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The Final Days of Babylon

Updated on August 13, 2010
You to can climb this mountain
You to can climb this mountain


This is a bible story for the ages,it really has no beginning or end, as long as there are humans left to participate.

One's plight begins at birth, the first cognisant moment that you remember anything here on earth. We all have the same beginning a warm cuddling sense of being, at least until that first smack on the rump is to let us know that were not here alone. Every step along the way until you finally get covered with a good Georgia red clay is filled with this very beginning.

Time nor origin plays any roll in the beginning or ending,only whats in between. Our first few years here on earth as a beginner mortal are filled with confusion and bliss. Our first moments of struggle to adhere to a lifestyle are stop, don't touch,open up its good for you, wake up, go to sleep now. Our parents teach us what they were taught, right or wrong we are but a Meir image of our instructors.

As we climb that tower we learn more and more about useless stuff and not enough about the basics of living life. There are so many doors to open and explore that we sometimes get lost in one room. Life is like multi room building filed with every conceivable thought and experience ever conceived here on earth. Its no wounder why it seems so easy for some us to stray from a predestined plan of life that is bestowed upon us by our parents.

We have made it to a new platform in life, were in our teens now and in full control or so we think. These are the years when we break our parents heart by going astray with our own ideas of life. This is a necessary evil for us to explore these avenues of opportunity in order to achieve the right direction for our lives to take. The older you get and more compassion that you earn, its kind of like compounding your money throughout your life until you need it the most.

Now we have traveled several more floors of life and as we Begin to realize how stupid we were in our teens. Boy things are going to be easier now, we have a good job a pretty wife ,two lovely kids and a faithful dog named Rex. We have put our faith in the lord as we have been instructed to believe in for all these years now and things are just like heaven.

As the grey hair starts to set in and wisdom is a new word in your vocabulary we think we can help others to figure out this mysterious place we call life. Our kids were raised right just ask my mother we did nothing wrong we gave them every thing we thought that they may need in life to succeed. I just understand what went wrong, its like they are of different parents and they just don't understand a thing that I tell them.

Now you Begin to see the whole picture but the end of the story only becomes clear upon your rebirth from this mortal place we call earth. The floors of life never mean the same thing to all of us hence the Tower of Babylon. When your life seems to be in the crapper and you see no possible future for yourself maybe you should ask yourself why. This is a new beginning for you and maybe one answer at a time will help you to achieve passage to the next floor.


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