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Top 10 Baby Names That Went Down in History

Updated on May 15, 2015
Your baby is king and queen to you, look after them.
Your baby is king and queen to you, look after them. | Source

With Kate Middleton welcoming the new baby princess to the royal household and naming her Charlotte, will that influence the community to pick healthy names for their children? Every parent has a desire to have a child.

When the little bundle of joy finally arrives, starting from the maternal grandparents and relatives they come up at least a thousand names to name their child with. This article will explain the importance of naming your baby and some weird baby names and their origin.

Please name me, so i could live my life properly.
Please name me, so i could live my life properly. | Source

Unhealthy Consequences

Little do the parents know that when you give your kid a name, it's going to affect the child's life especially if you are a celebrity.It starts from bullying from an early stage and might rise up to affecting career performance and social life.

It would also evoke unnecessary mental issues like depression and suicidal tendencies. Thus, parents must be careful on how and what they are naming children. After all, no one in their right minds would like to be called "Juju" or "Yolo" for the rest of their lives. Below is a diagram to show how a wacky weird baby name would influence a child's growth.

How a name of a child would affect his life, represented in a diagram.
How a name of a child would affect his life, represented in a diagram. | Source

Affecting The Stages of Life

  • As you can see from Middle School the child might get bullied and it might cause depression and anxiety from an early stage.
  • Isolation and Discrimination start as soon as he/she goes to High School and because of that the child would get isolated from the peers even if the bullying stops.
  • College life is the hardest when you don't have the necessary social skills thus the child suffers depression and sorrow also low self-esteem.
  • Job performance affects anyone's life being called something like "North West" would make you become a laughing-stock and increases your low self-esteem more. Thus, the peers avoid you not fully but partly at the least.
  • Romance can become an embarrassing opportunity since the partners view everything from your name to nickname to your credit card to appearance.
  • Let's say you indeed get married and have kids, your children would likely to get embarrassed by your name and is most likely to get bullied as well. It causes even more low self-esteem and reduces your confidence in all most everything.


A Juju Charm

Juju is also  protection charm made by Witch Doctors in West Africa.
Juju is also protection charm made by Witch Doctors in West Africa. | Source

Unusual Baby Names of 2015


This name recently became popular in the American celebrity sphere after Bodhi Elfman who is the husband of Jenna Elfman(from the popular sitcom Dharma & Greg)then it's followed by more celebrity couples including Carly Simon and James Taylor's grandson and a popular chef named Tom Colicchio. Bodhi actually means enlightenment or awakening which is actually a Sanskrit word from India.


Falcon is a bird that has a long history concerning Antartica and it's known as formidable hunters of the hawk family. BN lists show that there are at least 121 children named after this majestic bird from 2009. This name originated before 1995 and is getting constantly popular every year. It was one of the most popular names from 2002 to 2004 and counting.


This is a unique name to address girls and boys and girls. Juju is actually a style of music popular among the Yoruba in Nigeria and characterized by the use of guitars and variable-pitch drums. It started hitting the ranks since 1999 and has been continuously spiked up its popularity in 2013.

The Music Video which Inspired The Name Yolo

Yep, it looks delicious but i wouldn't name this for your baby.
Yep, it looks delicious but i wouldn't name this for your baby. | Source


If anyone has ever watched a certain youtuber named Pewdiepie they all know what Yolo means. It's also an acronym for "You Only Live Once" This specific baby name made up to rank three and became more popular in 2011 but decreased its popularity in 2012. A young couple from Houston named their baby after falling in love with a song named "The Motto" by artists Drake and Lil Wayne which started this trend. There is a record of 4 babies with this name in year 2012.


Holiday is a term to describe festivals and in its unique sense. It was ranked as number two on the most popular baby names in 2007 and had been constantly decreasing its popularity since 2012.In the year 2013 there was a total of 33 babies with this name.


Ambrosia is known as "Food of the Gods" and it's actually a delicious dessert consisting various fruits. It is of Greek and Roman origin and is considered as a name fit for a princess.It made its debut in 1996 but was ranked low in popularity since 2012.

Father of Bandit Lee Way

Gerard Way, father of "Bandit" Lee Way.
Gerard Way, father of "Bandit" Lee Way. | Source

Origin of Live Sparrows

Is Jack Sparrow responsible for the baby name "Sparrow"?
Is Jack Sparrow responsible for the baby name "Sparrow"? | Source
Yes, the sea is beautiful, but is it beautiful enough to name your baby with?
Yes, the sea is beautiful, but is it beautiful enough to name your baby with? | Source


Gerard Way, a band member of the group named "My Chemical Romance" named his daughter as "Bandit" Lee Way. This name ended in the worst name list of 2009 and counted as one of the worst names in history as well. There is a record of three babies with this name in year 2014.


Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban chose this name for their daughter and there has been a myth that it was because of an art patron named Sunday Reed, but Kidman denied the fact it is and protested because she only liked the name. This term is insanely popular and there were at least 29 girls per year who got this name. It was popular from 1996 to 2015 and 23 babies were recorded in 2013 with this name.


Possibly inspired by fictional hero "Jack Sparrow" featured in Pirates of the Caribbean. The ranking of this name has ups and downs and it had gotten popular starting from year 2006 and the years:2009-2010 and 2011-2013. Little does anyone knows that Pirates of the Caribbean movies did indeed air starting from 2006 to 2013 which explains the mystery naming trend. The name sparrow has a record of 23 times per year starting from 2014.


The seas and beaches are wonderful, but babies are named after the ocean since the 90's. Statistics shows that this name had originated before 2000 and got unpopular in 2008 and 2012, but it had made its debut again starting from 2013.There are at least 10 babies per million in 2014 named after the ocean.

God Bless America?- That's a Name?

Tips for Choosing the Right Baby Name

Planning it Right

Don't wait until the last month of pregnancy to choose a proper name, refer through books and magazines and ask friends for excellent advice. Preferably choose someone close to you who has second-hand experience in dealing with children or it could be someone who acts as a close relative of the family.

Jot down all the names that you find suitable and in a separate column and write the meanings of them. Since it's a joint decision with your partner you can show him the list and it will help you to find a name quickly.


What Name Do You Choose to Name Your Child With?

See results

Originality and Popularity

Don't give your baby a name from the medieval times or a way too futuristic one. A name should sound simple, original and elegant. Don't go overboard with the naming and don't let your peers and friends pressure you into it.

It's your baby and it's your decision. Make sure it would go with your culture and nationality. A name like "Afia" would be good in Africa, but it would be awkward in America. Don't make it too long or too short and make sure it's easy to spell.

Here are some unique and beautiful baby girl names popular in 2015

  • Abby - Fun and cheery.
  • Adele - Sweet but naughty.
  • Aurora - Naturally beautiful.
  • Beatrice - Preppy and pretty.
  • Celia - Innocent but flirts.
  • Heather - Confident but cruel.
  • Hyacinth - Pretends to be posh.
  • Jasmine - Fun to be with.
  • Juno - Strong and beautiful but mean.
  • Kimberly - Sees on top of things
  • Naomi - Sweet and beautiful.
  • Ramona - Cool and beautiful, men would do anything for her.
  • Regina - Gorgeous but mean girl.
  • Serena - Loves peace.
  • Sasha - Placid and worries about her appearance.
  • Yvonne - Naturally stunning, never wears cosmetics.
  • Zelda - Loves adventures.

Choose a name for your child that would not ruin their future.
Choose a name for your child that would not ruin their future. | Source

And some baby boy names:

  • Alan - Noble.
  • Austin - Kind and good.
  • Boris - Warrior.
  • Brendan - Traveler.
  • Connor - Dog lover.
  • Cameron - Crooked nose.
  • Dylan - Great tides.
  • Daniel - Pious
  • Ethan - Enduring.
  • Gil - Joy.
  • Justin - Just and kind.
  • Kenzie - Handsome and kind.
  • Kevin - Gentle and sweet.
  • Kelly - A true warrior.
  • Leon - Lion
  • Lowell - Young wolf
  • Owen - High status.
  • Otis - Good listener.
  • Ryan - Little king.
  • Stephen - Royal.
  • Zane - "God is gracious"


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    • Supuni Fernando profile imageAUTHOR

      Supuni Fernando 

      4 years ago from Colombo, Sri Lanka

      They are indeed kind of imitating, personally I love names that are unique in meaning.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      4 years ago from USA

      I agree that names should have meaning, some kind of derivative.

    • Indianstudent profile image


      4 years ago from Delhi


    • Supuni Fernando profile imageAUTHOR

      Supuni Fernando 

      4 years ago from Colombo, Sri Lanka

      You're welcome Indianstudent, thank you for the visit!

    • Indianstudent profile image


      4 years ago from Delhi

      nice , thanks for providing such good information..

    • Supuni Fernando profile imageAUTHOR

      Supuni Fernando 

      4 years ago from Colombo, Sri Lanka

      It is indeed an important topic MsDora. A child's name would affect thri lives. Thank you for the nice comment :)

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for underscoring the fact that names should have meaning; and that how it may affect the child should be the parents' consideration. Very important topic!

    • Supuni Fernando profile imageAUTHOR

      Supuni Fernando 

      4 years ago from Colombo, Sri Lanka

      Thank You for the nice comment :)

      I too think it's a great name.

      Thanks so much for the vote :)

    • profile image

      Lee Cloak 

      4 years ago

      Interesting read here, a really nicely put together hub, I think Sparrow is a great name for a kid, thanks for sharing, voted up, Lee


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