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The Winn-Dixie Baby Club - Much More Than Just Coupons, Stuff For Dad Too!

Updated on May 1, 2012

I wanted to tell everyone about yet another FREE baby rewards program. This program is unique because it actually works in conjunction with the Win-Dixie Fuel Perks program (I’ll save that for another post) and has some awesome coupons that aren’t just for baby, but a few “Dad Friendly” coupons as well. Did I mention that it was free?

So everyone knows that I am a huge fan of FREE so I thought it would be interesting to subscribe to yet another baby rewards program. The registration process was easy enough, I just went to the website listed in the links section to the right.

Now we already had a Winn-Dixie fuel reward card, so I just signed up and gave them my card number. The program has some pretty neat benefits such as boosting the fuel program with a $.10 per gallon discount for every $25 spent on baby products. Great, considering that in a few months we will be up to our necks in diaper purchases. In addition, you will receive $10 back for every 200 points earned on baby items, and when the time comes and you need to fill a prescription for the little guy/girl in your life, you’ll even get a $10 gift card. About a month after we subscribed, we received some really cool coupons in the mail.

As with the Publix Program, the coupons are store coupons, and I’m sure they change or are based upon our demographics, but here are a few that we were stoked about:

FREE 23-50 ct Kuddles Diapers
FREE 72-80 Ct. Kuddles Wipes
$3 Off any brand diapers
$1 Off any baby accessories (Not quite sure what a baby accessory is yet though)
$1 Off Baby Wipes
$3 Off Baby Formula
$1 Off any 2 Single or Multi Pack Yogurt

Now for the “Dad” Coupons!

$10 off a purchase of $50 or more
$2 off any fresh beef
$1 off any fresh pork product

KOWALSKI!!!! MORE MEAT! MORE MEAT! (Ren & Stimpy reference worth looking up)

When comparing the Winn-Dixie program to the Publix program, they are both great deals since right off the bat, we receive actually useful coupons valued at about $30 on stuff we are going to need to buy before the baby arrives. There are definite freebies, and the coupons don’t really seem to be brand specific. The Publix program definitely pushed some brands, but lets face it, with no overhead cost to get these great coupons, you really can’t go wrong here…

The fine print: Apparently you can’t use them all at the same time.. That’s about it..


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