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The Hidden Holocaust: Where are the 1,000 Missing Stranger-Abducted Children a Year?

Updated on July 5, 2018
Non-profit organization poster.
Non-profit organization poster.

Beneath the veneer of our comfortable American civilization, with the luxuries of unlimited access to everything from clean water to Chic-fil-A, a hidden sewer lies open shuttling human beings back and forth like pork sausages. These human beings at some point have no choice in the matter, making them slaves. That's what a slave is. Someone who has no choice in the matter.

But how big? Clean data is hard to come by, and some reports almost seem to deliberately obfuscate the problem. A commonly cited figure, based on an ancient 2002 US Department of Justice study, suggests that only around 115 children are abducted by strangers every year. However, that study imposed an arbitrary condition that the child has to be "transported 50 or more miles." This means that children kidnapped and killed within 49 miles were not entered into the data. It also begs the question: how would law enforcement determine if a child who is still missing has been transported more than 50 miles?

Nevertheless, there is plenty of data good enough to piece together a better picture. Reports of US missing children are, in recent times, never lower than 400,000 a year. Some estimates go as high as 800,000. Ninety-nine percent of them can immediately be thrown out, statistically, as runaways, non-custodial parent abductions, and "critically missing young adults ages 18- 20," according to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC).

That leaves one percent stranger abductions, a figure also cited by the NCMEC. One percent of US children reported missing, just vanished. Poof. Strangely enough, the nation's capitol for missing children is...the nation's capitol. Fairfax County, Virginia, a suburb of DC, ranks as having the highest per capita rate of missing children by a factor of 4-to-1. Not far behind Fairfax is Maryland, also proximate to DC.

One percent of the low-ball estimate of 400,000 kids makes 4,000. As young as infants. Even the DOJ study concurs that, of these, only half of the victims, if not found soon, are ever found alive. To be very conservative, arbitrarily divide the 4,000 by four, for one thousand. The Thousand Missing Stranger-Abducted Kids, every year, minimum. Many seemingly vaporized into thin air, as if they never existed, likely murdered and their remains never found.

But they did exist. The families may leave their rooms exactly as they were when they disappeared, no matter how long ago, quietly celebrate their birthdays. They are loved ones. They are you. They are me.

Never ask for Whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.

Sometimes, law enforcement is less than forthcoming about the methodologies behind their investigations, and some citizen researchers labeled "conspiracy theorists" maintain that some pedophile networks are protected and above the law.

The Thousand Missing Children. After the Dirty War, mothers of disappeared persons in Argentina began a movement to ask the question that no one dared raise. To seek accountability for political disappearances. Generals went to jail. Argentine society had determined to get to the bottom of an ugly truth, not hide from it.

Many of the children, it is strongly suspected, wind up as victims of human trafficking, an international trade now worth $150 billion per year in profits, according to the International Labour Organization. Two-thirds of this is commercial sexual exploitation. Another ominous factor is the rise of illegal organ harvesting, in which Mexico has emerged as a center of activity.

Right now in Arizona, a group of veterans, calling themselves Veterans on Patrol, is spearheading a charge against child traffickers operating over the Mexican border. They are doing what the Border Patrol should already have been doing, taking high ground and putting spotters on the coyote scouts, who sit on mountaintops with cellphones and CB radios to alert when there is Border Patrol in the area, so human and drug smugglers can avoid capture.

In the cat and mouse game that is the human and drug trafficking trade, the coyote scouts on high ground are the critical infrastructure, the eyes and ears of the cartels across thousands of square miles of desert.

"Veterans on Patrol" in Arizona running night missions to track down child traffickers.
"Veterans on Patrol" in Arizona running night missions to track down child traffickers. | Source

Veterans on Patrol is interested in one thing and one thing only: the children. It maintains a policy of leaving water stations in the desert alone. VOP is determined to stop the sex trafficking of children. At least in their own backyard, near Tucson, giving the project its name #BackyardBrawl.

Brawl is a word carefully chosen by VOP. If you are a child sex trafficker, we are hunting you. We are not passively observing and reporting. We are coming after you on boots pounding desert.

These are mostly fathers, or mothers, and this is very personal.

Add to the thousand missing US children who may be victims of sex trafficking, the number of children who get trafficked into the US - and it is a two-way highway, as experts will explain to you, kidnapped in the US getting trafficked out, and foreign kids getting trafficked in - and you're talking in the neighborhood of 8,000 children. That's according the the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Now we are talking thousands of kids a year, being used in the vilest manner for perverts with the money to pay for them.

As debate over family separation policy at the border remains in the headlines, one aspect of the problem which is rarely discussed is that often children are traveling with persons who are not their relatives, who may be getting trafficked into the US for sexual exploitation. Border-crossers are not in the habit of carrying full documentation to show who they are.

Veterans on Patrol's founder Lewis Arthur believes he is doing God's work. Many people agree. He receives donations of material support from across the country, but refuses, and will send back, money. Donations arrive in the forms of crates of water, boxes of flashlights, sunscreen, a twenty-person tent, a two-hundred dollar drone.

Will the US start it's own movement, to combat the worldwide problem, by taking the first step of calling for answers to the Missing Thousand? Once such movements begin, there is no stopping them.

RELATED: Hillary Violated State Department Policy to Get Convicted Child Trafficker Out of Haiti. Activist Found Dead.

Missing 1000 resource poster.
Missing 1000 resource poster.

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