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Tooth Fairy Pillows, Boxes & Dolls

Updated on November 12, 2012

The Tooth Fairy was the only childhood fantasy I ever subscribed too. I always knew the truth about Santa and the Easter Bunny -- despite my mother telling me otherwise -- but the Tooth Fairy seemed real, for some reason. Looking back on my childhood, I often smile at the memories of my little Tooth Fairy pillow and the silver dollar that would always be there when I woke up the following morning. Granted, you've probably got to give your kid a tenner these days, but the concept itself is still lovely and I highly recommend passing the tradition along, as it's not something practiced round the world and could someday stop altogether! The following are some examples of Tooth Fairy pillows and Tooth Fairy boxes that children will adore. And, of course, if mom or grandma can custom make one themselves, even better!

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Girls Tooth Fairy Pillow

This Tooth Fairy pillow reminds me a lot of the one I had as a child, but this one is probably a but cuter and more girlie. I would have loved this when I was 5 and I still think it's adorable. The dimensions are 12 x 2 x 9 inches, so it's not an itty bitty pillow like some. This would make a great gift for your child, or someone else's!

Boys Tooth Fairy Pillow

This cute little tooth fairy pillow is perfect for little boys -- but it's also lovely for any little girls who might like dragons, especially since this dragon is cute and cuddly. As with the pillow above, this one measures 12 x 2 x 9 inches and isn't as small as others I've seen. Very cute, indeed!

Silverplated Tooth Fairy Box

Some families use a tooth fairy box and there are some really gorgeous silver and pewter tooth fairy boxes around. This one is particularly fancy and would make a fantastic baby gift. This is handmade from brass and then plated with silver. Gorgeous, isn't it??

Wooden Tooth Fairy Box

This itty bitty tooth fairy box is both affordable and cute! Painted with non-toxic paints, this is a perfect place for your child to leave their tooth for the Tooth Fairy. This is a good alternative for little boys who don't want to use a pillow or doll, and who don't want anything as girlie as the previous box.

Girls Tooth Fairy Doll

I always slept with a Teddy Bear as a child and I think I'd probably have been rather keen on having a Tooth Fairy doll. In fact, I don't think I know anyone who had one of these, but if I had a child, I'd probably offer this first. This doll is adorable and comes in a variety of lovely fairy colors.

Boys Tooth Fairy Doll

Little boys will love this Cowboy Tooth Fairy doll! They can cuddle him, or just let him hang out next to his pillow and wait for the tooth fairy to come and deliver his moolah. I think this is a great concept as plenty of boys love dolls and there really ought to be more boyish versions available like this one.


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