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Tangled Toddler Tresses- The Curly Hair Dilemma

Updated on August 5, 2013
Boar Bristle Brush
Boar Bristle Brush | Source

Hair Raising Problems- Tangled Ringlets

Is your toddlers hair super curly or a matted mess?

Curly hair is very fragile. Tugging and pulling on curls can cause irreparable damage. If your child has curly hair, you must take extra special care to style without damaging it.

Here are a few tips to make tame your toddlers unkempt mane.

What you'll need for this detangling method:

  • 8 oz water spray bottle
  • Pure vegetable glycerin
  • Essential oil, such as, lavender or sandalwood oil
  • Hair Clips/ Elastic Bands
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Boar Bristle Hair Brush
  • Hair Accessories
  • Entertainment (Favorite TV show, toys, or even a box of hair accessories.)

Now Solutions Vegetable Glycerin
Now Solutions Vegetable Glycerin | Source

Hair Benefits of Essential Oils

Sandalwood oil has natural calming properties and softens dry hair.

Lavender oil stops hair fall and increase hair growth.

Detangling Solution: A Home Hair Remedy

Moisture is curly hair's best friend. Many parents purchase detanglers to detangle their child's tresses, but did you know you can make your own detangler with water and vegetable glycerin?

Instructions for making your own vegetable glycerin detangling solution:

  1. Use an 8 oz water spray bottle.
  2. Add 7 1/2 oz of water to the spray bottle and 1/2 oz of vegetable glycerin and shake to mix thoroughly. (If you have hard water, use bottled water instead of tap water for this solution)
  3. For added benefit and fresh scent, add 3 drops or lavender or sandalwood oil

Vegetable glycerin and essential oils can be purchased at your local health food store.

Parted Hair

Hair in 4 section parts with barrettes as hair clips.
Hair in 4 section parts with barrettes as hair clips. | Source

Curly Hair & Vegetable Glycerin

Glycerin is a not only a natural emollient, it is also hypoallergenic. It also add shine and moisture to hair that may be dry and flat.

Emollients allow brushes and combs to glide over hair with less resistance.

Steps to detangling:

  1. Spray detangling solution from root to end. Use a fine mist to ensure the hair is moist. Do not saturate hair.
  2. Part hair into 4 sections. Clip or elastic band each section.
  3. Working in one section at a time. First use fingers to loosen tangles. Comb from ends to roots until hair is untangled. Next use a boars hair brush to smooth hair.
  4. Finally style as usual.

Most importantly, Patience. It takes time to tame tresses. Make sure you have at least 30 minutes to comb through your child's hair.

*Note- If hair is feels tacky to the touch, you may condition hair. Conditioning hair will remove excess detangling solution and leave hair manageable.

**Tip for tangle-free combing every morning- Try putting at least two braids in your child's hair before putting them to bed.


Detangling Solution

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    • Nicole Henley profile image

      Nicole Henley 4 years ago from San Leandro

      Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it.

    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 4 years ago from America

      Interesting hub full of information. Pinned it on my baby board.

    • Nicole Henley profile image

      Nicole Henley 4 years ago from San Leandro

      I have not tried Hair Milk. I will have to pick some up.

    • profile image

      Anitra 4 years ago

      I like to use Hair Milk from Carol's Daughter. Marcie hates her hair being combed, but once I've sprayed her hair with water and the hair milk she doesn't realize I'm doing her hair. The products works really well on curly hair.