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Finding the Right Balance

Updated on January 24, 2013

Do You Suffer From Mommy Guilt?

Do you suffer from "mommy guilt"? Raising 3 kids of my own, I often struggle with finding that right balance between being a mom, wife, and having a career. The struggle of making sure my family's needs are met as well as my own. For I am woman with dreams and inspirations outside of my family and that is ok too! Not losing sight of yourself, not forgetting who you are and what you want to be is important not just as a mom but as an individual and a contributor to our local communities and beyond. So, how do we find that right balance that works for you?

Finding the Right Balance

For me, although I love being a mom and could not imagine my life without my girls. I try to allow myself to feel that it is "ok" to want and need other things too. That the right balance is different for every woman, mom, and family. When looking ahead, I often ponder the guilt ridden questions "will my girls adjust to going to daycare and will it negatively impact their lives? What are the "right" things to be sacrificed that will benefit everyone and does it exist?" Although I still struggle with thoughts like this from time to time, I try to keep in the forefront of my mind, the positives that come from me working and fulfilling my own needs. How it makes me a better overall mom, wife, and a positive supporter for other women. What helps bring you balance in your life?

Supporting One Another

I always seem to find a great article just when I need one that I stumble upon with someone with similar feelings to mine, which is often very comforting. A great conversation with another mom that is uplifting just when I need it. As women, supporting one another goes so far. To be truthful about how you are feeling because you never know how comforting it could be to someone else. I hope someone finds the same comfort in this article as well. For me, everyday I try to comfort myself like I would a friend and follow my heart towards what is right for me and my "happy balance". Be kind to yourself on the days you may feel alone and always appreciate all that you do in finding that "mommy balance".

- May you find your Happy Balance in Life.

What is your experience finding balance?

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