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Tips On How To Motivate A Kid

Updated on September 15, 2015

Communication is key


1- Constant Communication

It is only through meaningful communication you can get to understand your child better. Through communication, you get to know their feelings, what they like and what they hate. If you assign your children a certain task and they accomplish, do not just keep quiet,let them feel happy.Congratulate them so that they can try to meet or exceed the standards. Listen to what their concerns are. Kids do also have feelings and opinions. They need a person who is ready to listen and act.Let them understand why you behave in a certain way.

Celebrating an achievement

Success is a journey
Success is a journey | Source

2- Identify And Celebrating every Achievement

In life there is no small achievement.Success is a combination of the many achievements. It is therefore good that you identify and celebrate each and every one of them. A finished assignment is a way to passing examination. Celebration will inspire a child to keep on working hard .

3 - Focusing on child strength

There is nothing which is demoralizing like failing.Continous failing may cause a bad attitude in child. A kid may fear trying because of the expected failure. By understanding your kid, you get to know what his or her strengths are. When teaching a new concept, let the strengths be a part of the lesson.Doing well on the strong area will make the child feel that he or she can also do the same on the weak area.

4 - Be A Role Model

A good teacher teaches by example. Be a role model who always do what is right. If you want to teach your children some good manners, be well mannered. Use polite words when communicating with them.

Rewarding A Child


5 - Be keen when rewarding your children

Money should not be a substitute for the other motivating factors. If you keep on giving money to your child to accomplish a certain task, you are destroying them because this is not always the case in the real world. It will create rebelliousness when there is no money.

6 - Making Fun Out Of Learning

Incorporate humour in the learning lessons. It catches the attention of the child. It makes them be great listeners. It makes them feel that they are a part of the lesson.

7 - Allow Your Kids To Interact With Others

Children learn more when they interact with children.They learn new ways of doing things.Playing invokes creativity. This way, your child will get to grow.

Children Learn From Each Other



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    • B Brian Hill profile image

      B Brian Hill 2 years ago

      This is organized and great advice. Nowadays Parenting is so hard because of all the technology distractions. Thanks so much for these great ideas!