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The Trials, and Success of Breastfeeding, and Weaning My Son

Updated on July 27, 2019
Greta Jones profile image

I am a stay-at-home-mom of a 2 year old. I has been breastfeeding him since birth. I successfully quit giving him breast milk 4 nights ago.

My Struggle with Breastfeeding

When I found out I was pregnant, I already knew I wanted to breastfeed. My mom breastfed all three of her children. She was, and is a loving and good mom. I wanted to be like her as a mother.

I did get “just in case” formula. My aunt tried to breastfeed, but found out her breast milk wasn’t as nutritious as it needed to be. I was so worried that would happen to me. So I took the necessary precautions.

Anakin was born via induction. I was asked if I wanted to induce at 39 weeks. I decided it was the best decision to have him in what I considered to be a controlled environment.

He was pulled out of me (by some sort of vacuum devise) and put on my chest. Then taken to be suctioned and bathed.

After awhile, a nurse brought Anakin back to me. She asked me about whether, or not I wanted to Breastfeed. I told her that’s what I wanted to do. She showed me how to latch. And Anakin latched really well. With the nurse’s help, to be completely honest with you.

I didn’t realize just how much of a difference the nurse’s help made till I was on my own. After two days of being in the hospital, we went home. Among the other worries, and fears, there was the realization that breastfeeding was no walk in the park. Along with with getting him to latch, positioning him was horribly difficult. And hold him in those positions was straining my arms.

After finding some tips and tricks.I finally learned how to help him latch. Trust me, he Was trying. He just needed help. Once we got the hang of latching, we found a new problem.

In the evening my baby would refuse to breastfeed. He would cry for an hour or two, sometimes the whole evening. And it was so hard to calm him. Now I know it was gas. And bouncing really helps. I think he was 8 months when I figured it out. (Poor baby suffered from mommy‘s inexperience)

My struggle feeding my son food

Now that my son was 8 months old, his nurse wanted me to start him on baby food. I had tried green beans a couple of times since he turned 6 months. But he didn’t like them at all. I still tried them again anyway. Hoping for better results. Though, he still couldn’t stand the green beans.

Through those few months, before he had enough teeth, I tried several different baby foods. I started with greens, as I was advised by Anakin’s nurse, and doctor. Then yellows, and then orange baby foods.

Out of fear, and desperation, I had actually put baby food in a medicine syringe and pushed some food in his mouth. (I had to do this with a sick cat at one point) At first I thought it was mean, but my baby seemed to like me switching from spoon to syringe often.

Finally Anakin got enough teeth to eat table food. Although he still wouldn’t eat much for us. It was mostly little bites here and there.

The weaning process

At about 19 months, Anakin still wasn’t eating well, and mostly relying on breast milk. I was being asked by my doctors about weaning him. I didn’t want to wean him yet, but I knew he needed to cut down on breastfeeding.

I started trying to avoid breastfeeding him in the mornings. Considering he drinks all night,(which isn’t good for their teeth, by the way!! Had to learn that one the hard way) I thought he wouldn’t be very hungry.

Well, that worked the first day. The second day he was hungry and wanted ’milks’. I tried to offer cows milk, and he wouldn’t have it. He would refuse food and drink while pulling on me demanding breast milk.

After a few days of giving in, I decided to put my foot down, and stop breastfeeding while he was awake during the day. Leaving nap and nighttime breastfeeding. It was tough, but he started eating and drinking a little more.

Then, he started trying to get breast milk before nap time. And I kept letting him. His naps are irregular so I’m used to going by his mood. Usually cranky means nap time, but he would whine and want breast milk before he was actually sleepy. After a couple of weeks I finally cut out nap time breastfeeding.

Even though I had stopped giving him nap time breast milk. He never stopped trying to breastfeed at nap time. Almost every day he would try to get into my shirt and bra. Even after a few months. He would always try to start feeding at 6 p.m. Even though he doesn’t usually fall asleep till 8. I‘d have him wait till 7 before he could start breastfeeding at night.

His second birthday was supposed to be when we would completely wean him. But seeing how hard it was, we postponed it by a month. Last Monday we decided it was time to wean him.

For a couple of days before Monday we tried to explain what was going to happen. When the night arrived Anakin wasn’t happy.

My mother had warned me that he would see this as rejection. And I just needed to show him affection, and that I was still here for him. Well when he saw he wasn’t going to get breast milk that first night, he would push away from me and faced the wall. He turned the rejection table on me.(lol)

Of course it hurt a little. But I just rubbed his little back and told him I loved him and that I’m here for him. He still seems to want to breastfeed. He’ll grab a my shirt a little, but he doesn’t cry or fuss like the first couple of nights. He still snuggles up to me at night. Thankfully he’s been taking this like a champ. And he’s also eating more now!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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