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The Wonder Bottle: How to Drastically Decrease Spit-Up

Updated on February 8, 2014

When Spitting up Becomes Intolerable

If your'e a parent you've been spit-up on at least once or twice. A little bit of spit-up is inevitable with any little one, but when does a little become too much? When is it time to worry? As a first-time mother I had no idea what to expect. For the first few months my little guy seemed fine, a little spit-up here and there, nothing too concerning. As time progressed and the amount of food he consumed increased, so did the amount that came right back up. For a time I worried whenever a family member would hold him because I knew they were going to end up covered in slimy, curdled goo. At every doctor appointment I would air my concerns only to be told that with it not affecting his mood or energy levels there really was no need to opt for medicinal help. After every feeding he would be covered, he would spit up almost until his next meal. After hours of researching other remedies mothers in my situation had tried and not getting any closer to solving the problem, I took a more drastic approach, demanding his doctor to prescribe an antacid for acid-reflux. After 3 weeks of being on Ranitidine his spitting up was worse than ever. Finally, after changing formulas, feeding times, adding smaller more frequent feedings, keeping him sitting up for an hour after he ate, laying him down and countless other crazy measures, I found the answer at my local grocery: The Dr. Browns Natural Flow Bottle.

How the Dr. Browns Natural Flow Bottles Work

The Dr. Browns Natural Flow baby bottle uses a patented Internal Vent System to greatly reduce the amount of air ingested during a feeding. In fact, the bottles contain a Standard Vent Reservoir which allows the air to pass through and redirect to the top of the bottle, all the while never coming into contact with the formula or breast milk. This design allows the baby to freely suck as though they were breastfeeding without the negative side-effects of a vacuum, uncomfortable air bubbles, or a collapsing nipple. Though they seem very effective on reducing spit-up, the bottles are also designed to reduce colic, burping, and gas. Another added bonus of the bottle is with the air being redirected there is no oxidation of the milk, which is proven to destroy some of the key nutrients the milk contains such as vitamins A, C, and E.

Have the Dr. Browns Natural Flow Bottles Improved Your Babies Digestive Health?

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How to Clean the Bottle

From what I have found the only downside to this bottle is the slightly more rigorous cleaning process. Each bottle contains what appears to be a small wire nipple brush. This brush is used for cleaning the small holes in the white Vent Insert and the end of the blue Vent Reservoir. A quick, easy way to clean is;

  • Remove the nipple from the "nipple collar," clean as usual with nipple brush of your choice.
  • Remove white Vent Insert from blue Vent Reservoir, use the wire brush included in the package to run through the 2 small holes on the side of the white insert, and the hole that goes down into the vent reservoir.
  • Use the wire brush to run through the top and bottom the the blue reservoir.
  • Finish cleaning the bottle as you normally would with your bottle brush.


Here is a list in order of lowest to highest cost of online retailers who carry Dr. Browns:

  1. 3 pack gift set, includes two 8oz and one 4oz bottles. $12.62
  2. 3 pack of 8oz bottles. $14.99
  3. 3 pack of 8oz bottles. $14.99
  4.; 3 pack of 8oz bottles. $15.99
  5. 3 pack of 8oz bottles. $15.99

Of course included up above are also links to Amazon and Ebay. These are the prices for the standard, plastic bottles. Dr. Browns also makes wide-neck and glass bottles. The prices for these vary between 12-15 dollars as well.

Keep in Mind

These bottles can help a great deal with digestion problems in young ones. However, it is always a good idea to check with your pediatrician to make sure there is nothing more serious going on. Colic is very common in babies and can last from a few weeks old to 5 months old. After 5 months old if problems continue ask your pediatrician about reflux, another somewhat common affliction that usually cures itself at about a year old. Keep charts and track the height and weight development of your little one. Every child grows at a different pace but tremendous weight loss or slow height development can be an early indication of an underlying, more serious problem. We all want what is best for our children, 9 times out of 10 we worry and it ends up being nothing. The reason we worry, as parents, is for that 10th time. Dr. Browns bottles can help ease the distress you feel when it seems like your little one isn't getting the nutrients he/she needs. Give one a try today and see what Dr. Browns can do for you and your little one.


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