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The voted best baby wipes for your baby

Updated on March 13, 2012

I'm feeling inspired. This hub immediately follows one that I just wrote regarding the best brand and type of diaper for your baby. It is only fitting that I follow that hub with this one. My experience has been similar. I tried many brands of wipes before finding just the right one and knowing that I will not want to buy any other. This time, the brand I want to endorse/ show my support to is Pampers sensitive wipes.

In my experience, these wipes are truly the best for the baby.

They are fragrance free, alcohol free, and hypoallergenic. The list of ingredients includes water, aloe leaf juice, citric acid and castor oil.

Even if you have found that your baby does not have particularly extra sensitive skin (prone to skin reactions such as bumps and fine rashes), it is good to use this product as an extra safeguard of protection because all babies' delicate skin is sensitive to a degree.

With my baby, I did see some small skin reactions from some other brands and with Pampers Sensitive wipes the baby's skin has always stayed smooth. Remember to immediately stop using any product that your baby's skin has a bad reaction to.

I will never turn back and use other brands after this. I am so pleased with Pampers Sensitive baby wipes. The wipes are soft and gentle but clean very effectively.

Enjoy this time of caring for your young baby and choosing diapers and wipes with care. Time goes so fast and potty training is just around the corner!


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