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The Good, The Bad and the WONDERFUL about Grandma's!

Updated on September 26, 2014
Sallie Mullinger profile image

Sallie is a retired mother and grandmother who has written short stories for most of her life. Her stories are from her heart to yours.

"I never knew how much love a heart can hold until I became a Grandma"

Things You Hope You Never Hear Your Grandchild Say About You.

Why does Grandma smell funny?

How come she has to slobber all over me when she sees me?

Does Grandma always have to talk about the past and anyway...where is the “old country”?

What happened to Grandma's boobies?

Why are Grandma's hands so wrinkly and bony?

Where do Grandma's teeth go when they arent in her mouth?

Grandma's house smells like mothballs.

Grandma smells like mothballs.

Sometimes Grandma farts and then blames the dog/cat/me/grampa.

Has Grandma ALWAYS been old?

Was Grandma born with that white hair?

How come Grandma wears those funny looking shoes?

Why do I have to yell so that Grandma can hear me?

What's arthritis and why does Grandma have it all over her body?

Cant she walk any faster?

Why does Grandma take so many pills?

Did Grandma always snore?

Did she always sleep with her mouth hanging open like that?

Why does Grandma talk to herself?

And Then There Are The Things We Hope They Say

Grandma is funny.

Grandma gives the best hugs.

Sometimes Grandma holds me so tight I cant breathe, but I love it when she does.

Grandma always has the best candy and lets me have it when I visit.

Grandma is the best cook in the whole, wide world!

Grandma makes Christmas so much fun!

Grandma tells me stories of what it was like when she was a little girl.

Grandma likes it when I go to Church with her.

When I spend the night at Grandma's she tucks me in and tells me she loves me and to sleep tight and dont let the bedbugs bite.

Grandma cries when I do something she's really proud of.

I love when we go to Grandmas house in the summer and sit on the patio and talk and just be a family.

I remember being held in Grandmas arms and rocked to sleep.

I like it when Grandma and I watch TV and movies together and she laughs when shes supposed to.

Grandma acts silly sometimes. But only when no one but us kids are around.

I like it when Grandma makes brownies.

When I was little, I loved it when I fell asleep and she would pick me up and carry me to bed and cover me up and kiss me goodnight.

Grandma did pat a cake with me and itsy bitsy spider and when I got older, she let me drive her car.

Grandma looks pretty when shes dressed up and she smells good.

I love how Grandma wants to make sure that I remember our family history.

I love my Grandma's house because there are pictures of all my family everywhere.

Sometimes Grandma puts a plastic tablecloth on the living room floor and then orders pizza and we have a picnic and watch a DVD.

Grandma likes Bubble Guppies and Curious George and she watches baseball too.

At Grandma's house I find things that belonged to my Dad/Mom when he/she was a kid.

Sometimes Grandma comes to my games and cheers for my team.

Grandma sang weird songs to me when I was a baby that I didnt understand but always made me feel warm and loved.

I love to hear Grandma sing because she has a pretty voice.

Grandma loves the 4th of July and our family is always together for the parade and street fair and fireworks. Grandma cries when she hears the Star Spangled Banner.

When other kids are embarrassed by their grandma's I never am.

I like her garden and I like how hard she works to make it pretty.

Grandma has two toy drawers filled with little toys that are there for all us kids to play with when come over.

When a tornado came thru, Grandma put us in the bathtub and she got in with us and said prayers.

Grandma cries sometimes at Mass.

And Then One Day

I miss my Grandma.

I wish she were still here so that I could tell her how much I love her and tell her how much she taught me and how I know now that family is everything and without it, we are just passing thru life.

I wish I could share my life with her now that Im older and understand things better.

I wish she could have lived forever.....

Thank you, Grandma


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