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Things not to do after pensionable age

Updated on November 9, 2014

Life is a journey not for the faint hearted. It can be challenging, full of ups and downs,and misery - it is indeed, a bumpy ride. For people who can plan and manage their retirement well, there is always a happy ending. For those who are found wanting and who are unable to handle their retirement well, there are always disastrous consequences. There are certain things which someone who has retired should not do. Retirement is the time for individuals to enjoy the fruits of their hard work and see their grand children grow into little adults.If there is improper planning after retirement the consequences are usually detrimental and once the die has been cast it won't be reversed - it would leave a permanent mark which would change their lives forever. Plan well now and enjoy later is the motto. Make hay whilst the sun shines.

It is most likely that people who go on retirement have grown up children who are no longer dependent on them, they are now leading their own independent lives. In most cases the burden of looking after children would be off their shoulders. - this would be their time to enjoy life and travel the world. However in all sincerity a retired grand parent still remains the spoiler of the grand children. It's good to go for retirement when the individual knows that there is ample money set aside to treat grand children whenever necessary. A good number of people going on retirement end up leading a shambolic life or end up depressed because of poor planning. in order to have a happy and a blessed retirement those going on retirement should shun certain behaviors which might end up ruining their lives or losing their lump pension to those who reap where they did not sow.

Drink less alcohol

Alcohol is dangerous,It is advisable that when one becomes a pensioner drinking beer like a fish should be avoided. It is true that the pensioner had enough disposable income to spend on beer, failing to act responsibly can result in the pensioner becoming a binge drinker,which has detrimental effects to the health of the pensioner - liver diseases might crop up and cut the life of the binge drinking pensioner short. In retirement the senior citizens have enough time and money at their disposal. They should be in control and drink responsibly in order to maintain good health. Don't drink like a fish for you'll become more irresponsibly than a fish. A decision made out of excess drinking is usually impaired..

Bid farewell to irresponsible gambling

When senior citizens retire they should avoid becoming habitual gamblers.They might end up losing their hard earned pension to the casino. through gambling. Gambling can be addictive and cancerous. Once gambling is started it might be difficult to control the habit - be warned be in control..

Avoid public indecency and fights

I have heard of pensioners who are fond of shouting and scolding passers by standing on their balconies. If its dementia it is advisable to get checked but some of those who do it just do it because it is within them and they are naturally bullies.Pensioners should at all cost avoid squabbles in the community - fighting at their age is an embarrassment to the community and their next of kin. They should aim to be the salt and the light of the earth. They must be the torch bearers of responsible behavior, They should lead the way in showing and teaching the community how to live and enjoy life to the full - they are role models in the neighborhood. Every one envy what they achieved - to work so long and be rewarded for that. All pensioners must shun public indecency every one look up to them for good morals. Don't be labeled a public nuisance carry your dignity avoid streets fight.

Avoid being 'sugar daddies' and 'sugar mummies'

Senior citizens who have retired should not start new relationships with people much younger than them. Retired ladies should not fall into trap of dating, younger men ,good enough to be their sons or grandsons. Likewise retired senior citizen males should not date these younger charming ladies. Why do I say so? Their age gap shows that it would be a relationship or marriage of convenience, usually the young ladies and the younger masculine males are there to milk the money of the pensioners under the guise of love. These younger lovers most of them are gold diggers. In most cases it would not be genuine love, there is no genuine love at all, be warned. Senior citizens who have retired should guard their pension jealously, they should avoid being 'sugar daddies' and 'sugar mummies'. If they want relationships they should date people their age. Indeed with all respect birds of a feather flock together.

Be on the watch of gold diggers and opportunists

A lot of opportunists would be eyeing for a slice of their hard earned dosh and they would leave no stone unturned in enticing them into relationships. If the senior citizens have the money its better for them to spoil their granddaughters and grandsons rather than on opportunists eyeing for their pension. They should have eagle's eyes to watch out for the 'Judas kiss'. There are many out there who would come to them and pretend to be good Samaritans yet they are ravenous wolves waiting to lay hands on their hard earned money. Senior citizens should know that they are targets. They should be watchful of chancers and gold diggers - they should be on the watch and put a stop to these gold diggers.

Male pensioners should avoid having kids

Senior citizens on retirement, men in particular are free individuals who can make their choices, but it is not in the interest of the kids for them to start having kids at that age. There are many problems associated with having kids at an advanced age. A few examples are as follows, financially it would strain the senior citizen. The children need a proper education and a sound upbringing. Another issue is that, would they be there for these kids in the next twenty years if they are in their seventies? These children need active involvement of their parents in various activities and hands on care as they grow up. The age of these parents may not permit them to have effective involvement in raising the children. Children need to go outdoors and have some fun with their parents - having children after retirement have more drawbacks than advantages. Children born in such a scenario are likely not to enjoy teasing their daddies in the park or playing hide and seek in back garden.

Avoid relocation

Senior citizens should not relocate after retirement this has its problems. If one wants to relocate to another country it is advisable to try it before retirement and see whether it works for you. If it does not work one can still pick up his life in the country of origin among kith and kin. The means and the power to start again would be still there unlike when one has retired. If it doesn't go according to plan after relocating one can be grounded and die a depressed being far away from home with no-one to provide the essential care needed.

Avoid being good Samaritans by lending large sums of money

Senior citizens on retirement should avoid being good Samaritans by lending people large sums of money from their hard earned pension. Pensioners are vulnerable, people would take advantage of them and would con them. As senior citizens you have done us proud by working so hard to make our economies tick, It is now time to take good care of your hard earned pension, enjoy life to the full whilst in control of your wallet and acting responsibly. You are the cream of the crop you deserve better. Happy retirement and stay focused and be in control of your finances.


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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 

      5 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Saving up for the twilight years or at least for retirement is important. My wife and i dream of just chilling out and enjoying when we retire.


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