ago

      I think that the age for drinking should be raise to 25 because that is when i think you are resonsable

    • profile image

      Elīza 6 years ago

      I think that it's normal to get drunk and smoke.When I was young I had parties every week.We drinked,smoked and there was even drugs.Everybody learned very good at school and we didn't skip any classes.I think it's normal

    • profile image

      ptmarie 6 years ago

      hey i know this is an old post but i just wanted to say that im an under age drinker but my mom an dad thought me well i only drink a very small amount (one or two wine coolers a night)and i started drinking around 10 my mom caught me and told me it as alright as long as i stayed home and had a very small amount ive had a very good influence on my friends to most of them (90% probably) don't drink more than 3 or 4 beers at a party and after my mom died after being hit by a drunk driver none of them go into vehicles and always have some one sober to walk home with if they have had to much to drink i will usually have my granddad come pick us up and take them home (to there parents) and i think that if teens have a good influence on drinking it can help them and studies show that a little bit of alcohol can actually be good for you

    • profile image

      jenny 6 years ago

      I had a little bit of alcahol cuz it was my brothers 18th bday but i only took a tiny sip (like a teaspoon). And in my aunts anniversary i had alcahol accidently - i thought it was cola or something, i only took a sip btw and then stopped cuz i realised it was not koke. Would this make a big impact or something ? im only 15 ?

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      It's not such a problem if you're responsible and know dangers and stuff bt if you have no clue how much to drink and you drink wayy too much then that's bad espesly when you're young... A tip th don't go drinking at a skate park cuz last time I slipped down a ramp cuz it was wet and got grazed all down me back...hahaha maybe a bit to much that time!!!

    • profile image

      samy 6 years ago

      hi and all i liked to say is parents who are out there and read this is tha,t it doesn't matter how strict you are towards you kids/teens.If you don't give them that bit of freedom or independence-trusting them to be responable then it would make them more tempted for them do things or even try things they never tried before! so all im saying is that i think you should let them grow up and let them have that bit freedom or they jus eventually find something to do,that will make them selve happy like drinking is one! (this from personal experince and i am 15.)

    • profile image

      christian medley 6 years ago

      i drink all the time and it don't bother me but if its a problem il stop i don't see wats wrong

    • profile image

      Ruby 6 years ago

      Hahaha, wow. This is old, and I'm going to comment.

      I've noticed that going down the comments, the people saying they drink have been decreasing in age. That's interesting~

      I'm 13 and there is no way in hell that I drink. I don't want to. I personally think that most alcohol is just disgusting. The only alcohol that I would consider drinking when I'm old enough would be champagne. Then again, I probably wouldn't because non alcoholic champagne is sweeter and I have a sweet tooth~

      Yeah. I think its a bit silly for people to think that drinking is okay when you are so young. It scares me to think that there are people my age in my school who drink alcohol like lemonade and talk about drugs like candy.

      Anyway, of coarse having small amounts is fine when you are older (like 16-17). But not a lot. Because das ich nicht gut. (German :D)

      Yay~ that was my opinion for ya.

      ...Go Australia! (Secretly we are very intelligent)

    • profile image

      Jaay Meads 6 years ago

      I Got A Drinking Party This Weekend And I Only Thirteen Its Not Cause I Think Im Kool Its Just That I Love Spending Time Wiv Mates But It The Only Way I Can Spend Time That Is Fun.

    • profile image

      Andrew 6 years ago

      jeez, im 11 and get wasted on saturdays and at partys every week, im definitely gonna think twice before drinking and explain the problems that drinking can cause to my friends, drinking in kids and even adults is a problem here in scotland:/

    • profile image

      Vorry 6 years ago

      I didn't realise what could happen... I'm only 13 and I go out with my friends and drink vodica and alot once a week I don't really want to but I feel I'm pressured into it. I'm scared they will hurt me If I refuse or even spread rumers

    • profile image

      EdandWillow 6 years ago

      Hey, we are teens that found this site. we think that having this site open for us to look at is great, but not when you tear down other people's statements. I also think that some of you need to invest in spell check or a dictionary. thank you, we have an opinion on this topic. we believe that if you are old enough to die for your country then you are also allowed to make decisions on drinking. It should be up to each parent to discipline their child as they see fit. if drinking is involved you need the other parents written permission. and just so everyone is fully aware, if you are letting a minor drink, it is illegal.


      3 concerned students

    • profile image

      ANewConservative 6 years ago from Chicago

      I can refute every statement you make for hours in a comment, but if its all the same, I think I'm just going to tell everyone who see's this to check out my own hub titled "Why I Condone Teen Drinking" (and before anyone says I'm just promoting myself, I'm not. the hub lacks ads and I'm only saying to go to it because I don't want to have to re-write everything I just wrote yesterday)

    • profile image

      Me of course 6 years ago

      Well, I think that some of the things in here are bullshit, and what's up with the "cat" fight at the beginning of the comments?

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      This is just stupid. Have you ever heard that the forbidden fruit is the tastiest? Of course underage people drink and abuse of it, they're not taught by school the effects that alchol has in them and don't know how to control themselves.Instead of scaring young people from drinking alchol teach them how to drink and lower the drinking age law! It makes no sense in a contry so called "free". At 18 you can go to Iraq, fight and die for your country, sign contracts, be considered independent and vote but you're not adult enough to drink or feel the pleasure of a cold beer. Underage drinking (abusive of course) is as dangerous as it is for someone who's 21 or over! And forbidding under 21's from entering bars is the stupidest thing about this... Does entering a bar make you drunk or be in danger of being killed? I've heard of second-hand smoking, but not second-hand drinking or drunkness. I'm sorry, but this makes no sense whatsoever. Lay your eyes over Europe and compare happiness levels. USA is one of the least happy countries in the world and I bet this is one of the things that underage people, who like me have the guts to say this, are most unhappy with.

    • profile image

      bob hemwet 6 years ago

      I never tought drinking can do all that.Over all I will talk with my teenager about this I am lucky to find this sight.

    • profile image

      matt 6 years ago

      im a teen myself, and i noticed since my parents never let me drink. wanted me to drink even more once i started college and was on my own and couldn't handle it like others.

    • ChristinCordle12 profile image

      ChristinCordle12 6 years ago

      Great hub. Teens must be aware of the good and bad things of teen drinking.

    • profile image

      tim 7 years ago

      that you get dizzy it may be for some people

    • funmontrealgirl profile image

      funmontrealgirl 7 years ago from Montreal

      Cool Hub. Salient points.

    • profile image

      dm 7 years ago

      anyone who thinks teen drinking is okay doesn't deserve the freedom to do so in the first place

    • profile image

      amy 7 years ago

      i never had my first drink until i was of legal age even if all my friends were doing it, it all really just depends on the child.

    • profile image

      Jeff 7 years ago

      I was involved in a terrible crash when I was in the 11th grade. I was the only survivor, two of my good friends died in the crash. Also one week prior the the crash I was in we lost another good friend at a graduation party. She was hit by a car when she was crossing the road. Both these horrific tragedies were

      alcohol related (Teens Drinking)I am now traveling around the country speaking to schools about the choices we make. Checkout my web site, I do not preach to kids about do not ever drink. I know most kids are going to try alcohol in there young lives. What I try to get through to them is to make the right choices in life.

      My web site is ( it

      out and let me know what you think! I am now trying to have my fallen friends save people through my voice!

    • profile image

      Pippa 7 years ago

      okay, i see where everyone is coming from, but, Donna, ARE U SERIOUS? I am a teenager myself, and whether u like i tor not, your children will do stuff behind your back. Aslong as they weren't hammered, i don't think calling the police was nessesary. I went to a school where some of my friends and peers brought alcohol to a school trip. We were all 13 years old at the time... just imagine what your 17 year old has done

      I think that parents should have a firm hand on their kids, but use a little reverse psychology oon them. They'll probs just keep using alcohhol to piss u off because they think they're badas*es, then become alcoholics because they're always po-d.

      Like, in gr.2 we got to drink un-blessed wine at church to prepare for first communion. so get over yourself

    • profile image

      Sammy 7 years ago

      Hey people.

      A view from Australia here...

      There are often house parties around where people get absolutely wasted, and get into bad situations - the most recent only two weeks ago, where an 18 year old lost his life to a bad decision due to his impaired judgement affected by alcohol.

      I am 16 years of age, have a well paying job and attend school, where I get above average marks. I very rarely drink and have never been 'drunk' before. I feel able to talk to my parents about my activities, and feel that I am old enough to make good decisions when it comes to things like alcohol.

      The place where we drink is in a mates house, 8 of us at most, and usually playing guitar hero..... :). I feel that small groups of close friends are perfect places to drink and get drunk, but not ridiculously wasted. Society needs and is, becoming more aware of teen drinking. I am allowed to drink, and I also tell my parents when I have been drinking, as my upbringing thus far has given me a good judgement of when enough is enough. Parents need to let their children try alcohol on request, when they feel their child is old enough. 14 is too young in my personal opinion.

      I think that the main problem is binge drinking. This is often caused by strict parents who let their child have no alcohol while supervised, thus creating the feeling of 'it's cool because we shouldn't be doing it'. Parents need to teach their children from a young age about the effects of alcohol and how damaging it can be, and then let them try drinking at home, under strict supervision.

      Also, I think it's sad how most Facebook status are 'should I get smazheddd dis weeknd???' I mean, there is more to life than that!

      Just my opinion :).


    • profile image

      CJ 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Donna 7 years ago

      I am sooo glad the Misha does not live near me and my fact mt 17 year old did drink last weekend at an adults house with the permission of said adult. The police are on the way to his job even as we speak to arrest him. Am I the only one who remembers that it is illegal as well as one of the stupidist choices an adult can make? This adult begged me not to have him arrested, he would lose his job, his house, his wife and child....can you believe that he actually wanted me to consider his child when he never considered the safety of my child....

    • profile image

      hales 7 years ago

      whatever! i myself am also a teenager...but i think that teenage drinking SHOULD be ban it is too troublesome and it just so happens that im writing an article about teenage drinking and i found good info..BTW i like the debate of stacie and misha very interesting =)

    • eventsyoudesign profile image

      eventsyoudesign 7 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

      Great Article. Not only is drinking detrimental to teens, as a parent who allows this behavior you put yourself at risk of being arrested for promoting under age drinking.

      My sons' drug of choice was pot. He was predestined to mental illness. We dealt with his addiction to pot for many years and spent a lot of money in the court system and on programs for addiction. Yes, he had an addiction. He cared nothing for alcohol, but pot, that was another story. The point I am trying to make is this. His under-developed mind was affected by the pot smoking and hastened the on-set of his mental illness. Teen drinking is serious.

    • profile image

      dawn 7 years ago

      I have a teenage son who has from time to time asked for a beverage. i have allowed him the occasional sip here and there. Lets face it most of his friends r etting smashed all the time behind there parents backs. We have discussed at length the effects of drinking. But recently my child was away from me for alittle over an hour and returned hammered. This child of mine that i veiwed pretty responsiable and on many occasions helped his friends out when they decided to drink to much. He was throwing up and couldn't so much as stand. As he proceeded to vomitt his eyes rolled into the back of his head he turned a yellow color and his body was deadwieght. We rushed him into a shower still vomitting,choking ,gasping for air and wouldn't allow him to blackout while we waited for an ambulance. He was rushed to the hospital attached to ivs made to puck drug tested and had a large amount of blood drawn to reveal that MY SON had a .43 alcohol level. Which for you teens means coma possiable death. i was floored i didn't know where the drinks he had came from nor did i know if they had been tampered with. I was scared for my childs life. This is called bing drinking and from what i was told from the hospital this is the new thing for younger teens. They consume mass amounts in such little time their bodys don't have time to absorb it. When the alcohol does get to them they are at high alcohol levels causing a danger zone. I am typing this in hopes that teens read this and go holy shit if i choose to drink pass m self your not suppose to consume more than 1 bevergae in less that 7 min apart minimum. As well for adults to be aware that this is a new fad and be aware i almost lost my son in 1hr and 5min that he was out of my sights.

    • profile image

      B. 7 years ago

      @ Caleb - I completely agree with you. I am a Canadian girl, so the U.S. drinking age of 21 doesn't apply to me, but I do agree that's it's quite unreasonable that young adults are permitted to go to war at 18 but are not allowed to legally drink until they are 21. I think this sends a very hypocritical message to Americans because it's basically stating that "You are deemed responsible enough to fight for the freedom of your country as an adult but yet you are not deemed responsible enough to consume alcohol as an adult." This seems to be a very controversial issue and I'm glad someone elaborated on this point.

      @ Tilly - We're very close in age and I agree with all of the points that you have made, we really seem to be on the same page about this issue. =)

      As I mentioned, I live in Canada; the province of Alberta, to be more specific and here the legal drinking age is 18 - as it should be. I am 15 years old, an honor student, as well as a moderate drinker. Believe it or not, the two characteristics can co-exist. In my household I am permitted to drink both at home and out with friends, within reason of course, because my parents obviously would not want me to get so drunk that I became incapacitated and/or unconscious and was not able to control myself. My parents and I have excellent commuincation; when I go out to party with my friends I always send them texts or phone them and let them know when I'll be drinking, my location and who's going to transport me home when the party's over. If I or my friends can't find rides/drive home for whatever reason, my parents are more than willing to drive all of us home or offer my friends a safe place to stay until they sober up, or overnight if allowed. As Tilly mentioned, it is quite simple to pick out who is and isn't allowed to drink when at parties. Those who are permitted to drink are usually found enjoying their beverages at a slow, steady pace and having a good time chatting with friends whereas those who are not are the ones that are found binge-drinking, stumbling and falling, puking in the washrooms, or passed out on the host's couch. I have a few friends who are not allowed to drink that have snuck out, gotten dangerously wasted and ended up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning because of their lack of experience with alcohol. Because of my parents' guidance and advice on responsible drinking, I have not gotten into any trouble with the law, been in any accidents, became a victim of any assaults, I'm not pregnant and I certainly am not an alcoholic. I do not display unsatisfactory grades or violence issues and believe that my judgement and reasoning is admirable for my "tender age." The only problems I've ever faced with this issue is complaints from the parents of some of my peers that to put lightly, do not share the same views on the issue. This is fine with me as I do not aim to please everyone and realize that there are many different opinions and styles of parenting out there but I do not believe that those parents should lock their teens up in their rooms and throw away the keys. Experience to the many aspects of life originate from exposure, not merely education. You can go to the library and read all the books you want about driving a car, for example, but will never fully understand how to drive safely and responsibly until you actually get behind the wheel and practice.

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 8 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Great Hub and a lot of Good info. In today's day and age peer pressure is one part of teen drinking as well as when children are young and see their own parents drink alcohol in front of them giving the impression that it is okay for them also.

    • profile image

      ~Danah~  8 years ago

      I went in this place with some friends found some beer in a tent so i started to drink after a few i went comepleatly mad i was spaced i was falling all around the place i even smoked and kissing a boy and i already have a boyfriend and i cheated on him and wish i didn't he doesn't even know about me cheating on him but he knows i was drinking ! And today i told him that i had a HangOver my mum and dad texted me to meet them up at the shop so i did but my friend came with me my mum and dad found out and they brang me home it wasn't the only time i ever got drunk !I regret doing this and i just wish i had never done it in the first place !And now i have a HangOver for one and a half days now and i can hardly eat but i feel a bit better now i wouldn't of even done this but only it was the '' Rory Gallagher Festival '' ! I was drinking the privous night to !

    • profile image

      Amanda  8 years ago

      not goood :P

    • profile image

      bj 8 years ago

      i dnt like u

    • profile image

      sherry 8 years ago

      i think that teen drinking is violent it is stupid I hope that adults understand that drinking can effect teens health .I hope who ever read this understands that this is DANGORES

    • profile image

      Custom Gates 8 years ago

      Base on my research more than 8 percent of 8th graders, 16 percent of sophomores, and 24 percent of seniors report recent binge drinking (5+ drinks on the same occasion).

      Statistics show that the majority of current teen drinkers got drunk in the previous month. That includes 50 percent of the high school sophomores who drink and 65 percent of the high school seniors who drink.

      Underage drinking is linked to injury and risky behavior.

      According to the U.S. Surgeon General, about 5,000 kids under 21 die every year as a result of underage drinking – from crashes, homicides, and suicides. Teens that drink also are at risk for a long list of other injuries and potential life-long alcohol abuse. Reducing underage drinking can reduce drinking-related harm.

    • fits4life profile image

      Cherri Brown-Jett 8 years ago from Richmond

      It is nice to raise children to grow up and be able to take care of themselves. This includes being able to make good decisions about their health. I feel if parents teach being healthy in mind, body, and soul, then anyone child can make a decision on becoming unhealthy.

    • profile image

      Tilly 8 years ago

      Hold on a second...

      Okay, I AM actually a teenager myself, so I may be biased. I'm sixteen.

      I just think that a lot of the problem can be put down to parents telling their kids that they aren't allowed to drink. As an example, the other day, me and a few of my friends had a VERY small 'party'. Most of our parents allow us to drink both in and out of the house, with an attitude of 'I don't mind if you drink, just don't get completely wasted and to a state where you don't feel that you're capable of controlling yourself'. In fact, a lot of our parents, if we ask them to, will buy us a bottle of cider if we're going out, which we'll share. At this party there was one girl who's mother doesn't let her come out at night with us and refuses to allow to drink out of her sight, and it was that girl who was downing the bottle of vodka and the rest of us who were slowly drinking wine.

      Also, I live in England, where (it seems to me) parents are a lot more relaxed about drinking than they are in America. Thinking about this, my friend (who is my age and has lived in San Francisco for the past five years and came to stay with us in september) says that American teens view alcohol as something 'cool' if they drink it, and tend to seek it out more. In England, it is much more of a casual thing, which may or may not be a bad idea, but from my wide and diverse group of friends you can clearly see who is 'allowed' to drink and who is not - the kids who are passed out on the floor or being sick in the loos are the ones who's parents have forbidden alcohol, the ones who are drunk but stable, in control and safely waiting outside for their parents to pick them up are the ones who's parents allow it.

      I also think that if a kid is not allowed to drink alcohol but does (which is probably very likely) then, when out drinking, they are less safe than those who are allowed. If you got into a situation where you were unsafe, you would be a lot less likely to phone your parents if you thought that they were going to punish you for drinking.

      I don't think that alcohol DOES lead to smoking and taking drugs, necessarily. I think that if you are in a situation where other people are smoking (say, a night club or a pub) then you are just as likely to have a cigarette if you are drunk or sober - particularly if intoxication is not a novelty event for you. Also, it is possible, maybe even probable, that you will take drugs under the influence of alcohol, but I also think that that can be pinned down to the maturity of the teen in question - alcohol does not render you devoid of all sense, although many will argue that it does when trying to explain their drug-taking to their parents.

      Alcohol IS bad for you, but I don't think that laws stopping young people from drinking it is the answer. Sneaking around trying to get hold of alcohol is part of the 'coolness' of it - people brag if they have managed to secure a bottle of vodka, and alcohol shouldn't be viewed as something that special and important. For me and my friends, it is nothing special - we can get hold of it easily and we can drink it whenever we want to, and so we feel able to say no if we don't feel like drinking. We go out for the night and DON'T drink almost as much as we go out and drink, as we don't feel scared that this might be the last time that we can get hold of booze for a few months. We aren't pressured into drinking as our friends, who are in similar situations, all do the same thing. The people who are rarely allowed to drink are the ones you see stumbling around outside nightclubs and throwing up on the side of the street.

      Teenagers need to be given a lot more respect and independence - if allowed to be in control of their own lives then they can do it pretty well. If they are cooped up and protected from certain situations their whole lives, when they are allowed to do what they like, when they like they will go crazy - frat parties, for example. In England, it is 6th form students (16-18) who are the ones going wild, not university students, who are adults and should be acting like them.

    • ScriboGero profile image

      ScriboGero 8 years ago from Fredericksburg

      Nice hub. Good info!

    • Madison22 profile image

      Madison 8 years ago from NYC

      Hi Stacie, thank you for sharing a good hub on such an important issue. One that can never be emphasized enough.

    • Mortgagestar1 profile image

      Mortgagestar1 8 years ago from Weirton,West Virginia

      I was watch a late night talk show with the former Sienfeld Show actor, Jason Alexander. He was telling a story when he was back in college and while the wild drinking parties had most everyone passed out, he would take liberties of the girls passed out! Yeah, he was actully bragging about it. Look at Roman Polanski. He drugged a 13 year old girl with a mickey drink then sodomized her. He was 44 at the time.

      We live in a violent and hedonist society and the no holds barred lifestyle of today is beyond control by a teen.

      What was shocking yesterday is mild today and the adrenaline like rush for something more dangerous is responsible for deaths and permanent damages. I can not even begin to list how many family and friends lost to alcohol from traffic to cirrosis. Teens simply do not have the physiology development nor are they wise enough to avoid alcohol's pittfalls.

    • ktps profile image

      ktps 8 years ago

      alot of teens think nothing will ever happen to them when they drink trust me i was one of them until i o.ded. i was drinking to have fun and then i woke up in the hospital . drinking is not funny its serious i grew up very fast from it but not only that i now know drinking will seriously hurt you..

    • wsp2469 profile image

      wsp2469 8 years ago from Alta Loma, Ca

      I think teen drinking is a problem if you are at a frat party and an underage girl seduces you. You better hope you have a best friend who is on the ball before you take her upstairs to your frat buddy's bedroom and give her what you both think she wants . . .uh . . . not that i am saying i am speaking from experience . . . then there is the daughter of someone I know who seems to handle her booze well enough but one night staggers in telling everyone at home she has throw up in her hair. . .

    • Caleb Anderson profile image

      Caleb Anderson 8 years ago

      I think teen drinking is a problem, but I also think that in the U.S. the drinking age needs to be brought back down to eighteen. Its not right that someone can go and die in a war, yet they can't take a drink. Just my opinion, nice hub.

    • profile image

      British Tea 9 years ago

      Over in England, drinking is out-of-control. Binge drinkning on a weekend has now became a mid-week thing too. Please can drink upto 40 pints of beer in 1 sitting.

    • LondonGirl profile image

      LondonGirl 9 years ago from London

      I think drinking at home is the best way to learn to be responsible around alcohol. It becomes just something to do in moderation, from time to time, instead of learning about it by drinking cheap cider behind the bike sheds.

    • profile image

      judith15 9 years ago

      ♥ =]


    • profile image

      amich 9 years ago

      One big problem with teen drinking is that the effects don't show up until years later - I did a lot of partying in my youth and never felt bad for it but I'm sure the niggles and headaches I get now are all to do with an unhealthy young adulthood.

    • kasparu profile image

      kasparu 9 years ago

      I have lived in the states for some years, and if there was something I tottally disagree on, in the american way of living, it's Alcohol and Teens. 21 to drink? That's nuts, I was blow out of my mind and shit drunk the first time when I was around 12-13, and my dad bought the alcohol for me. May seem very underage in american eyes. But that's how it is in most of the world. 21 IS JUST NUTS.

      It's unhealthy for kids? Ban McDonalds.

       I think the problem why un controlled drinking is such a big problem is because the drinking age is 21. It's excitening to be slighty on the wrong side of the law, plus there is no parental control, because most parents don't want it in their house. 

      We got a club here, for underages, it's like once every months, where they sell alcohol to 15 year olds, and the once in the bars are the parents, keeping an eye out for them. I think that is okay, same with drunk driving, if people were open about it, you parents could drive you to the party, and home again, instead of you had to sneak out, driver sober to the party, and shit dumb drunk home and hit the ditch. 

      And if law were changed, and parents allowed this, and helped their teenages to safe drinking, instead of banning it, I think it would work out just great. My brother is 14, his at a party almost every week, I drive him back and forth and only thing I demand is that there are someone responsible over 18 to make sure everyone is alright, that they don't go too crazy, and call me if my brother got alittle to much. 

      But I repect the strict laws in America, I just think the way to safer alcohol use by teens is not outlawing alcohol under 21, but instead make it open, make it public, and instead of them sneaking out, parents could by them alcohol instead that they think are a decent amount, drive them to a party, make sure that there is a parent or responsible grown up there, maybe you could even join the party you self, get closer to your kid. And then come pick you kid up, drive safely home.

       Alcohol is a part of the youth culture and no matter how much you ban and outlaw and restrict and such, I think young people will still find ways to get drunk, have fun, and hang out with friends.

      When US outlawed alcohol in the 1920s, people started to drink more then ever before, and more crime then ever before.

      And for the bad things that follows alcohol. Sex? Since when have that been bad? ;)

      I have learned that Alcohol does not equals = smoking, but then again, you have to be 18 to smoke, so it's cool, it's against the law, and teens like that stuff. And a smoke now and then, ain't bad, most teens knows it's bad for your health, and wouldn't start smoking, but some will and in my experience with friends, and my own experience with my parents, you can't stop you kid in smoking, you can tell him how bad it is and talk about it, but if they really want to smoke, they can easily do it behind you back and you would never know. Information.

      Alcohol in big quantities are bad. But studies shows that a moderat amount is good for you, especially wine.

      Drugs. I'm for cannabis, but strong drugs is a no go, and I'm sure that if your teen is raised right, and you have knocked it into their head enough times, they would not do Meth, Coke, Ampf, LSD, Heroin, Crack and the likes. Then again, they could get so drunk they have no idea, but then again, if theres parents to keep eye open, make sure they don't drink too much, and if someone takes drugs, it's quite easy to see and feel if you know the symptoms.

      I would say drinking with control is okay, not control by the government, but parental control, get invovled in you teens drinking habit. But it's illegal in US, so you can't really host parties for your teen and his/her friends without getting trouble. So talk to them, explain what alcohol really is, how to control it, what's theyr limits and make sure, absoulutly 100% sure, that they do NOT drive in a car with an influenced person behind the wheel.

    • Stacie Naczelnik profile image

      Stacie Naczelnik 10 years ago from Seattle

      Helena, the exact same thing happened to me in Reno with strawberry margaritas! The first one was virgin, second wasn't! I thought it tasted weird too, but my mom said I had to drink it. We found after I finished it that it wasn't virgin. I was about 10 or 11.

    • helenathegreat profile image

      helenathegreat 10 years ago from Manhattan

      Great hub. I have a brother who has just entered the age where kids are in danger of drinking, and I've been trying to keep lines of communication open with him. I'm undecided as to whether I should say, "Never drink, ever!" or encourage him to tell me no matter what or what. I have NO idea what I'll do when I have kids of my own!

      A funny story about kids drinking by accident, though:

      I was in the Caribbean with my family when I was about 7 and LOVED strawberry margheritas (virgin, obviously). I had one and asked my mom to order me another. She asked for "Another strawberry margherita" but didn't specify virgin, as she expected the waitress knew it was for me. Needless to say, this second one was NOT virgin.

      I told my parents that it tasted weird, and they said, "You don't have to drink it, but I'm not buying you another one."

      So I drank it. And passed out. And my parents were horrified when they realized what they had let me drink!! lol

    • Robyninga profile image

      Robyninga 10 years ago from Georgia

      Very informative. I have a teen, and she'll be driving next year. Will take all the help I can get! Thanks!

    • Stacie Naczelnik profile image

      Stacie Naczelnik 10 years ago from Seattle

      Thanks compu-smart. I think education is the most important part.

    • compu-smart profile image

      Compu-Smart 10 years ago from London UK

      Hi Stacie;)

      Very informative hub and interesting comments debate which i hope will highlight the seriousness of the problem regarding teens and drinking..

      Kids!! it's not clever drinking excessively! you have been warned!!

    • Stacie Naczelnik profile image

      Stacie Naczelnik 10 years ago from Seattle

      Okay, Misha. You can search for flaws, but I'm not talking about small amounts of alcohol in this article, so you won't be convincing me of anything by pointing these things out. Plus, I don't even know what you mean by small amounts--a sip? A glass? Of what? Half a glass of wine is way different than half a glass of whiskey.

    • Misha profile image

      Misha 10 years ago from DC Area

      We definitely agree to some extent :)

      As for research - I'm going to look for the flaws in a this report you linked me to. I am really sure that small occasional amounts of algohol cannot harm even baby, let alone teens. And I am sure the opposite cannot be honestly proven...

    • Stacie Naczelnik profile image

      Stacie Naczelnik 10 years ago from Seattle

      Honestly Misha, I think we really just misunderstand each other, but have the same basic ideas. When you teach your children about sex, do you show them how to do it? Or, do you teach them about it? Drinking is a bit different because it is acceptable for parents to drink with grown kids--emphasis on "grown"--not growing, or developing.

      I will send you info on studies--many of them I have printed copies of, so I can't send you links. Or, you could take the initiative and do some research yourself. But, here is a link I actually have on hand (I'm currently at work, so I don't have my bookmarked links):

    • Misha profile image

      Misha 10 years ago from DC Area

      Link me to those studies, please

      You again making assumptions on what my life experience is.

      And no, parents need to teach their kids HOW TO DRINK, not about drinking, those things are different ;)

    • Stacie Naczelnik profile image

      Stacie Naczelnik 10 years ago from Seattle

      Misha, we do differ on opinion. But we also differ on fact. How nice that you have the opinion that you "don't believe that reasonable consumption of alcohol damages physical health, no matter how young person is." However, scientific studies have shown that younger people who are still developing should not consume alcohol because it is damaging to their health.

      I'm not saying that parents should never teach their kids about drinking--that is as irresponsible as not teaching them about sex. What this article says is that allowing your teenagers to get drunk--anytime, whether in your home or not--is unacceptable. I am not talking about the occasional glass of wine on a special occasion. Just because you personally haven't witnessed or read about these things happening does not mean they aren't happening.

      I think we actually agree that parents NEED to teach their kids about drinking. That doesn't mean they should encourage them to actually drink until they are older. We teach our kids a lot of things, but don't expect them to really use these tools until they are adults.

      As well, it is one thing "to be sure" about stuff, but maybe do some research. I don't mean to be rude, but I didn't merely base this hub on my opinion--I based it on various statistics and studies I have read throughout the years.

    • Misha profile image

      Misha 10 years ago from DC Area


      I think I addressed the key problem related to your hub. I can state my opinion on other aspects that you touched on :)

      I don't believe that reasonable consumption of alcohol damages physical health, no matter how young person is.

      I do agree that unreasonable amounts of alcohol impair judgment - and it happens equally bad for 20 and 21 years old.

      I do believe that drinking and driving is a problem, but I am sure it is much less severe nowadays than, say, texting and driving, and is greatly exaggerated by MADD mothers.

      I agree that teens drink to get drunk - this cannot be avoided, but this could be greatly mitigated by parents teaching them to drink.

      Things like unsafe sex and drugs are caused by bad judgment, which is caused by getting too drunk, which is caused by the lack of drinking skills and the 'lure of the unattainable', which is caused by parents not teaching their kids to drink...

      Did I miss anything? ;)

    • Stacie Naczelnik profile image

      Stacie Naczelnik 10 years ago from Seattle

      Misha, once again you state that you disagree with me, but only address one area of what I discuss. Teenage drinking is a problem anytime it happens anywhere in the world. Whether parents let kids drink or not is different from teaching teenagers about the responsibility of drinking. However, alcohol is unhealthy for developing teenagers--whether it is legal, illegal, or allowed by parents.

      I was allowed to drink at home. But my children will be taught that drinking is okay, when you are ready for it--and 13, 15, or 17 might not be the right times if these kids aren't fully developed.

      Gamergirl, the whole "unattainable" thing is true. Although I was allowed to drink at home, it was a lot more fun to do outside of the home where I wasn't "allowed" to. At the same time, I wasn't taught how to drink safely.

    • gamergirl profile image

      Kiz 10 years ago from Antioch, TN

      I think you're partially right, Misha. If we stopped giving our children so much to want through the 'lure of the unattainable' approach, then perhaps they wouldn't get in so much trouble! ;)

    • Misha profile image

      Misha 10 years ago from DC Area

      LOL Stacie, this is one more area where our views are just the opposite.

      I strongly believe that most of the problems with underage drinking in US happen exactly because the majority of parents do not let their teens drink at home. When parents among other things teach their kids how to drink properly, kids adapt to "grown up" life much less painfully when time comes.

      I stop here, I just wanted to state I do disagree - for the record :)

    • Stacie Naczelnik profile image

      Stacie Naczelnik 10 years ago from Seattle

      Wendy, that was totally accidental! I bet you slept well. My younger brother was three when he got hold of the wine cooler my mom had left on the coffee table. My mom caught him drinking it, and he said he like how it tasted. Things happen, but this isn't the serious kind of drinking that is problematic for young people.

    • Wendy08 profile image

      Wendy08 10 years ago

       When I was a little girl around twelve I think, I had my first tasteof it! ACCIDENTLY

      Well I was a soda nutt then, and dad left some soda on the table. I couldn't resist. I took the cup of soda into the living room with my brother. I had a sip, I noticed it tasted funny then the usual Pepsi. I looked in the fridge to see if it was something new, it wasn't just the same ordinary one. So I kept drinkng it, then mty parents came in the kitchen. Then dad said "What happened to my soda?" Then mom came in the living room thinking it was there. "Nope, It's not here, John" then he came and saw I had his mug. He told mom, then told me,"Wendy, You drank Jack Daniels!" For the rest of the night I was giggly and fell asleep fast. I havn't touched a drop since.

      sorry I couldn't resist. =) good hub by the way. =D


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