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The Thrill of Birthing Gifts

Updated on May 23, 2009

A birthing gift should not be selected just for the immediate birth, but consideration should be given toward the future. The best gifts are those that are made! How about a layette for the 1 to 2-month old child made from pieces of cloth from a sibling or that of a favorite color? Embroider crib sheets with religious designs or designs taken from a coloring book (Raggedy Ann & Andy, lambs or other characters) are unique in their own right. Larger baby blankets not only help those mothers who are nursing, but are great for those children who are ever-growing! Bumper pads can be bought at the store and covered with brightly colored material or design of your choice; and bumper pads will be used long after the crib is put away! Since babies outgrow their clothes so quickly (and most people tend to buy infant clothing, etc), it's always a wise thing to give gifts that parents will be able to use (and can't afford) once their little one has grown out of the infant sizes. Sweaters & jackets are something that people don't think about; gloves, shoes, socks and winter items. Accessories such as cabinet locks and plug covers, baby gates and hearth shields for the fireplace. Babies are ever-growing; be creative! Did anyone ever stop to think of recipes for fun?? Play dough (edible)--there are recipes made from peanut butter (heck, I like licking my fingers, too)! How about a box of recipes for nutritious toddler foods or a box of learning ideas & games for children or a box of index cards of laundry tips? And last, but not least, how about a gift for Mom and Dad? A home-cooked meal brought to the house, someone to clean their house, do the grocery shopping or a free babysitter so that the new parents can have a quiet night out on the town--or a full night's sleep! For those of you who are already parents...think back to the days of, "I sure wish I had...or I could!" C'mon; it'll be fun!!


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