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Four Reasons Why You Should Have a Baby Within You First Couple Years of Marriage

Updated on June 22, 2017

4. Change - Your life is already changing so much with marriage and joining new family's, as well as becoming your own family with your spouse. When me and my husband got married I thought it would be CRAZY to add more change to the equation. But honestly with things already changing at once, adding a baby to it has felt like we are just adjusting to marriage. It has also HELPED our marriage. When a baby comes into the equation it makes you think more realistically for your future. Because we had a baby so soon we communicated better, and worked on our relationship more!

3. Finances - When you first get married your finances are high and savings are low, at least in my situation. Before we found out we were pregnant we had no savings, and we spent money like it was nothing. That quickly changed when we found out about our little bundle of joy! We started budgeting, and quickly made a great savings account. With savings, we have had a great backup in case something happened, it helped us get a new car, and it helped us be financially stable for our family.

2. Joy - A new baby is a joyful thing! We couldn't have been happier when we found out. Now I'm not crazy, I was TERRIFIED when I found out I was pregnant, I barely new how to be a wife, much less a mom!But after that time of worry, I realized how big of a gift a baby can be, when I realized that, the joy and happiness came!We got to celebrate with our family and friends, pick out baby things, have baby showers, and enjoy the moments of joy while waiting on our son to get here!

1. Travel - This is ironically a huge reason people like to wait for kids. But when you realize your pregnant so soon you have a HUGE desire to travel anywhere and everywhere. The best part is you are budgeting so you spend less when you go on trips. Win, win! But you also travel within your city. Me and my husband live in Ft Worth and we found so many cool things within the Dallas/Ft Worth area that we wouldn't have if we didn't have a push!!

Babies are a big responsibility and you shouldn't have any until your ready. But don't let everyone scare you when ir comes to finances etc. enjoy the blessing he or she is!!


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    • AshleyAlopez profile image

      Ashley Lopez 5 months ago

      I recently just got married and my husband is in the Army. We've been talking about babies A LOT but also question timing. Reading this actually made me feel a little better about babies since we are both scared of "not being able to travel" and caring for another little human. But we both fantasize about babies all the time. So this article actually brought up some good positive points!