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The Forgotten Children

Updated on January 9, 2019

What Happened to Lonzie Barton

In August of this year 2015, a toddler named Lonzie Barton disappeared in to the night. The mothers boy friend called 911 and told police his car had been stolen with the baby in it.

Lonzie's mother and her boyfriend were said to have been having sex while the child was in the bath tub and he drowned. Ebron the boyfriend took Lonzies body to a wooded area and dump his body and covered him with trash. By the time he confessed and told police where the body was it was too decayed to find out the cause of death. Ebron was sentenced to 20 years in prison and his mother 5 years after taking a plea deal to testify against her boyfriend.

For six months the child laid in the woods and was thrown there like a piece of garbage. His mother went to work that night knowing her child was dead and acted like nothing ever happened.

How can people like this be forgiven of their sins?

Barton and Ebron in Court

Eight-year-old Saros Endris and His Sister Leanor, Six,


Father Kills His Own Children By Setting The Car On Fire

Endris Mohammed, 47, was convicted of the murders of eight-year-old Saros Endris and his sister Leanor, six, at Birmingham Crowned Court.

He was also found guilty of trying to kill his wife, Penil Teklehaimanot, who was sleeping upstairs when he smothered their children at the family home.

Jurors heard Mohammed attempted to murder Ms Teklehaimanot by tampering with a gas pipe and setting fire to the property in Hamstead, Birmingham.

He then fled in his Uber taxi and drove 40 miles before trying to kill himself by setting the Vauxhall Insignia alight, an earlier court hearing was told.

Cassie Anthony

During the time that the entire world was so engrossed with the Casey Anthony trial, how we forgot about those children that no one will ever hear about.

A 13 year old child in Jacksonville, born with cerebral palsy, found starved to death by her mother, covered in lice, died soon after being taken to the hospital. Her mother was tired of taking care of her so she didn't feed her. No one will ever know her name.

A two year old boy thrown from a 10 story building by his mother because his father was trying to have sex with him but he will soon be forgotten.

A two day old baby's parents arrested at the hospital for trying to have sex with her at just two days old. She got a two minute story on the six o'clock news.

You see while the world had eyes fixed with hatred on Casey Anthony, no one remembered there were other children out there being abused and killed. No one cared about these kids that I listed above. No one could probably even name their killers because we all wanted one pathetic woman convicted.

One in four children are abused and that is a sad number. Each and every day there are many children who are starved to death, burned, beaten beyond recognition, sexually assaulted and only one of hundreds will ever make the news.

For all those forgotten children I am asking you to remember them and if you know of any child being abused please do not hesitate to tell someone. I asked a question on facebook one day that said "if you ever saw a handicapped person being mistreated what would you do". The answers I got were unforgiving: I would look the other way, it's none of my business, if I knew them I might say something but it would depend on the situation". Really??? This is how society treats people that are less fortunate than we are.

I will remember everyday these children and hope that abuse will stop and that we as a society will stop it. If you don't have the heart to help save a little one then how can you live your life with no regrets. Just askin people.

Most High Profiled Murder Cases

How Many Have to Die

Every day 5 children die from child abuse and neglect. 3.3 million cases a year land in the hands of children's protective services.

Maltreatment can take many forms, and some children can suffer from more than one type. Since 1999, the majority of children confirmed to be victims of child maltreatment experienced neglect. The following are the percentages of children who experienced maltreatment in 2005 (USDHHS, 2007):

Neglect 62.8%

Physical abuse16.6%

Sexual abuse9.3%

Emotional/psychological abuse7.1%

Medical neglect2.0%


The ‘Other’ category listed above includes abandonment, threats to harm the child, congenital drug addiction and other situations that are not counted as specific categories in NCANDS. The percentages here add up to more than 100 percent because some children were victims of more than one type of maltreatment.

How Can We Break the Cycle

You may know a neighbor who is abusing their child but you are afraid to say something. Please help that child. No child should have to die at the hands of a family member that is supposed to love them. 5 children per day is five too many. One child per day is too many. There is no child that should have to die on any day.

If you don't report it you are just as guilty as the person inflicting it. Yes I understand there is a difference between chastising a child and abusing a child. The old spare the rod and spoil the child comes in to play too often. These children today are so different then when I was growing up. They are disrespectful at a young age but its the parents who need to parent. Killing a child is not going to make every child conform to their parents wishes. All it is doing is filling prisons with men and women who should have never been parents. Every time a child is abused someone knows about it. Don't fail them report it.


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