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Toddler Slippers - Which Are Best?

Updated on August 9, 2011

The answer to this question is one of opinion and preference and cannot be answered with a generalization. There are many types of slippers for kids to wear. Toddler slippers range from a conventional shoe style to socks with grip. Moccasins are a popular choice as well, with their soft sheepskin and wool lining.


Conventional slippers are like a slip on shoe. They go in shoe sizes just like a shoe but are lined inside and they are generally softer than a shoe. The soles are made from durable rubber and give safe, non-slip traction on most surfaces. Conventional slippers for a child can be designed with bright colours and include motifs or popular kids’ characters. They sometimes come as a set with matching kids pyjamas. Young children like to put shoes on, wear hats, they like dressing up. They’ll love having a pair of slippers to warm their feet and wear around the house.


Moccasins are the traditional footwear of the American Indians. Originally they would have been (and often still are) made from animal skins such as deerskin. These days as well as animal skin you can buy moccasins that are made with synthetic materials. The sole of a moccasin is usually soft and flexible with the upper being embroidered with stitching, flamboyant in design. Inside they are lined with soft, warm wool or similar fabrics. Moccasins are a popular slipper choice for adults but are also a popular choice for toddler slippers.

Sock slippers

Sock slippers or slipper socks are still fairly novel. They are an alternative to normal slippers that are worn like shoes as they are basically a warm, thick sock. The benefits of sock slippers are that they can be worn in bed, unlike normal slippers. They won’t fall off like other slippers can, especially if they are not the right size. Sock slippers are made for adults as well as kids and they have a non-slip grip on the bottom. Thin rubber is stitched to the sole of the sock, often in a fun design like animal paw prints or tyre tracks.

Kids love their slippers, especially toddlers who like wearing things and dressing up. Children get cold feet even more so than adults so they need to stay warm, more so through the winter months. Conventional slippers can be fun in design covered in bright patterns or popular kids’ characters. Moccasins are slippers that are made to be soft, flexible and warm. Sock slippers are fun and funky. They can be worn in bed as well as around the house as they have a non-slip grip on the soles.

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