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There are just times.....

Updated on October 8, 2015

Growing happens throughout your life

It is easy to think that once you reach adult hood that growing has ended. This is not true. We grow throughout our entire lives. We outgrow clothes, we outgrow styles, we outgrow opinions and we outgrow friends.

They say that people do not change. I beg to differ. I have made many changes during the course of my life. Circumstances have caused me to change. Events that I never planned on, people who I have met, places we never thought we would go. It makes you better or worse. It just happens. We grow up. If we are resistant to change, we never grow, we never get better, we forget to learn. I can't imagine wanting to live like that. I love to learn, it is my life blood, It keeps me sane.

Recently, I decided to take out all of those who are not growing from my life. I do not wish to totally cut them off, I am not that sort of person. I do not believe in burning bridges, we just wish people well and move on, perhaps our paths will cross again, and under new circumstances, we will connect once more. This has indeed happened to me and I am a richer person for it. However, those who chose to believe in their own defeat, their own sadness rather than accept when they are incorrect or inappropriate, I cannot be a party to. It is simply too draining and too sad.

In simple terms, that many of my friends use, I do not need nor desire "drama" in my life. I certainly have enough on my plate without adding someone else's sorrowful sad inner soul to mine. We all have our demons but if you choose to dump yours out at my feet I am simply incapable and not willing to pick them up for you and send them packing. That is something everyone needs to do for their own sanity. Myself included.

If you are yelling and screaming at someone about something that in the end sounds ridiculous to even yourself, then perhaps this needs evaluating. Children are listening and they are mimicking. You may not see this, but they see, hear and honor all that we do as adults. They want to be like us. They never see the things that we do as wrong, they love us, unconditionally. Please remember that, when you have gotten yourself into a totally irrational state. I am often in regret and am sorry after I have forgotten myself and given into emotion. It is not a pretty thing. We all need to grow out of it.

So telling me that you are cutting me out, does not make me sad. It is relief. I need to focus on making myself and my family better and healthier. If this is your desire to help yourself then I pray that you are better after this decision.

We all need to grow. At every age. At 2, at 6, at 12, at 20 and even at age 90. Learning never stops. When it does, we no longer exist. I for one would not want to live that way. I will never limit myself to a small circle. I will always welcome people into my life. If they stay, then, that is fine, if they choose to head on to new pathways, they they go with my blessing. Life is a beautiful gift, live it, love it and never stop growing.


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