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Three Tips to Help Choose Your Babies Name

Updated on June 8, 2009

Determine what name to give to your baby is always a challenge for a new parent. I know that many people will spend money on books with names inside of it that will help a new parent find the name that they want to give to their baby. I know that for many parents this can be a challenge and they will want to consider many factors before they finally decide on a name for the new baby that will be entering into their world. Here are some tips that I have found can come in handy for choosing a name for your new baby.

The first tip that I can provide for choosing your new babies name is by thinking about your family names history. For some people they will consider naming the new baby after other people in the family which is a wonderful idea and will really help keep names easier in your family. I know that my son has my husband's middle name as his first name with my dad's name as his middle name. So that way it makes it easier to remember.

The second tip that you can use for choosing your babies name is by considering the country that your family originally came from. I know that some of us might be aware of some of the names from that country, but others might not know the names. Which if you do not know the names then you can do some internet research on names from that country and be able to find them rather easily as well as the meaning of the name and typically how to pronounce the name properly in your families homeland language. For instance if your family came from Holland you could research the names that are from that country to find a great name from your families homeland before coming to America or wherever you live at now.

The third tip would be to find what you want your babies name to mean and do an internet research to find the name that means that. Now for this you might be looking at some of the ancient names, but that would mean that your child would have a very unique name that would have a great meaning.

While choosing your name can be a stressful time for you as an expecting parent you will not want to take it lightly. I know that for some of us we will already have a name picked out, but some will go about purchasing books. However, I know that some will use family member's names, find out names form their old country that their family migrated from, or think of a meaning that you want your child to have and find the name for that meaning.


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