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The Mind, darkness and light, what drives Man?

Updated on February 5, 2016

Light, youth and dreams.


The Mind, darkness and light, what drives Man?

Are we in control of the nature of our motives?

The Mind, darkness and light, what drives Man?
‎Could we create our reality through the world of our dreams?

Doc, the honourable Lawrance, please continue to explore all that drives the mind, darkness and light, who knows what treasures we might still discover?

What could be better than comfort?

‎What are we born for?

Why do our dreams perish?

What are the obstacles we face, on the road to comfort?
What is our support system?
Where does it all go wrong?
What is worth fighting for?
Is anything ever really ours?

‎How are we to protect our dreams?
How are we to nourish our dreams?
What are the images that drive our dreams?
Are we in control of the nature of our motives?

‎Is everything in our imagination a product of our universe?
Can any reality exist outside the realm of the universe?
Where does the story of creation begin?
Consciousness and motion?
From survival, eating to live.
Mating to reproduce.
Drinking water to quench a thirst.

Could it be that all souls are equal?

‎Is it divine intervention, perhaps the accumulation of knowledge?

‎Mankind learning to hunt by observersing ‎other animals in their natural habitat, the lion hunting the springbok.Then we made a bow a arrow and hunting rabbits, then we gained courage to hunt buck.

‎Then the sun is the symbol of fire.

‎Do you realising the intensity of the first man or woman to start the fire?That moment could have ignited the highest form of consciousness as we know.

‎‎So I ask has man stumbled on wisdom?

‎Is life the creation of God?

‎Is time a force of the universe, the heart beat of nature?

‎Is man wise, or has he evolved from the observation of the universe, and how nature the hunter and the hunted live and co exists?

There is so much good that has come from the accumulation of knowledge.The birth of wisdom.Education, ‎gave birth to technology, science, religion, morality.Choice is based on experience.

Yet pain.





Symbols of destruction, weapons that inflict pain on another, perceived to be a threat or victim.Knifes, guns, bombs, criminal syndicates.

Rape, that is a sin on the same scale as the day lucifer ‎was cast out of heaven, shame on you rapist. pathetic excuse for a man, you Devil, burn eternally in hell an Aybus called jail.

Prayer, meditation, mantras, yoga helps us connect with the energies of the elements of the universe and all the has life, we have will, we may use it for good or bad.

Music, even the angel, her soul purpose is to worship and amuse the lord.‎Be aware of the music and artists your children emulate.Guns, lucid sex, drugs, will make them dull to morality and a lifestyle driven by a fruitful purpose.


Praise self, worship those that adore your exsistance.

God's Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi ‎Ncala


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