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Top 10 Best Baby Boy Names

Updated on May 14, 2014

Not your name, but what believe in, defines who you are. I can’t remember where I read this quote but what I’m certain about is that this idea seems to be inapplicable in the current world we live in. Society often judges, discriminates, and pull down those with imperfections. Having a name that is common, funny, or has a bad meaning, is a huge wall that can stop anyone from fully enjoying life. No parent would want such kind of misfortune to befall on their precious ones.

Are you one of the many parents who are struggling to find the best baby names? Is your baby a boy? Then you’re in the right place to be as this hub will feature the Top 10 Best Baby Boy Names. I am pretty aware that this list is far from being perfect, so why not help me out? If you think a certain boy name was left behind, feel free to leave a comment and explain why it is the best. Have a good read!

Famous personality associated with name:
Theo James

Meaning: God given, Bold people

Every baby is a gift from God. Was your baby boy given at the perfect time? Did he totally renew your live for the better? If this is the case, naming him Theo is a must. Unlike what many believe, babies are not burdens. They may mean added responsibilities but the happy and exciting memories that they can bring to a family makes everything worthwhile. Naming your baby boy Theo will constantly remind him that he is special and was something the whole family sincerely prayed for.

Famous personality associated with name:
Liam Nesson

Meaning: Helmet of will, Protector

The whole family is responsible in protecting their new born member. But then again, this won’t stay the same long especially if it’s a boy. Eventually, your fragile child will turn into a strong man. Do you want your baby boy to be the future protector of your family? Do you see him someday as a responsible and courageous man? Liam is a name that definitely fits him. With proper guidance, care, added with a meaningful name, your child is a few steps away in becoming the man you want him to be.

Famous personality associated with name:
Harry Potter

Meaning: Home ruler

Harry Potter fan or not, Harry is a name worth considering. This is a name that can inspire your child to never settle by the norms. Every parent wants their baby to be successful in the near future. However, only a few exert enough effort and time to make it happen. This might be a very small step towards your goal as a parent, but giving your baby boy a name that represents what he wants to be in the society is definitely a great way to get it started.

Famous personality associated with name:
Alfie Allen

Meaning: Sage, Wise

Others say that wise people can beat hardworking ones anytime. Though this idea is questioned by many, we can’t deny the fact that being wise in our challenging world can be a great advantage. In fact, people with innovative minds are currently rising at the top of the society and proving to us all that brains beat muscles. Do you want your baby boy to play a vital role in the future improvement of our society with his creative ideas? Then give him a name that is synonymous to “being wise” like Alfie. Though nothing beats hard work and dedication to make this dream possible, a great name might be the little push he needs at times of hopelessness and when huge problems block his path.

Famous personality associated with name:
Derrick Rose

Meaning: Leader

Leaders are not born, they are made. Do you foresee your baby boy as a strong and effective leader someday? Start off by giving him a name which is all about leadership, like Derrick. With his meaningful name, he won’t find it hard to build enough self-confidence in convincing people about his beliefs. Added with love and proper guidance, it’s likely that your son might be the good leader our society today badly needs.

Famous personality associated with name:
Leonard Nimoy

Meaning: Lion

The lion is not called king of the jungle for nothing. This animal’s hunting skills and power are comparable to only a few. Humans set aside, lions can easily have the topmost place of the food chain. Are you excited about having a son with lion-like courage and strength? If this is the case, give him a name that embodies these traits, like Leonard. Help him discover his strengths and how he can apply it positively. In no time, the cub you once took care of will evolve into a worthy king of the jungle that will definitely make you proud.

Famous personality associated with name:
Connor Wickham

Meaning: Strong-willed

Having a strong will to succeed in life is crucial since it’ never a smooth sailing voyage. Hardships will come our way and sometimes push us to our limits. Every parent would want to help their kid be fully ready for these. But then again, your little one needs to singlehandedly face his struggles because it’s the only way for him to learn and be a better person. The best thing that you can do is to inspire him. Give your baby boy a name that can encourage him to never falter, like Connor.

Famous personality associated with name:
Damon Salvatore

Meaning: to tame, loyalty

Loyalty is an easy word to say but a hard one to live by. Being loyal to something or someone means dedicating your entire self in keeping a promise, protecting it from even the most enticing temptations. Naming your kid Damon, or any other name that symbolizes loyalty might not be enough to team him about this trait but it can be a great source of inspiration. It takes a man to be loyal and a responsible parent to show his little one how it is done.

Famous personality associated with name:
Dylan O’brien

Meaning: son of the wave, born near the sea

Do you love fishing? Are you a surfer? Or do you simply enjoy the sea and the wonderful experiences you had from it? Why not name your kid Dylan? This can be an interesting way to have a great time and form a bond with your kid. Make him your partner in every sea adventure and eventually he will live up to his name as the son of the wave. Who knows, he might be the next surfing, fishing, or swimming sensation!

Famous personality associated with name:
Jeremiah Wood

Meaning: Exaltation of the Lord

No one is happier when seeing your kid growing and becoming a righteous man one step at a time, other than our Creator Himself. Your kid is His happiness. This is not something you should only be proud about but challenged as well. As a responsible parent, you need to make sure that he will continuously walk on our Lord’s path. Guide him and never cease in showing him the meaning of sacrifice and love. If you do things right, your kid will not only be the source of God’s happiness, but yours and everyone around him as well.

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    • dailytop10 profile image

      dailytop10 3 years ago from Davao City

      Thanks for browsing through my hubs. I'm really glad you enjoyed them.

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      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Awesome! Greatly thought of and so interesting about names of leaders. A meaningful way of life.