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The Trials of Being a Mom

Updated on May 9, 2011

Whew! I'm tired just thinking of it!

Life as a mom can be exhausting, can't it?

I get up in the morning and get the coffee on, and begin my day. I can't live without coffee, and I don't know how anyone can, that has children. You see, I'm a stay at home mom. The most unappreciated job in the world.

The job that involves using the toilet with an audience and screaming and yelling children, doesn't matter that they are playing or if they are upset, it's irritating just the same. Some days I wonder if I'm going deaf with my ear canal vibrating to the noise. You start off in the beginning thinking that someday your children will thank you in some way, but for me, it hasn't happened as of yet. You think they will look up at you and have an apifany and then realize that they owe it all to you....ha! Yeah right. My days consist of making meals, wiping bums, bathes, dishes, doing tons of laundry and trying to be a loving support and shoulder to lean on for the older children and let us not forget my poor husband.

No wonder us moms are so grouchy!

It's not all bad though. It's those rare special moments when things are quiet and your teenage daughter comes over for no particular reason and gives you a hug or when your sweet, chubby cheeked baby looks up at you and smiles with his barely showing new tooth. I feel like I'm going to burst with all the love I feel for them in those moments. It makes everything melt away, I forget all of the work, worry and frustrations that go along with it. Of course it takes a very special husband and partner to make all of it work together, like the gears of a clock, working together in unison.

Someday I'm sure I'll look back at it all and laugh and think it's really the best time in my life. And for you new moms or soon to be moms, it really is the best thing in the world and I wouldn't trade it for anything! So enjoy the ride, like I have.


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    • Steph0596 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Ontario

      Hey Jean,

      Yeah, some think I'm crazy, but I just love being a mom and having these great kids. It's hectic and frustrating but I feel that it has taught me a lot and then other times it is so much fun! It's also the life lessons. My oldest just turned 16 last week and I am so proud!

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 

      7 years ago from New Jersey

      Wow, 5 kids, you are a brave woman! I only have one and he just finished college. You know the saying, "When they are little they have little problems, and when they get big they have big problems!" I haven't found it to be true, he's a great kid, and even tells me he appreciates me. Someday they will all get married and you will have a zillion people over on the holidays! That will be fun as you watch your family grow even bigger!

    • Steph0596 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Ontario

      It has been a year since I wrote this hub and yet it still rings true, life can be so hectic with 5 kids, but it has taught me some valuable lessons that I may not have otherwise learned, a patience beyond belief!!! LOL...some day I'm sure I will look back and be amazed at the accomplishment! Thanks for the comment;)

    • Mrs. J. B. profile image

      Mrs. J. B. 

      7 years ago from Southern California

      HAHAHAHA!!!! I have walked this plank twice... Your turn... My kids are now 24 and one is turning 20 on Tuesday... Do you think it gets better??? LOL LMAO..... Sorry.. It does get better well yes and no... I cannot self promote my own hubs otherwise well...


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