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The tricks to changing a toddler's diaper

Updated on April 30, 2012

Revisit of the Marlon on a Line

When my son was an infant I wrote about one of the funniest diaper change sessions I have witnessed, but in which thankfully I did not participate.

There comes a point in every parents life when you realize that your life is seriously strange. Mine happened when the funniest thing I have seen in at least a year involved a pooh filled diaper. My husband is amazing with our son and usually stays home with him. The man has serious parenting skills! So I was shocked to hear my low key mellow husband begin to raise his voice and beginning to sound rather panicked one evening. I was in the kitchen cleaning up from a very enjoyable dinner and decided to go find out what was going on. I walked into the living room and my husband was sitting on the ottoman with his back to me. My son on the other hand had his head on the couch, and his body was almost straight up in the air. My husband was holding onto his feet while my son decided to roll over and crawl away. My husband in his panic lifted his feet higher to protect the couch. This in turn caused my son to spin around more. My husband was frantically trying to wipe my son and getting more frustrated. It made for one hilarious moment with me bent over in tears. I don't know really how it ended, but I do know my son was clean, my husband sweating, and the couch saved. I don't think my husband has forgiven me yet.

Things really haven't changed much in the past year (Jacob still struggles during diaper changes) but we have gotten smarter. I tried the new pull up diapers, and they worked great except they require you to completely take off his pants. This is a pain with a toddler who is wearing shoes and wants nothing more than to escape. I have found the following tips lead to the best outcomes:

  1. Be prepared!! Have everything you need when you start, because a toddler doesn't take "Stay there and I will be right back well".
  2. Open the diaper up. Do not wait or you will rip the tabs in the upcoming struggle/change.
  3. Give your toddler a toy or sippy cup to use while you are changing their diaper. This prevents stray hands and occupies their mind. Make sure that the toy isn't one that will hurt when they hit you with it, or when they hit themselves.
  4. Open the wipes and pull out the top one. Simple, but if you have a loaded diaper you want this supply on hand right away.
  5. Remove their bottoms while making a funny zoom sound. Make the change a game-they love games.
  6. Do not stop, pause, or hesitate at any point! Show no fear or they will take over and you will not like the results!

Small, easy tips that have saved me from wearing the contents of a used diaper, chasing a naked toddler, and having my own fish story.


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