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Updated on November 9, 2015



The day you went i lost all reason,i struggled to stay,i had trouble breathing.

My own brother goes before his time,my heart just sunk,i felt so cheated.

Why did this happen,is the question i keep asking,no one answers,there is no reason.

People say sorry,they know how i feel, couldn't be more wrong,no one knows ,its 100% real.

If only i got there,earlier than i did.maybe i could have saved you from that fate

I feel i lost someone amazing, your were like my best mate.

My days are empty, still cannot take it in,why it happened,to our family again.

I miss you daily, i sometimes think i see you in a crowd,

When i think of you thomas, im still so proud.

You were only alive for 40 odd years

All i have daily , is a flood of tears.

Its not right what ended your life.i still cant accept it,it cuts me like a knife.

I"ll never see you again, i don't know how i will cope

My life feels dead now, i cannot see any hope.,

You left your kids,your wife and your family

I seek you out daily, your still my family.

No doubt one day, we will meet again

I long for that day, to i see you my friend.


Losing family.

I used to take family for granted over the years,I found recently that family are very important,they're always there if tragedy strikes.

Numb inside.

Losing a few members of my family over the past couple of years has without doubt tested my resolve,I think if I had not been so tough mentally I would surely have crumbled under the pressure.


How long to recover?

This is a question ive been asked many times. I not sure,I think it depends who you lost,and what kind of mental state your in at the time it happens.It's a time thing,it takes time for any healing to even start.When tragedy strikes you or your family,you have to be in communication with each other throughout the dilema. I found i lacked support at certain times when I lost people I cared about.its always better to confide in family or friends. I'd go so far as to say it's imperative you have a family structure ready to help you through the rough times.Ive dealt with tragedy alone,it's horrible. It is one of the hardest ive had to go through.I struggled to get by on a daily basis,I ignored people who attempted to communicate with me,to my detrement.Its always better,a problem shared is a problem halved.

Taken too soon.

This is for my brother Thomas who tragicaly died on the 8/8/2010. you wil be missed.

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