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What are the Best Three Wheel Strollers

Updated on October 23, 2013

New baby strollers: which one is right for you?

Choosing a stroller that’s right for your family

One of the biggest consumer decisions that many parents wrestle with is what new baby strollers to purchase. There are many factors to consider when weighing out your options.

First, you need to consider what purposes you will be using for your stroller.

  • Maybe you’re looking for a stroller that can function as a jogging stroller as well as an everyday stroller.
  • Perhaps you want a stroller that is narrow enough to fit through doorways but sturdy enough to handle hills and unsteady ground. A good city stroller.
  • Do you want to use this stroller as part of a travel system
  • Will your baby car seat click in or latch onto your stroller?
  • Do you want a double stroller with a carseat attachment for easy, around town access?
  • What tire configuration is best suited for needs? A typical three wheels stroller, a four wheel stroller: 2 big back tires and 2 small front tires or 4 same sized tires? Depends on what kind of surface your stroller is on.

Next, you might want to think about where you will be taking this stroller

  • Dirt roads
  • Paved roads
  • Flat roads
  • Hills
  • The beach
  • The grocery store
  • On the bus
  • In airports

These are just a few possible locations to think about, not an extensive list.

Also, you should be thinking about whether you need to add a second seat or scooter attachment to the stroller you’re buying.

This factor should not be overlooked as many consumers buy a single stroller, not factoring in the possibility of needing a double stroller or a stroller with the option of a second seat for a second or even third child.

For myself, I bought a single stroller for my first baby and when I had my second baby, my first child still needed to ride in the stroller for longer walks and occasional use. I ended up having to sell my single stroller for a third of what I bought it for and I had to purchase a double stroller. I would have saved hundreds of dollars had a purchased a stroller that could accommodate two kids.

Top three wheeled strollers

For both city and country dwellers, three wheel strollers are gaining popularity for their stability, versatility, superior wheels and easy maneuvering. I'm going to walk you through baby stroller reviews of the best three wheels stroller on the market today.

Baby Jogger City Mini

This stroller has mass appeal for urban dwellers as it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver and navigate through the city. The wheels have a quick release, front-wheel suspension and a swivel front that can lock for longer stroller treks.The really nice thing about this stroller is that the vented seat (with a 5 point harness) fully reclines, so your baby can lie flat. There’s a large basket on the bottom (great for storing groceries and baby gear) and the sun canopy is big and adjustable, with peek-a-boo windows. Note that this stroller is only intended for one child (weight restriction is 50 lbs).

**The Baby Jogger City Mini is a nice stroller for shopping, traveling, walking and city friendly (ie: this stroller can fit through doorways and folds up like a dream: many users say they can fold this stroller up with one hand, so it’s a good model for car and bus transport.

Phil and Teds Explorer

This stroller is a great option as it’s single-converting-into-a-double stroller. It’s also priced lower than other comparable double-converting three wheel strollers. I started to notice a lot of parents using this stroller in my city neighborhood, particularly in the past couple of years. **I do need to mention that I personally own and use a Phil and Teds stroller, so I may be biased in saying that this is one of the best strollers out there for this price point.**What I like about this stroller is the sturdy, aluminum frame, the reliable air-filled tires, the easy (one-handed!) foldability, the large underneath basket, and the fact that you can use the stroller for one or two babies/toddlers. Also. because it’s a stackable double as opposed to the side by side, it fits through standard doorways and even bus and train doors (great for the city). I also love that there are many different ways you can configure the second seat (place in the front or bottom of the stroller) and the main seat folds flat and has the capability to attach a car seat (with a connector you buy separately). This one is a great double stroller with carseat model. On the flip side, because of the layout of the second seat (if you attach to the bottom of the stroller), you won’t be able to fit as much stuff in the underneath basket as your child’s feet rest inside the basket.I will say the Phil and Teds doesn’t fold flat, so it does take up more space.

**The Phil and Teds stroller is nice for shopping, walking, city, jogging and good for trails as well. It can be used as a single or double stroller.

Mountain Buggy 2013 Urban Jungle Stroller

This stroller is a lightweight, all terrain, good looking single stroller that seamlessly takes you from the city to park trails. The wheels are 12” air-filled with rear suspension and the front swivel wheel can be locked (good for stability and for jogging). Also, the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Stroller can accommodate a second child with a scooter attachment, called the Free Rider stroller board scooter that attaches to the rear axle of the stroller with a connector you buy separately. This stroller has tons of seating options: a travel system that allows car seat to click right into the chassis (with an attachment you have to buy); a snug carrycot that holds up to 20 lbs with a soft-lie flat mattress; a face-to-face parent seat accessory (sold separately) that allows your baby to face you and can also hold up to 20 lbs; and the regular forward facing seat that can hold up to 77 lbs.The seat fully reclines, has a five point harness and the fabric easily zips off in order to accommodate the various other seating options.

The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle folds easily and folds flat. Some other nice features of this stroller is the adjustable handle bars (some of us are tall!), a sun visor you can move around to follow-the-sun and a large storage basket underneath that holds up to 11 lbs.

**The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Stroller is great for trails, city, shopping, jogging and walking. This is a single stroller that can accommodate an older (toddler) child.

Chariot Carriers Inc CX2 Stroller with Jogging Kit

This stroller is one of the sportiest options out there. Chariot has been the household name for bike trailers/jogging strollers since the invention of the bike trailer.

There are many bike trailer-converting into 3 wheel jogging strollers on the market, all different price points. The Chariot CX2 is one of the best bike trailers on the market (which happens to be the most expensive bike trailer, but Chariots are built to last), and the CX2 includes the jogging conversion kit, so you don’t have to look and buy a bunch of extra things. Another great thing about Chariots are the many ways you can use them, with the proper kits: Chariots are bike trailers, jogging strollers, suitable for infants, skiing strollers (that's right-you can ski with your child in a Chariot)Some great key features of the CX2 are:

  • 5-point padded ASTM 833 compliant harness

  • Added photo luminescent Energlo fabric for 360 degree visibility

  • CAS Chariot Adjustable Suspension

  • NEW hand lever operated rear disk brakes

  • NEW ergonomic five position reversible handlebar with removable brake

**The Chariot Carrier CX2 stroller is great for jogging (one of the best kinds out there, because of the large tires), trails, walking and biking (stroller converts to fit on the back of a bicycle).

Chariot CX2: 6 years of family fun


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