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The Honest Company Diapers Bundle Coupon Code - Baby Diapers Discounts!

Updated on March 22, 2013
Honest Company Logo.
Honest Company Logo. | Source

The Honest Company is a baby service founded by Jessica Alba. The company offers natural products, such as diapers, wipes, laundry detergent and bath products for babies and children. The products are natural and biodegradable.

A nice thing about the Honest Company is they have a subscription service. You can get a bundle of diapers or cleaning supplies automatically delivered to your home every single month. The cost for a diaper bundle is about $80, which comes to $20 per week. This allows you to always have diapers and wipes on hand without having to worry about ordering more, since you automatically receive your shipment, via FedEx, every month.

Honest Company Bundle and Sizes

The sizes for the diapers are pretty standard. If you want to see how many diapers you get in a bundle, look at the image below. If you don't want to order an entire bundle but would instead like to order one package, you can see how many diapers each package includes.

Honest Company size chart.
Honest Company size chart. | Source

How to Cancel

If you find you don't like a bundle you've purchased, you cann their toll-free number to cancel your account. As of now, they do not offer cancellations through their website, so you are required to call and talk to a representative. However, they promise no high-pressure tactics, so canceling is easy.

What Honest Diapers Look Like


What I think

I've tried several Honest products, including the diapers. The diapers I tried were size 3 and pink hearts. They were tough and absorbed well. My 5 month old daughter sleeps 10 hours straight at night and they were absorbent enough to not leak. Usually, with Huggies and Pampers, she is soaking wet when she wakes up, but with the Honest Diapers, she was dry.

I like that they are environmentally friendly and do not contain harsh chemicals. When she wears them, she gets fewer rashes and her skin just generally seems less irritated.


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