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The Diaper Cake

Updated on March 25, 2016

Completed Diaper Cake

Completed Diaper Cake
Completed Diaper Cake
Close-Up View of the Completed Diaper Cake
Close-Up View of the Completed Diaper Cake

A Creative & Practical Baby Gift

Are you hosting an upcoming baby shower? Or, are you in need of a baby gift for a shower that you've been invited to attend? Well, then I'd recommend making a "diaper cake." This fun craft project took about an hour to complete. The end result was a practical baby gift that was a big hit with the mom-to-be!

What is a diaper cake? It's a completely useful, yet decorative gift. Just to be completely clear: it's not an edible cake. Instead, it's made out of rolled up diapers (tied with ribbons, so they can be used later). The rolled up diapers are tied together in layers-- like a cake. The "cake" is then decorated with baby stuff-- bibs, onesies, pacifiers, bottle brushes, plush toys, socks, etc. Be creative!


Assembly Instructions

What you'll need: infant diapers, string or ribbon, a round cardboard base (we cut ours out of the lid of a cardboard box), and lots of baby gear.

Step #1: Create the Bottom Layer

Begin by rolling the diapers and tying each one with a string. Once you've got a good stack, form a circle and tie another string around the group to hold it together. Continue adding rings until the circle is the desired width. This will form the bottom layer of your cake.

Step #2: Make 2-3 More Layers

We used three layers on our cake. If you'd like, you can create even more layers on your own. However, we found that the taller the cake became, the wider the base needed to be. You don't want your diaper cake to fall over!

Step #3: Stack Your Layers Together

Once you've created your layers, stack them on top of each other and then use string or ribbon to tie them together and attach them to your cardboard base (the cardboard helps hold the entire thing together).

Step #4: Decorate Your Cake!

Now you get to do the fun part: decorating the cake! Use additional string to attach the baby gear to the cake. We used a lot of different colored objects because they looked good in contrast to the white diapers. We also used a bottle brush as a cake topper. In addition to giving it that "finishing touch", the handle helped to hold the cake together.

As an added bonus, the "diaper cake" makes a great center piece for the baby shower!

Have you ever made a diaper cake?

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    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      I love the diaper cakes and have made a few for my pregnant friends in the past. Thanks for a useful hub.

    • Reprieve26 profile image

      Reprieve26 6 years ago from Oregon Coast

      LOL I'm always torn when it comes to baby showers too. It's a combo of "it could be fun" and "Do I have to go?" :)

      Yes, making a diaper cake is a LOT of fun. Plus, all of the "ingredients" are so useful-- especially for first time parents. It's the perfect "practical" gift, you know? ;)

    • Hyphenbird profile image

      Brenda Barnes 6 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

      these diaper cakes are really fun. we received a beautiful one. I love the idea of making one and will next time I am roped, I mean invited to a baby shower.

    • BigSerious profile image

      Christen Roberts Comer 7 years ago from Harrisburg, PA

      I loved my diaper cake made with receiving blankets, wash cloths, little rubber duckies, and cloth diapers for a newborn. It was really sweet and I didn't want to take it apart - but then the baby came. :) (Before I got it, I had never seen one before and was AMAZED).