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Top Teethers to Soothe Baby Gums

Updated on April 28, 2017

Top Secrets to Help Soothe Baby Gums

How do you soothe baby gums? When your baby is uncomfortable and your little one is drooling and sucking his or her hands, crying and cranky, you want to calm him or her and make him or her happy again. Baby teeth coming in for the first time can be a trying time for both mom and baby. When do the first baby teeth come through? The development stage of baby teeth in an infant is as wide and varied as the cute little smiles on their faces. Most babies show their first teeth within the sixth to eighth month, but they begin drooling long before that time. Some newborns begin drooling almost immediately. By the time little Junior is 3, all 20 baby teeth will have erupted. Erupted sounds painful, and small baby teeth trying to cut through gums is a painful experience. How do you keep baby happy and dental healthy during this natural growth process?

The best advice is to let your baby chew on something. But, choking hazards, lead based toys, and germs are all weighing on mom's mind. Here are the top three teethers to soothe baby gums. These top five teethers are ranked among the most used and most talked about by satisfied moms. Most of these are in Amazon's top 100 sellers in the baby category and have hundreds of reviews to support their popular success by caring moms who want the best for their little baby.

Baby's first teeth erupting.
Baby's first teeth erupting.

Positive Things to Look for In A Baby Teether

We want our babies to be happy and stimulated. We want only the best for our babies. A baby teether should have several qualities to it that will satisfy baby and mom.

A baby teether should:

  • Help encourage development in all senses.
  • Have bright contrasting colors.
  • Be made of materials that are safe and non-toxic. Most teethers are made of rubber, and rubber is soft enough for baby's gums, yet strong enough to withstand tight jaw chewing and pulling that soothes baby's gums. Look for 100% natural rubber and food paint. This way the baby can chew all she wants to and mom can feel confident that there is no lead paint. Also the 100 % natural rubber will ensure no foul smells or chemicals mixing to form bad odors.
  • Be soft to touch so baby feels comforted.
  • Be phthalates and BPA free.


Baby with top two front teeth.
Baby with top two front teeth.

Manhatten Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy
Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy

Textured surface soothes teething pain

Refrigerate or freeze for soothing relief

Multiple teething surfaces


Ships in assorted colors and designs


Teething Tantrums

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Teething Trivia

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Baby Sucking on Finger
Baby Sucking on Finger

Freddie the Fly with Lady Bug Teether

Lamaze Freddie The Firefly
Lamaze Freddie The Firefly

Stimulates Baby's Vision and Auditory Skills

When babies are first born, they see in black and white. This is why Freddie strikes a balance between bright, high contrast patterns that help stimulate baby's vision, and bold solid colors that give baby's eyes a place to rest. Sounds like squeak, clink, and crinkle also help stimulate and develop baby's auditory skills. Finally, Freddie's large, friendly eyes invite baby to focus and stare at a single object, which can help calm baby while supporting healthy eye development.

Child-Safe Design

Made to be safe for newborns and young children, Freddie features a soft velour body that's ideal for cuddling and busy wings with a peek-a-boo mirror for interactive play. Multiple textures keep your baby interested, encouraging her to explore. Additionally, the rings clink together, and the tethered ladybug teether--which baby can pull out or store in a cute little pocket--and knotted antennae are perfect for chewing. For added fun and to aid small motor development, there's also a ball that squeaks when squeezed.


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