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The Most Special Moment With My Little One

Updated on April 15, 2011
This picture was taken the day I had the most amazing moment with my little one.
This picture was taken the day I had the most amazing moment with my little one.

My Life Suddely Changed

A few years ago my life was very different. I was a single girl with no commitments, no obligations, only had to take care of myself. I loved party, every weekend you could find me in any club with my friends dancing all night long. I've always been very sociable, so I had many friends everywhere. And that was my life, working from Monday to Friday and hanging out all weekend. Until one day my life changed drastically.

I met this guy in a bar. Since I first saw him, caught my attention. He looked at me repeatedly until finally approached, asked my name and we exchanged phone numbers. I've never been lucky in my relationships and had already lost the interest of finding love. "All men are the same." That had become my motto. The truth is that I don't know how or when happened, but when I realized we were already spending too much time together and had my little heart beating harder than usual. I really was enjoying the time with him and apparently he also was feeling the same. So I let all flowing at their own pace and we fell in love. Who would have thought that this boy would become my other half?

Eventually we got married and I gave birth a beautiful child that changed our lives forever. We become from the couple that was always hanging out to parents dedicated to their family and their new baby. It was a huge change! But is it for my baby everything worth it. He borne three years ago an I still remembered that day like it was yesterday. When I saw his eyes for the first time I fall in love. I never thought that the love a mother can feel for his son would be so intense. It is something inexplicable, that little person has become my whole world. Motherhood definitely is not easy task, but all the work worthwhile.

The Better Reward You Can Have
One day I was talking with a friend about how wonderful it is to be a mother. She already had two children, I mean, she had more experience than me, who just had my baby. She told me: "Being a mother is not easy, but worth every sacrifice we make in life. You'll see when the time comes when you hear your baby for the first time telling you: "I love you." You will feel an emotion so strong as an explosion in your chest. " Those words were recorded in my mind.

Finally that day came. My baby for the first time said to me: "I love you." I don't  deny it was a very nice, very special moment to me that gave me so much happiness, but I didn't felt the explosion in my chest that my friend had said. Maybe because I had waited anxiously for that moment or because I had been warned, I do not know. The time kept running and my little one and I have been living many experiences together. I try to enjoy every minute with him as much as I can. Time goes by so fast that in a blink of eyes he will be a grown and I'm not going to be able to go back. We have spent many special moments together, but the most special moment with my little one finally happened two weeks ago. I felt that huge explosion in my chest, just like my friend had told me. It happened without my expecting, it completely surprised me. I'll never forget that wonderful moment. To me is the greatest gift I ever can receive.

We were in the park, and we were playing non-stop. As he is my one and only and the rest of the kids were gone, my husband and I were his playground partners, so he wasn't so lonely. We were rocking on the swings, playing on the slides and all around the playground. There was a device that lets you talk with someone from one end of the park to another. My little handsome went to an end and I went to the other and we started talking. Suddenly he told me: "I love you mommy." and I said: "I love you too my love." He replied: "Yes mommy, I know you do."


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    • jameygc profile image

      jameygc 6 years ago

      Thank you for your support!!!

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      skeeter747 6 years ago

      :) really enjoyed your hub ! keep up the good work ! U get a beautiful and a like for this from me :P