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The woman of my life

Updated on November 30, 2016
My mom and I
My mom and I | Source


You are the most beautiful being I've ever seen,

You cared and loved abundantly,

You gave me all I need a day,

In everything I hope and pray.

You tucked me onto your arms that day,

And kept me safe throughout the day,

You fed me with your lovely breasts,

Even though your tummy hurts.

You taught me how to take a walk,

And brought me out to see the world,

I saw with my very eyes,

The beauty of God's divine creation.

I remember first day at school,

I cried aloud and then you stayed,

You whispered on my ear that day,

I love you darling that's how you say.

There was a time when I grew up,

I did my best and made you proud,

I hugged you tight and kissed your cheek,

A smile with tears is all I see.

Moment came to take my step,

I wore a pretty gown today,

Facing the man I love so well,

You pour your blessings abundantly.

Now a mother I become,

I held my child close to my heart,

I gave my everything for her,

And I remembered you once more.

I took a time for you today,

And see few wrinkles lined on your face,

You hugged me tight, I held you close,

And whispered on your ear I love you.

Reminiscing is all I do,

I miss you mom, I just miss you,

How I wish I could bring you back,

And feel your warm embrace again.

I cherished all you've ever done,

You're the best and that is you,

I'll keep this memory in my heart,

I love you mom, I love you so.


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    • flikabing profile image

      April Gail 6 years ago from Cagayan de Oro

      hi litsabd...thank you for your very kind comment. I agree, moms are one of the greatest gift that God has bestowed us and I can't help it but write a poem... they deserved to be loved and cared for...=)

    • litsabd profile image

      litsabd 6 years ago

      What an awsome soul testimony! I almost cried when reading the choice of words you made to describe and express what your mother meant to you. I beleive they are words every mom wishes to be blessed to hear one day. Loosing such a precious part of your life like a mother can sometimes feel like a total disaster. Voted up, awsome and beautiful It sure worths a lot more....