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Top Prom Scents for Her

Updated on September 11, 2016

Plan Your Prom Look and Prom Scent

Your prom is a magical evening that you do not want to forget. Seeing all your friends, planning the whole night, it is a big event and a milestone in your life.

Planning includes the smallest details. Stand out from the crowd and create a theme that is easy to follow.

For our example, we are going to go with Fairy Princess Prom for the purpose of this hub.

Envision the Look for Your Prom Then Note the Scent

When you are planning your scent, think of the places that your prom theme has. In a Fairy Princess theme, most likely, our Princess would be surrounded with flower gardens and fruit orchards.

Snow White would assuredly wear something with apples in the mix, even though she was poisoned by one, the fact she overcame it should vanquish any fears.

Can you imagine Ariel, the Little Mermaid wearing something spicy and exotic? Of course not. She would go with a fun, beach scent.

If your prom has a theme, does your dress selection go with it? If the theme is fairy tale prince and princesses, you will not blend in with the theme if you show up dressed in English Riding costumes.

My niece's prom theme was Pumpkins and Spice. We chose a great scent with deep autumn spices. She really stood out as most other girls chose vanilla and florals. Guys asked her to dance, saying she smelled really good. She chose to weave silk pumpkin blossoms in her hair as well. She was a fall goddess.

If you can combine your look with the theme for the prom, your scent choices really stand out from most other scents.

When selecting, make a list. If your prom theme is "Sunshine and Wind" for example, then warm, golden tones of sunflowers, breezy scents with cotton as a base are both great choices. Making a list lets you narrow your field as you go, before you even set foot in a store. If stumped, do a search on the name of the theme and see what information and images show up.

Search Online for Fragrances, Try in Stores First

Having a list to narrow your field of selections helps a lot before you go to the store. It will also help the salesperson to know what to look for with your interests in mind. If there are scents that you are opposed to, make sure to note them so that you save some time.

Sniff each of the scents that you are interested in from the bottle. If you don't like it, move on. Narrow your field down to three choices. Now get a sample of each of the three and wear them. Note the initial smell, smell fifteen minutes later, and finally, 30-45 minutes later. It is helpful to write down the impressions that you have so that you don't confuse your scents.

Your Prom Scent Should Have Staying Power

You don't want to spend a lot of money on a perfume to have it fade away before you have left the house. Your scent may have to be built up in layers, especially if you have dry skin.

Some perfumers offer bath/shower soaps, gels, scrubs, shampoos, conditioners and bath oils. These products can be used before you apply your perfume to add layers to your scent choice. If your scent choice does not offer these options, try to find the main key note in your scent and choose bath products that contain your key note. For our example Fairy Princess Prom Scent, our Princess is choosing blackberry scented products to complement the fruit orchard smell that she is creating, without competing with her final scent choice.

After you are out of the bath, dusting powder is a great option if it is available in your scent. Used under the arms, in the cleavage, and anywhere else that you sweat, dusting powder is a great way to add a little more scent to the mix. If your scent does not come in a dusting powder, some unscented powder that you scent with your fragrance is a great solution.

From the dusting powder we now move to the perfume. If you have purchased perfume, it is the most expensive version of your scent because it is the most concentrated. Apply one drop to your crown of your head, one drop to your wrists, one in the middle of your cleavage, and one behind the knees.

After the perfume, you will use cologne or eau de toilette. Tops of shoulders, behind neck, backs of ears, forearms.

From that, you may have a splash or body spray. Stomach, hair, tops of feet, tops of thighs, lower back.

You have now scented without being overpowering. You now have staying power.

Best Scents for the Prom

Princess by Vera Wang. I love the bottle that Princess comes in. The color is really nice too, but it is the scent that will impress you. It is sweet and light at the same time, and reminds many who wear it of cupcakes and candy. Guys seems to love this one, too.

Dune by Christian Dior. This is my secret weapon. I love this. Warning. A little bit goes a very long way. Don't wear too much or it will go from glamorous to cheap.

Lollia Wish. Oh My Goodness. I stalked a lady in a store to find out what she was wearing. Sweet and spicy, and gentle. So good.

Tocca Violette. This is a newer scent, and it really does smell like what the creators set out for: Springtime in Paris. Paris has a very distinctive smell of flowers at that time of year, and this captures that gentle newness perfectly.

Glowing by JLO. This fragrance is really nice and decadent. When you press the button for the scent, the bottle glows! A really pretty perfume, and it will last the length of your prom.

Don't Forget to Shop Online

Once you have locked down the scent that you love from a regular retailer, some online shopping may show you other products to make sure that you are able to continue with your scent.

Whenever I wear a scent from my prom, it takes me back to that magical night when all was right in the world. Make sure that your scent is special. Your memories will last you the rest of your life.

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