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Things to Consider When Buying Diaper Bags

Updated on November 14, 2016

Diaper bag is one of the most essential tool a mother must have. Finding the right diaper bags for you and your baby’s needs is a must for every moms out there to reduce the stress you may encounter whenever you go out with your baby. There are a lot of stylish bags out there to choose from; however, most of them also lack the elements of being a helpful diaper bag for mothers. You don’t have to sacrifice style in finding the right bag, but you also have to take into consideration its functionality. Let’s take a look at the list.

Storage Capacity

This is the first thing to consider when looking for a diaper bag. It should carry all the necessary things a baby and a mother should have when going out. It can be surprising how many things a mother should bring whenever she goes out with her baby. This is especially true for first time moms. Here is a sample list of items that moms may have to carry around:

A sample diaper bag for girls.
A sample diaper bag for girls.
  1. Diapers
  2. Baby wipes
  3. Foldable changing mat (some diaper bags already have this included when you purchase the bag, check the link below)
  4. Feeding bottle
  5. Diaper rash cream
  6. Small blanket
  7. Sunscreen lotion (for baby and mom)
  8. Extra clothes
  9. Bib
  10. Pacifiers
  11. Burp cloths
  12. Favorite toys
  13. Snacks (for baby and mom)
  14. Water bottle
  15. Disposable bags
  16. Wallet and cellphone (for mom)

A pacifier will surely help when you are outside.
A pacifier will surely help when you are outside.

This is typically what a well-stocked diaper bag should have. The bag should carry all these items but you should consider the arrangement of the items too. Each item should be easily seen and taken out from the bag. Diaper bags should be able to store a lot of items but should also have necessary compartments to store them so you can arrange each item for easy access.

Organize things accordingly for easier retrieval.
Organize things accordingly for easier retrieval.

Ease of Access

Multiple compartments are essential part of baby diaper bags. A baby diaper bag should always have this feature to keep all your stuff easy to find and more importantly quick to reach. The bag should also have a wide opening and a light interior to be able to see and access the contents inside. A bag with a multiple compartment inside but with a small opening will only make you frustrated since you cannot see what you are pulling out. On the other hand, a baby diaper bag with a big opening but no compartment will turn the contents of the bag into chaos. Diaper bags should have at least 4 compartments for ease of use.

Make sure to check the inside and outside of the bag before making a purchase. It should have zippered pockets instead of magnetic locks because magnetic locks will not hold the bag when the bag is fully loaded. You might lose something or, worst case scenario, when the bag is turned upside down, all of the contents will be spilled which will give you additional work.

Go for good quality bags made of comfortable materials.
Go for good quality bags made of comfortable materials.

Bag Material

The diaper bag material should also be taken into consideration when buying one. Spills are unavoidable but maintaining the items and the bag dry can be done when you have chosen wisely. Find a bag that is easy to maintain and easy to clean like for example Next’s diaper bag which can be purchased through Amazon. A bag that you can easily wipe clean both inside and outside is also a must. Exterior and interior polyester lining is a plus. Another thing to look out for is that a bag should be washable to keep your baby diaper bags microbe-free. Never compromise your baby’s health. Always check if the materials are safe for babies. Keep in mind that these bags will contain all your baby’s needs such as feeding bottle, pacifiers, toys that goes into their mouth, and clothing.

Style and Comfort

These two should come hand in hand when buying a diaper bag. Style without comfort will only give you strains, backaches and shoulder aches. You should look for a bag with soft padding to help you avoid muscle strains. Diaper bags come in different styles and types. There are four main types namely: messenger diaper bag, back pack diaper bag, stroller diaper bag and tote diaper bag.

Messenger diaper bags are also known as sling or satchel diaper bags which can be identified by a single long strap that hangs over the shoulder. Back pack diaper bags look like a regular back pack but with lots of pockets inside. Stroller types are well, bags that can be attached to the stroller. These bags hang from the strollers handles. Tote bags are pretty much like handbags but much bigger than your regular handbag. Totes are the most popular diaper bag style on the market

Other bags can function both as a tote and a messenger bag and even as a stroller bag. Some can be messenger, tote and back pack. When looking for a great diaper bag, it would be better to get a multi function diaper bag. Nevertheless, always check for the comfort ability of the bag.


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