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Toddlers in Tiaras,Pageant and show, is this Darling or Damaging?

Updated on April 10, 2015

Just some of alterations pageant moms make on their baby girls

Typical pageant girl

Toddlers In Tiara Pageants look cute, at first glance.but, if you take a deeper look,could this be damaging?

Getting Ready

What does a pageant toddler go through,getting ready? They have to get spray tan,hair extensions, fake eyelashes,fake teeth,colored contacts, 50 pounds of makeup,and get squished into really inappropriate and too tight outfit.Sometimes with high heels and nylons. They also need to practice this doll like walk,smile and wave,that ,in my opinion,looks creepy.

Honey Boo Boo and Her Neurotic Mom

Pageant MoMs

So you wonder who would deliberately put a small child through all this torture? I would like to think some bad trafficking ring,but the sad part of this story,it is the moms.

What is A Pageant Mom like?

A Common Pageant Mom, is a woman who is lacking confidence in their own beauty,and are using these innocent children to portray what they Want to be.

I am sure that there are exceptions, to the stereotype pageant mom,but I have not seen any behavior in the Show,that would support this theory.

Pixie Sticks overload

Pageant Crack

This is a term in the pageant community for high sugars and caffeine toddlers consume as early as 7 am,the day of the pageant and throughout the competition.

Moms answer to why she gives her daughter (Nick'named Honey Boo Boo)

Go Go Juice(MTN Dew mixed with other energy drinks like redbull)

She said the pageant lasts all day from early as 7 in the morning,up to 10pm at night. All parents use candy and caffeine to keep the kids energy going. -Shannon

So yes, it is socially acceptable among fellow pageant freaks (no offense) .What about right and wrong ? Health concerns?

With being loaded up on high levels of sugars and caffeine, I can see where "Pageant crack"came about.

Maybe this would explain the blank emotional faces and mechanical Movement of the children.

Probably sugar overload.

Why not just give them speed?

How much would pageant moms pay for a stunning pageant dress

How much money is put into pageant toddlers and how much can they win?

So these little toddlers are wearing some Outfits that Are more expensive then going to Walt Disney World,at up to 4,000 dollars.Average costumes cost 500-1000 Each! Does anyone else agree that this is ludicrous

Not to mention how far and tasteless moms can go to try to one mom dressing her pageant toddler in a Dolly Parton outfit.(With fake u-know-what's).The mom said she was just trying to represent a well known country singer.Mom saw no reason for all the outrage about costume.

To enter the pageant is 400 dollars and upward.

Add up the other costs of the hair and makeup.

And all the!

These are million dollar toddlers.

Come on, pageant moms this could be there college fund.

So all this fuss And Muss, and money being spent like there was no tomorrow.Let's take a moment to see what they could win.

Highest award money -In toddler 10,000

Lowest award Money-50 dollars

I wouldn't have My Girl in this for all the money in the world.

When is enough,enough?

Practice Practice Practice

How much is too much?

The average Pageant toddler Practices 6 hours a day.This does not leave much-needed playtime or down time.

Usually practicing is so overwhelming it brings these girls to tears. What does the mom do? Threatens them if they don't practice they won't win.And of course winning is everything.

What are these girls learning from these overcompetive, overbearing ,fake pageant moms?

Yes, you guessed it- to act just like their mom's.

I hated doing pageants

You ever wonder if the children have any say in doing these pageants?here is one story of many that answers that for us

A former pageant star has warned mothers against pushing their children into competing in beauty contests.

Brooke Breedwell, now 22, entered her first competition at the age of six months and won 75 US pageant crowns by the time she was five.

However she says she hated her pageant experiences and felt pressured into competing.

Brook missed out on being a kid and she is resentful to her mom still for making her sacrifice so much for nothing.

Toddler Beauty Pageants girls are not happy

Toddlers competing in such pageants,like Toddlers in Tiaras,are not happy.They may like to dress up,dance,and sing, but being Pressured By over-Bearing moms,and suffering through such ruthal preparation,they are missing out on Their childhood.

My little Princess is adorable and she doesn't need a crown to prove it!

Moms, We need to let our children,be children.

To me dress up Is Great for little girls,all of us moms dress them up in frills and bows,but when you dress them in provocative clothing it is disgusting.I never judge other mom's but I will make an exception in this case.

What do you think of Toddlers in Tiaras

Are you a Toddler Pageant Fan?

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    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 2 years ago from The Country-Side

      Yes you are right "crazy" is definitely the best word for these moms.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i pity these little girls. They are not willing to be barbie dolls but their moms are crazy!