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Treasured by Generations

Updated on January 25, 2012

2 generations 1 and 3


What family treasures do you have in your family that were passed through generations? What treasures do you have to pass to the generations to come?

When i write treasures I actually mean traditions, values, or stories; the pricelesss things, literally. The treasures that have been passed down to me from my father, his father, and maybe even longer are our little family traditions. My moms' family treasures are the wonderful, crazy, unbelievable stories she has passed down to me that I have already told my daughter, actually my mom has told my daughter I just kind of confirmed them. I wasn't there but my mom told them to me so they are true!

My family traditions that I have passed to my daughters are (this might sound silly but its not to me) going yard sailing (yard/garage sales) on saturdays or sunday mornings, going to church on sunday mornings, and spending time together by doing some sort of activities. A picnic at the park, ride our bikes together or roller blade, or I take them to my old neighborhood and the places my dad took me when I was little and tell them what we did there when I was a little girl.

Now I have my own traditions that I have made up or stumbled upon that I have passed to my kids and they can pass on to theirs and so on. One of them is we go for a ride to the beach and just walk along the shore till it gets to cold and then we go home, I also like to just throw random bar b q's at least once a month if not more, and we go to the library just because I think it's cool and they do too!

Do you have any family treasures and if not maybe you should create some for the generations to come...........


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    • sassydee profile image

      Delilah 5 years ago from los angeles, ca

      yummy sounds good

    • Tonipet profile image

      Tonette Fornillos 5 years ago from The City of Generals

      Cakes and pastries are the strongest tradition for our family. It seemed pudding and custard cakes remained favorites to this day. All these came from our mom who loved baking so much. The newest member we have today is mango float, where we use graham. I voted up, awesome and beautiful. Thank you sassy!

    • rhemajoy profile image

      rhemajoy 6 years ago from Alabama, USA

      It really is! Basically it's just layering whipping cream between graham crackers and then covering the whole thing. Then you let it sit a few hours (overnight is good). Slice it diagonally and it looks like a layered cake.

    • sassydee profile image

      Delilah 6 years ago from los angeles, ca

      yumm sounds good.

    • rhemajoy profile image

      rhemajoy 6 years ago from Alabama, USA

      One family tradition is a Thanksgiving/Christmas tradition that has been passed down for at least 5 generations. It's quite simple and always a hit. It's just not the holidays without Mimi's Graham Cracker cake.